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Protect Latte...! The Wind of Prayers and The Girl of Miracles (ラテを守って...!祈りの風と奇跡の少女 Rate wo Mamotte...! Inori no Kaze to Kiseki no Shōjo?) is the 19th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 801st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Latte's physical health has gotten worse, to the point that there's nothing that can treat her. However, when Nodoka and the others are in a pinch, Latte tries to fight back for them!?

Major Events

  • Cure Earth appears for the first time.


The girls take Latte to the animal clinic, where they learn that she has a cold. At Nodoka's house, the girls wonder what they should do, when Hinata decides she'll try to ward off the Byogens by using psychokinesis. Nodoka, Rabirin and Nyatoran join her while Chiyu and Pegitan pray. Meanwhile, Batetemoda sneezes and demands to know who is talking about him. Shindoine assumes it could be the Cures, so Batetemoda decides to pay them a visit.

Back in Sukoyaka, Nodoka, her parents, Chiyu and Hinata do everything they can to look after Latte, with Nodoka's father accidentally buying the same blanket Hinata had bought earlier. However, Latte seems even more upset. That night, Batetemoda is hit with a fabric, and decides he'll create a Megabyogen out of it.

In bed, Latte struggles to fall asleep, which Nodoka and Rabirin notice. Latte opens up about how useless she feels but Nodoka tells Latte that she can depend on them. When Latte falls asleep, she dreams about her mother telling her how to find a partner, and wakes up feeling like a weakling. At the same time, Teatinu senses that something isn't right and looks at the statue for help.

After a hiker comes across Batetemoda's Megabyogen, Chiyu overhears her mother talking about it on the phone. She quickly finds her friends and they quickly prepare themselves to find it, when Latte demands she comes with them. The girls reluctantly take Latte with them, and transform when they find the Megabyogen. However, the Cures are quickly captured by the Megabyogen which makes Batetemoda laugh happily.

Wanting to help the Cures, Latte decides to repeatedly bite the Megabyogen but is kicked to the side each time. As Batetemoda picks the pup up and wonders what to do with her, a gust of wind suddenly appears after Teatinu frantically begs the statue to save Latte. The wind blows Batetemoda away, and snatches Latte. Then the wind fades away to reveal a purple Cure who gently holds Latte in her arms.

After putting Latte down, the new Cure quickly cuts the Megabyogen's arms off which frees the three Cures. She then overpowers the Megabyogen with ease much to the Cures and Batetemoda's surprise. After she has fully beat up the Megabyogen, she asks the Cures to purify it. With the Megabyogen purified, the girls detransform and rush over to the tired Latte. But then the new Cure approaches them, detransforms into her civilian form, and heals Latte with the Wind Element Bottle she created from thin air. Wanting to know what is happening, Nodoka questions the girl.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第19話予告 「ラテを守って…!祈りの風と奇跡の少女」

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