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What is "Cute"? The Story Of Asumi And The Puppy (かわいいってなんですか?アスミと子犬物語 Kawaī tte Nan Desu ka? Asumi to Koinu Monogatari?) is the 23rd episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 805th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A dog named Pocchito is being looked after at the Hiramitsu Animal Clinic. Everyone thinks its eyebrows are "cute", but Asumi doesn't know what "cute" is...

Major Events

  • Asumi learns what "cute" means.


Hinata dresses Asumi up in various outfits, declaring that she looks cute in all of them. However, Asumi doesn't understand what "cute" means. To help her understand what the word means, the girls get Mei to dress Latte up, but Asumi still doesn't get it. Meanwhile, Shindoine and Daruizen call Guaiwaru out on saying he found the Mega Parts first, when it was actually Batetemoda who did.

Back at the Hiramitsu Animal Clinic, Hinata remembers that she has to help look after Pocchito who is very shy. While walking to the dog park, Asumi gets upset wondering if she is strange, as Chiyu tries to cheer her up. At the same time, Guaiwaru wants to prove how amazing he is, but doesn't know if he should use his last Mega Part.

At the dog park, Pocchito is too scared to interact with the other dogs, but after seeing how happy Latte and the girls are, Pocchito decides to join in. As Pocchito plays with the girls, Hinata explains to Asumi that Pocchito avoided her at first, but the more she interacted with the pup, the closer they got. After Chiyu clearly explains what Hinata means, Asumi quickly approaches Pocchito, but that only scares him.

Suddenly, Latte becomes ill, alerting the girls to a Megabyogen. They quickly transform, and Sparkle makes sure Pocchito and Latte are hidden somewhere safe. While Grace and Fontaine focus on fighting the Megabyogen, Sparkle and Earth help the dogs and civilians get to safety. With everyone safe, they try to help Grace and Fontaine, but Sparkle gets defeated soon after. Seeing Sparkle in danger, Pocchito tries to protect her, much to the Cures' dismay. Before the Megabyogen can badly injure Pocchito though, Earth quickly saves him and purifies the Megabyogen.

With the Fruit Element Spirit safe and sound, it's time for Pocchito to go to his new home. But Asumi has gotten so attached to him, that she doesn't want him to leave. Asumi even admits that she thinks Pocchito is very cute, which makes everyone happy.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Hinata does not wear her jacket in this episode.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第23話予告 「かわいいってなんですか?アスミと子犬物語」

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