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Just Like My Sister! My Innkeeper Training (おねえちゃんみたいに!ぼくのおかみ修行 Onēchan Mitai ni! Boku no Okami Shugyō?) is the 32nd episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 814th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Chiyu's younger brother, Touji, wants to take part in the work experience that Nodoka and her friends are doing. However, he continuously fails to do anything right...

Major Events

  • Guaiwaru powers himself up with a Mega Part, allowing him to create Gigabyogen.


Nodoka and Hinata join some of their classmates for work experience at Chiyu's family inn. Also joining them is Asumi and Chiyu's little brother Touji, who hopes to become more like his sister. Chiyu instructs Touji and her friends on good hospitality, but Touji begins to struggle when his hard work and kindness cause him to get into troublesome situations, leading Chiyu to scold him. However, Pegitan, who had secretly watched Touji, asks Asumi to encourage him, which Chiyu overhears. Suddenly Guaiwaru appears, having powered himself up using a Mega Part like Shindoine, and transforms one of the inn guests, Mr. Chikara, into a GigaByogen. The girls transform to fight it while everyone else evacuates the inn. However, during the fight, Touji tries to rescue a puppy from the monster and nearly gets hurt but is saved by Cure Fontaine. Cure Fontaine uses her Ice bottle to subdue the GigaByogen, with help from Cure Earth, before all four Cures purify it using Final Healin' Good Shower. Afterwards, the puppy is revealed to be Mr. Chikara's, who thanks Touji for rescuing it. Chiyu also expresses how proud she is of her little brother.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第32話予告 「おねえちゃんみたいに!ぼくのおかみ修行」

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