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It's No Use... the World's Become a Desert... (もうダメです・・・世界が砂漠になりました・・・ Mou, Dame desu... Sekai ga Sabaku ni Mari Mashita...?) is the 45th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 337th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls lose hope after Dune lands and causes the Heart Tree to die. In this time Kaoruko is also taken hostage.


The King of the Desert, Dune, is back- and his first task is locating Cure Flower. The Cures try to fight him, but he makes them transforms back into their shiny dresses in just one move. Cure Flower tries to stand and fight, already weakened, but he has become much stronger. Coupe attacks him too but with no avail. Dune takes Kaoruko as Tsubomi cries out for her grandmother, saddened by being unable to save her.

Dune flies to the Heart Tree and takes Kaoruko's necklace with her Heart Seed attached and breaks it, allowing his powers to come back. He destroys the Heart Tree with Kaoruko watching it unfold, then he sends multiple Desert Devils to Earth and in one night, all of the world becomes a desert except for the botanical garden which is protected by Coupe.

The Cures get ready to fight

The girls wake up and go to look for their families. They couldn't find anyone and return to the greenhouse. Erika thinks she hears something and sees Momoka, and she runs up to embrace her. The girls are surprised to find the other victims arrive as well. They bring up how Pretty Cure has helped them remain strong, and how they were told by them to have strong hearts.

However, a Desert Devil attacks, causing everyone to run away as they transform and quickly fight it off. They use Heartcatch Orchestra to defeat it and they make plans to fly into space to locate Kaoruko and save her.

Coupe asks if he can go with them, but before they can go Kanae shows up to ask if she can get their picture. They agree and leave to reach the Castle Planet and start fighting the Snackies.

Major Events

  • Dune steals back the remains of his power from Cure Flower, reviving his true form.
  • Dune destroys the Heart Tree as an army of Desert Devils land on Earth, transforming the entire planet into a desert wasteland and appearing to kill all life instantly.
  • Aside from the Cures, all previous Heart Flower victims are revealed to have survived Dune's destruction of the planet.
  • The Cures fly to the Castle Planet for a final showdown with the Desert Messengers.


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