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The Byogens Have Evolved! The Treatment Is The Healin' Good♥Arrow! (ビョーゲンズの進化!お手当はヒーリングっど♥アロー! Byōgenzu no Shinka! Oteate wa Hīrin Guddo♥Arō!?) is the 31st episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 813th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures have to fight a powered up Megabyogen known as a Gigabyogen, right after their previous battle at the zoo. However, the Gigabyogen quickly overwhelms them!?

Major Events


While the Cures were checking on the Leaf Element Spirit that they rescued from the Megabyogen, Latte sneezes. The girls learn that Maruyama-sensei is crying. The Cures were confused by this but still decide to find the source of Latte's illness. They arrive to see Shindoine in her evolved state with a new Byogen called Gigabyogen, which has Maruyama-sensei trapped inside. The Cures fight the Gigagbogen but are quickly overwhelmed. Shindoine, thrilled with the results, decides to return to the Byogen Kingdom to show off her new look and Gigabyogen to King Byogen.

The Cures were able to recover from their defeat and decide to check the zoo to make sure the animals and civilians are safe. They were able to find Kouta who was crying over his father. The Cures cheer him up and ensure him that the Pretty Cure will rescue him. Meanwhile, Shindoine is showing everything to King Byogen, who seems interested in her evolution and praises her for her effort while Daruizen and Guaiwaru watch from afar.

Shindoine returns with her Gigabyogen and orders it to attack the city. Latte senses its attack again and the girls transforms to heads into the city to confront it once more. The Cures fight the best they can against the Gigabyogen, even using the Healing Oasis attack after managing to find an opening. However, the Gigabyogen is able to counter it with a blast from it's beaker, blowing them away in the process. Earth is upset that their attacks are not working and believes there's no point in her fighting anymore. But Grace and the others encourages her by refusing to back down. This moved Earth and they continue to fight the Gigabyogen. This allows all the Element Bottles they collected to fuse together and create a different bottle for each of the Cures. Using this, they were able to transform into their Special Healin' Good Styles and purify the Gigabyogen with their Final! Healin' Good♥Shower attack, which frustrates Shindoine.

Kouta reunites with his father and the girls speak about how incredible their new forms were. Rabirin decides to call their new bottles the "Special Healin' Good Bottle" and everyone else agrees.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters



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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第31話予告 「ビョーゲンズの進化!お手当てはヒーリングっど♥アロー!」

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