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Now, With Our Combined Wish...! We Are Cure Earth (今、つながる願い...!わたしたちキュアアース Ima, Tsunagaru Negai...! Watashitachi Kyua Āsu?) is the 20th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 802nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A spirit who looks like the past Pretty Cure has saved Latte. But then she tries to take Latte back to the Healing Garden...?

Major Events

  • Asumi's transformation into Cure Earth is seen for the first time.
  • Latte speaks without the use of the stethoscope for the first time during Asumi's transformation.
  • The Earth Windy Harp appears for the first time.
  • Cure Earth also uses Healing Hurricane to purify Batetemoda.


The mysterious girl tell the girls and Healing Animals that she isn't human. In the Byogen Kingdom, Batetemoda tells King Byogen that Cure Earth has appeared and that he has something important to discuss.

At Nodoka's house, the mysterious girl explains that she was born thanks to Teatinu's wish, and mentions that she is also a spirit. Wanting to protect Latte, the spirit walks out on the girls and tries to fly off the balcony, only to fall to the ground because she can't fly without the Wind Element Bottle. Since she isn't hurt, the spirit continues on her way to take Latte back to the Healing Garden so she can be safe.

Batetemoda is happily singing to himself when Guaiwaru approaches him. Batetemoda tries to act like he doesn't know about the fragments Guaiwaru is talking about, but eventually stops lying and gives Guaiwaru two of them. Once Guaiwaru leaves, Batetemoda secretly takes out the last fragment he had been hiding.

The girls finally catch up to the spirit, with the Healing Animals forcibly trying to take back Latte. However, Nodoka steps in and suggests the spirit listens to what Latte has to say when Latte sneezes. Realizing a Megabyogen had appeared, Nodoka and the others run off, as Latte tells the spirit that she wants to be with the others.

The girls transform and manage to fight the Megabyogen without issues, until Batetemoda puts the fragment into the Megabyogen, which powers it up. As the Megabyogen easily overpowers the Cures, Batetemoda remembers how he told King Byogen that he wants to be in charge after he beats the Cures. Back in the present, Batetemoda wonders where Cure Earth is.

Nearby, Latte tells the spirit that she doesn't want her to be so focused on protecting her and instead wants to team up so they can protect the Earth together. The spirit feels her heart throb and touches Latte's paw, which allows the Wind Element Bottle to appear before them. Back on the battle field, Batetemoda stops the Cures from purifying the Megabyogen when the spirit intervenes and transforms into Cure Earth.

Earth easily weakens the Megabyogen, and tells the Cures to focus on it as she fights Batetemoda. She easily overpowers Batetemoda, and tells him that she isn't the original Cure Earth. Meanwhile, the Cures scan the Megabyogen to see the Sun Element Spirit in pain. Not wanting to back down, Batetemoda and his Megabyogen try to fight Earth, however, she easily purifies both of them with Healing Hurricane. Guaiwaru secretly leaves after witnessing Batetemoda's defeat, as the Cures are surprised by how powerful Earth is.

After the Sun Element Spirit thanks the girls, Asumi tells the girls she'll be teaming up with them. Realizing calling her "Earth" in her spirit form is a bit strange, the girls name her "Asumi", which the spirit accepts because Latte likes it. However, she gets a bit confused by the different variations of her name.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters



  • The Wind Element Bottle is inserted onto Latte's collar at the beginning of Asumi's transformation, but during the rest of her transformation, the bottle is missing.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第20話予告 「今、つながる願い…!わたしたちキュアアース」

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