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Nodoka In Distress? Let's Find Something Refreshing♪ (のどかのストレス?気分転換をさがせ♪ Nodoka no Sutoresu? Kibun Tenkan wo Sagase♪?) is the 29th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 811th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After regaining her health, Nodoka starts to run more than she has ever done before. Worried, Rabirin and the others try to find a way to calm her down.

Major Events


Nodoka insists on getting up early so she can run farther than usual in the mornings. Her parents are worried that she's over-exerting herself, but she ignores their concerns and runs off with Rabirin. While she's running, she passes one of her classmates, who is practicing her trumpet.

Meanwhile, in the Byogen Kingdom, Guaiwaru is making a soup while Daruizen watches. He puts in some peppers, which causes the soup to become really spicy. Guaiwaru then puts in even more peppers, which causes the soup to become unbelievably spicy. He tells an uninterested Daruizen that since more peppers cause the soup to become spicier, adding more Mega Parts to a Megabyogen should cause it to get stronger.

While Nodoka is out running, the Healing Animals, Latte, and Asumi are all concerned about Nodoka's well-being. They figure that the stress of having a Terabyogen evolve into Nodoka's body has caused Nodoka to get really stressed, and that Nodoka exercising so much is an attempt to relieve that stress. The animals and Asumi decide to find a way to cheer Nodoka up in a healthier way.

Later that day, at school, a tired Nodoka meets up with Chiyu and Hinata. While they're walking, Hinata accidentally drops her recorder. A boy comes by and gives it back to her, scolding her for being so reckless with a musical instrument and for crowding the hallway. When he's gone, Hinata tells the others that the boy is Suguwara Yuto, known as the "Prince of Wind Instruments". He's well-known for being an incredibly talented and incredibly strict trumpet player. The trumpet-playing girl from earlier comes up to the girls and tells them that Yuuta's strictness shows how seriously he takes music. From Chiyu and Hinata, Nodoka finds out that the girl's name is Kanamori Kotoe, and that she's been absent from school for a while. It turns out that Kotoe had a very bad cold. She's worried about how well she's going to perform in the upcoming recital due to her lack of practice.

While Nodoka, Chiyu, and Hinata are at school, Asumi, Latte, and the Healing Animals are at the beach because that's where Chiyu likes to go to calm down. Pegitan tells Chiyu that one time, when the two of them were at the beach and nobody could hear them, Chiyu yelled that she really wanted to hear Pegitan rap. Pegitan has been practicing wrapping bowls in plastic ever since so he could relieve Chiyu's stress. He's dismayed to find out that that's not the sort of rap Chiyu meant. Asumi tries rapping, but since she's not very good at it, the Healing Animals doubt that it'll help cheer Nodoka up.

Back at Nodoka's house, Nyatoran shows Asumi how Hinata likes to cheer up: making accessories, doing makeup, and reading gossip magazines. Rabirin thinks that that would cause Nodoka more stress, not less.

At lunchtime, Nodoka reveals to Chiyu and Hinata that she brought an extra-large lunch to school because eating more will make her stronger. Chiyu and Hinata don't have much time to react to this because their conversation is interrupted when Kotoe starts practicing her trumpet again. She's practicing even during lunch to make up for the time she lost. However, Yuuto comes over again and says that she's not allowed to practice instruments in the courtyard and that she's only allowed to practice in the music room. He invites her to practice with him after school.

After school, Asumi, Latte, and the Healing Animals come across Nodoka, Chiyu, and Hinata rights outside of the campus. Rather than continuing to guess what Nodoka should do to calm down, Asumi outright asks Nodoka what she wants to do to relieve stress. Rabirin and Pegitan admit that they're concerned about Nodoka running so much. Chiyu gets really worried and tells Nodoka that running too much too suddenly is bad for one's health. Nodoka is mortified.

Then, they hear Yuuto and Kotoe practicing together. Though Yuuto is a strict instructor who isn't shy to point out the tiniest of Kotoe's errors, he still insists that she not rush herself, reminding her that the band's performance doesn't depend solely on one person. The girls stay for a while to listen to them before finally going home. On the way there, Nodoka says that she and Kotoe are surprisingly similar.

Then, Guaiwaru turns Yuuta's trumpet into a Megabyogen, causing Latte to become sick. To power up the Megabyogen, he puts five Mega Parts into it. While Kotoe drags Yuuto away from danger, the girls transform into Pretty Cure. Cure Earth decides to make sure the other humans are safe while the other three attack the monster. Cure Fontaine tries getting close to the Megabyogen only to kick it once, but the Megabyogen is too strong and pushes her away. Cure Sparkle attacks entirely from afar, shooting flame from the Fire Element Bottle, but the Megabyogen is able to extinguish her flames with a blast of sound waves. By contrast, Cure Grace gets really close to the Megabyogen's line of fire, hoping that putting herself at more risk will make it easier to attack it. She turns out to not even be able to perform a Cure Scan before the Megabyogen knocks her to the ground.

The Megabyogen tries to step on Cure Grace, but Rabirin gets in the way by generating a Paw Shield. Cure Earth then comes in to save Cure Grace. She throws the Megabyogen's foot off of Grace and then knees it from behind, causing it to fall over. While the Megabyogen struggles to stand, Earth tells Grace that she's overdoing it again, just like Kotoe. Grace shouts that she has to work extra hard because it was her fault that Daruizen was born in the first place. Earth says that it isn't her fault because she never wanted to be the host to a Terabyogen. Grace feels better and is convinced to let others pick up some of the slack this time.

Cure Fontaine does a Cure Scan on the Megabyogen, revealing that the Sound Element Spirit is inside of it. Cure Earth defeats the Megabyogen with Healing Hurricane. After the fight, Latte is still sick, so the rescued Sound Element Spirit gives the Cures the Sound Element Bottle to make Latte feel better. Now, they have all twelve Element Bottles, though to Nyatoran and Pegitan's surprise, nothing special happens because of it.

The next morning, Nodoka wakes up a little later. She assures her parents that she won't run as far this time because Chiyu made the perfect schedule for her. When she goes outside to join Rabirin, Asumi is waiting there, too, having decided to join her on her runs from now on. The three head out, ready for another lively day.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The opening features scenes from Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: Min'na to no Fushigi na 1 Nichi.
  • The song that Kotoe and Yuuto practice throughout the episode is a melody that occurs in multiple tracks in Healin' Good's soundtrack, such as #01: "Shining life"; #06: "I feel so alive"; and #14: "If you were to touch the paw of my heart".
  • When Hinata tells Nodoka about Yuuto, Nodoka at first thinks that he's a merman. This is because Hinata calls him the "Prince of Wind Instruments" (吹奏の王子 Suisō no Ouji?). Suisō can mean "wind instrument" (吹奏?) or "fish tank" (水槽?). So, Nodoka thought that Yuuto was the Prince of the Fish Tank.[1]
    • Crunchyroll's subtitles translate this pun as Hinata calling Yuuto the "Prince of Brass" and Nodoka mishearing it as "Prince of Bass".


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ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第29話予告 「のどかのストレス?気分転換をさがせ♪」


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