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Gloomy Natasha. Our Special Study Camp (ナターシャのゆううつ お勉強大作戦 Natāsha no Yūutsu Obenkyō Daisakusen?) is the 36th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 818th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hinata feels anxious after meeting her friend, Eriko, who she hasn't seen in a while. Hinata also starts studying so she can attend the same high school as Nodoka and Chiyu...


The girls find out how they did on their English exams, with Hinata revealing that she failed it. However, she quickly moves on from it when she gets a text message from Eriko, who wants to hang out with her. But when Hinata does spend time with Eriko, it doesn't go very well, as Eriko is feeling very awkward and all Hinata does is chat about Nodoka and Chiyu.

Meanwhile, Shindoine shortens Guaiwaru's name when asking for the back scratcher. Guaiwaru gives her the scratcher, but doesn't like his "nickname", so he tries to shorten Shindoine's name, only for Shindoine to create very over the top names for herself.

The next day, Hinata is scared that Nodoka and Chiyu will forget about her if they attend different high schools. Her friends tell her that won't happen, but Hinata has already come up with a plan to study really hard so she can be with them in high school. However, her study plan kept failing as she kept getting distracted. So she invites her friends to her house so they can study together.

After Teruhiko expresses that he is glad Hinata has friends who will help her study, Chiyu tries to figure out what Hinata finds difficult. Only for Hinata to admit she doesn't even know what she doesn't understand, which confuses Chiyu. Meanwhile, Asumi and Nyatoran are watching Latte and Pegitan play tug-of-war. Nodoka then decides to try to teach Hinata some memorization skills, only for Hinata to go off topic when she attempts to memorize something.

When getting ready for bed, Asumi wonders why Hinata can't stay friends with Nodoka and Chiyu despite attending different schools. Hinata admits that because she and Eriko seem to have drifted apart, that maybe the same thing will happen again. Her friends tell her that it's more important to talk to Eriko instead of studying, so when Eriko messages Hinata, Hinata decides she will try to talk to her again.

However, the atmosphere is once again awkward, and just as Hinata decides maybe she and Eriko aren't friends anymore, Shindoine arrives with her Megabyogen. As Nodoka, Chiyu and Asumi transform, Eriko hides with Hinata in a nearby park, where Eriko admits she was jealous of Hinata. The two girls reconcile just as the Megabyogen reappears. But Earth and Fontaine arrive to save them, with Earth taking Eriko somewhere safer, while Fontaine grabs Hinata so she can transform into Cure Sparkle.

As Grace fights the Megabyogen, Shindoine's wordplays confuse her but the other 3 Cures arrive, with Sparkle using Cure Scan to discover that the Tree Element Spirit was targeted. Now knowing who is trapped inside of the Megabyogen, Grace, Fontaine and Sparkle perform Healing Oasis to purify the Megabyogen.

While talking to the Tree Element Spirit, Hinata and Eriko run up to each other, happy to know that they're both safe. A few days later, Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata get their English exam results back and Hinata has once again failed. But since Hinata still wants to attend the same high school as her friends, Hinata will continue to study as hard as she possibly can.


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  • The Cures change into their winter clothes in this episode.


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ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第36話予告 「ナターシャのゆううつ お勉強大作戦!」

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