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*In the beginning, a brown-haired girl ,who was running with another girl, almost looked like Asuka Momoko from Ojamajo Doremi.
*In the beginning, a brown-haired girl ,who was running with another girl, almost looked like Asuka Momoko from Ojamajo Doremi.
* Tsu. Bo. Mi ~Future Flower~ was play in this episode.
* [[Tsu. Bo. Mi ~Future Flower~]] was play in this episode.
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Let's Go to the Beach! Itsuki's Lighthearted Summer Camp! (海へゴーです!いつきウキウキ夏合宿! "Umi de Go Desu! Itsuki Ukiuki Natsugasshuku!"?) is the 25th episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure, and also the 317th episode of the Pretty Cure all series. This episode focuses that the girls and the Fashion Club members are going to camping at the beach.



Erika and Tsubomi running to Itsuki

Satsuki got better so he with Itsuki and their mom were walking outside. Itsuki's mom told Itsuki to go out with her friends more since it's summer vacation. Suddenly Tsubomi and Erika came to them and called Itsuki by her first name. Itsuki called Tsubomi by her first name too. They invited her to go to Fashion Club's summer camp and her mom agreed. Erika was really excited for the trip with Tsubomi having to remind her about the reason they are here: club activities.


Itsuki in her casual clothes

When they arrived at the sea Erika was having fun and others were surprised, that the Student Council President belongs to the Fashion Club. Itsuki also worried if it was right for her to come, since it's their summer camp after all. Erika quickly, with Tsubomi's help, changed Itsuki's school uniform into the dress she made. Everyone loved it even though Itsuki was kind of embarrassed. The girls felt, that Student Council President suddenly became Itsuki-san. With everyone's hearts as one, they started having fun. Later Erika told everyone to design a theme for autumn's Fashion Show with Itsuki being worried what will other members of Student Council think. Tsubomi and Erika encouraged her. The theme is A New Me.


Itsuki talks to Tsubomi about her day

Meanwhile, the Desert Apostles were also having their summer camp to defeat Pretty Cure. During the night Erika wanted to tell horror stories while others wanted to know about Itsuki. Itsuki answered their questions and wanted to know more about everyone. Meanwhile, Cobraja couldn't sleep because of Kumojacky's loud snoring. He went out and saw beautiful moon. Itsuki was watching the same moon when Tsubomi went to her. She said she had fun today with everyone. Cobraja noticed them, but decided not to attack, since the Moon is too beautiful today.


Tsubomi is falling behind the other girls

The next morning the 3 Cures were running at the beach followed by the fairies, having Pretty Cure training camp when all 3 Desert Apostles came. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Blossom was fighting Cobraja, Marine was battling Kumojacky and Sunshine was against Sasorina. After fighting a bit, Sunshine used Gold Forte Burst to purify Sasorina, but Kumojacky and and Cobraja saved her and disappeared.

Later the girls continued designing and Itsuki drew a lot of designs, since after meeting everyone ideas just kept popping into her head. The girls continued their summer camp.





Secondary Characters


  • In the beginning, a brown-haired girl ,who was running with another girl, almost looked like Asuka Momoko from Ojamajo Doremi.
  • Tsu. Bo. Mi ~Future Flower~ was play in this episode.


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