Raibaru wa Erika! Engekibu kara no chōsen-jō desu! is the 16th episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, the seventh season in the Pretty Cure franchise, and also the 308th episode of the Pretty Cure all series.


Takagishi Azusa, the leader for the theatrical club, arrives and challenges Erika and her fashion club to a contest in whose designs are best. While they seem to be enemies, Azusa and Erika are actually on good terms, despite their very different kinds of leadership. Azusa judges the designs Erika has to offer before going on to state they need a fabulous rich womans attire for the Drama clubs performence. So the Fashion Club begins to redesign.

Takagashi azusa
At the many commands Azusa makes, the drama club members soon become tired and aggitated and all end up quitting. Azusa, who is depressed goes to think about things while she comes by to see Erika and the fashion club having fun. Which begins to make her wonder about why her club may have quit on her.

Cobraja appeared dramatically and steals her Heart Flower to create a show light Desertarian. Chypre and Coffret go to find Tsubomi and Erika to make them transform into Pretty Cure. As they fight, the drama club members begin to hear and are shocked by Azusa's true feelings. To which Marine ues Blue Forte Wave to save Azusa.

Azusa soon wakes up to realize what she was doing wrong as the club members begin to return to her. she is very surprised by this and after she promises to be kinder to them and listen, they begin to practice harder then ever before! The performance goes on perfectly and everybody loves the designs the Fashion Club had made for the show.

Major Events

  • Takagashi Azusa makes her first appearance.
  • The other drama students temporarily quit the drama club.





Secondary Characters



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