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I'm My Own Rival!? The Tsubasa Chiyu Desires (わたしがライバル!?ちゆの求めたツバサ Watashi ga Raibaru!? Chiyu no Motometa Tsubasa?) is the 34th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 816th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Chiyu beat Takami Tsubasa in the Autumn Track-and-Field event. Tsubasa than declares that she'll meet Chiyu again at the world's championship.


The students from schools across Sukoyaka City are competing in the Track-and-Field competition. In the High Jump event, Chiyu was able to beat the record of her competitor, Tsubasa, who congratulates her and announces that she will face her again in the international championship. After the event, the Cures decide to hang out around the juice shop. Nodoka and Hinata suggests that Chiyu should compete for the world cup but she declines the offer, believing that she's not up to it. The next day, a few reporters invite her and Tsubasa for an interview and during the meeting, it was revealed that Tsubasa participated in high jumping because she want to see how high she can reach the sky and wanted to meet Chiyu in the internationals because her family is travelling abroad. Chiyu later tells Tsubasa that she's not going to be in the world championship, which angers her. Tsubasa tells Chiyu that she beat her previous record and then leaves.

In King Byogen's lair, Shindoine argues with Daruizen and Guaiwaru before leaving to make another Gigabyogen. Back at Nodoka's house, Chiyu couldn't stop thinking about what Tsubasa said but everyone comforts her saying there's nothing wrong with her decision. The next day, Chiyu tries beating her previous record in high jumping, remembering how her Dad helped her when she was younger and Nodoka noted how much fun she's having. She eventually succeeded, which surprises her and starts looking for Tsubasa. The girls were able to find her in the stadium, where she was turned into a Gigabyogen by Shindoine.

The Cures transform and fights the Gigabyogen while Fontaine fights Shindoine, who claims that rivals are nothing more than a nuisance. Fontaine disagrees, believing that rivals can help each other improve on who they are. She kicks her away and then uses the Rain Element Bottle on the Gigabyogen, giving the team a chance to use the Final! Healin' Good♥Shower on it. Tsubasa wakes up and finds Chiyu, apologizing for shouting at her. Chiyu reaches out her hand, declaring her a rival and that she will meet her in the internationals, which Tsubasa agrees.


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ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第34話予告 「わたしがライバル!? ちゆの求めたツバサ」

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