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Nice To Meet You! I'm Fuurin Asumi (はじめまして!わたくし、風鈴アスミです Hajimemashite! Watakushi, Fūrin Asumi Desu?) is the 21st episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 803rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nodoka has decided to let Asumi stay at her house after learning that Asumi has nowhere to live. But this is Asumi's first time living in the human world...

Major Events

  • Asumi is allowed to live at Nodoka's house.


The girls are about to go home when they realize Asumi doesn't have somewhere to live. Not wanting to leave Asumi to sleep on the road, Nodoka takes her to her house. Meanwhile, Guaiwaru reports back to King Byogen about Batetemoda's defeat.

Nodoka introduces Asumi to her parents, who ask questions about Asumi's whereabouts before allowing her to live with them. However, Nodoka has to lie about many things Asumi does, such as referring to Latte as "sama" and eating food for the first time. That night, Rabirin explains to Asumi that Nodoka doesn't have a lot of stamina as she was very ill as a child.

After having breakfast, Nodoka and Asumi head over to Hinata's house, when Asumi almost gets hit by a car. Nodoka quickly saves her, but scrapes her hand in the process. Asumi asks Nodoka why she is helping her, to which Nodoka admits she wants to help others after being helped a lot when she was ill.

Meanwhile, Guaiwaru is struggling to find a good target to use his Mega Part on, so he wanders around town in search for one. But stumbles upon Daruizen's Megabyogen, and decides to power it up, without realizing Daruizen even created it in the first place.

After transforming as a group for the first time, the Cures arrive and kick the Megabyogen. Daruizen takes an interest in Cure Earth as she easily overpowers the Megabyogen. As the other Cures fight the Megabyogen, Grace notices Daruizen getting himself some Mega Parts. Grace tries to stop him, but he gains the upper hand and kicks her sore hand. Before he can defeat her though, Earth protects Grace and fights Daruizen until he retreats. Wanting to return the favor for everything Grace has done for her, Earth purifies the Megabyogen.

After talking to the Flower Element Spirit, the girls head back to Hinata's house, where they celebrate Asumi finding a place to stay. After taking a sip from her juice cup, Asumi watches Hinata and Chiyu chat happily as she wonders if all these experiences will eventually change her.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The opening was changed to reflect Asumi joining the team.
  • Asumi changes into her civilian outfit for the first time.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第21話予告 「はじめまして!わたくし、風鈴アスミです」

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