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The Truth Revealed! Cure Moonlight's Identity! (真実が明かされます!キュアムーンライトの正体!! Shinjitu ga Akasaremasu! Cure Moonlight no Syoutai!!?) is the 13th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 305th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Tsubomi hurries to the botanical garden to see the rare blooming Agave Flower. There she meets the mysterious Yuri Tsukikage and they become targeted by Dark Pretty Cure.


Tsubomi is contacted by her grandmother, Kaoruko. She brings up that the rare Agave flower only blooms once every ten years, and it has bloomed. Excitedly Tsubomi rushes right over to see it and runs into Yuri. As she recalls being helped by her in the past, she thanks her for her help, but now Yuri appears blunt and coldly rejects her kindness. This confuses Tsubomi as she states that she did nothing more than tell her the meaning of a flower, and how it meant nothing.

Meanwhile, at the train station, Dark Pretty Cure appears with the Snackey.

Erika contacts Tsubomi with this news and they hurry to the station.

At this time Yuri is also making her way there to meet with her mother. Who at the time, is frightened and trying to protect the children as Snackeys start to attack and cause problems.

One by one, Yuri elegantly dodges the Snackeys to help her mother and the children. When Tsubomi and Erika appear they transform into Pretty Cure before challanging Dark Cure. For reasons unknown to them she only challanges Yuri, then says something to her that shocks the girls.

Major Events

  • It is revealed that Tsukikage Yuri is Cure Moonlight, but is unable to transform.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


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