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Please Don't Run Away Latte! A Disappearing Body And Blooming Feelings (ラテ逃げないで!消える体と芽生える気持ち Rate Nigenaide! Kieru Karada to Mebaeru Kimochi?) is the 22nd episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 804th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Latte avoids Asumi due to how overprotective she is. Chiyu steps in and teaches Asumi the feeling of "love"...

Major Events

  • It is revealed that whenever Asumi feels negative emotions, she starts to become transparent.
  • Asumi learns the meaning of the word "like" and begins to prioritize Latte's feelings.


The Hanadera family give Asumi her own bedroom and after they leave, Asumi moves Latte's bed into her room, as she wants Latte to be close to her at all times. In the Byogen Kingdom, Shindoine questions why she loves King Byogen, when Daruizen gives Shindoine one of his Mega Parts. As Shindoine leaves with it, Guaiwaru glares at Daruizen angrily.

While Hinata and Chiyu tell Nodoka not to worry about Asumi, Asumi is busy at the house overfeeding Latte and covering Latte and Rabirin with too many blankets. When Latte and Rabirin wish to go outside, Asumi forbids Latte to, which upsets the pup to the point that she walks outside anyway. Shocked, Asumi ventures outside, becoming ghost-like in the process, which shockers a lot of the citizens. Luckily Chiyu and Hinata find her, and come up with a plan so Chiyu can get Asumi away from the crowd.

At Chiyu's house, Asumi explains that Latte is avoiding her. However, Touji knocks on the door to give Chiyu some sweet buns. Annoyed at the interruption, Chiyu takes the sweet buns and shuts the door in his face. After Asumi eats all of the sweet buns, which help her go back to normal, she goes to the hot spring, where Chiyu teaches Asumi what "like" means. When Asumi struggles to understand its concept, Chiyu invites Asumi to watch her at practice.

As Nodoka and Chiyu talk about Asumi on the phone, Asumi stops herself from patting Latte. At practice, Chiyu keeps trying hard to jump over the bar, which confuses Asumi. But when Chiyu sits down with her, she explains more about what "like" means. However, Latte arrives and avoids Asumi, which has Asumi become transparent.

But then Shindoine appears with her Megabyogen, so Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata transform to fight it. Just as the battle gets started, Shindoine throws her Mega Part into the Megabyogen, making it a lot stronger. While the Cures struggle to fight it, Shindoine gets herself some more Mega Parts, as Asumi reconciles with Latte.

Earth appears and weakens the Megabyogen so the other Cures can fight back too. Shindoine is very surprised by Earth's strength, and after Fontaine freezes the Megabyogen, Earth lectures Shindoine and purifies the Megabyogen. After talking to the Water Element Spirit, the girls walk home and come across a pretty sunset, which they stop to look at.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第22話予告 「ラテ逃げないで!消える体と芽生える気持ち」

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