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Please Say It's a Lie! The True Identity of Professor Sabaku!! (嘘だと言ってください!サバーク博士の正体!! Uso da to Itte Kudasai! Sabāku Hakase no Shōtai!!?) is the 47th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 339th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Tsubomi saves her grandma, while at the same time Moonlight and Dark Cure start their battle. Blossom returns, but Moonlight said she'll fight alone. When she was about to land a blow on Dark Cure, Sabaku attacks her. Blossom starts fighting Sabaku, giving Moonlight a chance at a fair battle. Sabaku calls Blossom the weakest Cure, but she said that she has changed. With Chyphre's help, she scores a punch. Moonlight, meanwhile, is about to finish off Dark Cure but Sabaku takes the blow. It breaks his mask and Yuri is shocked after seeing his face.

Marine and Sunshine, at the time, meet after defeating Cobraja and Kumojacky but the Snackies kept attacking them endlessly. The girls become tired easily, so they make time-out to have a plan and agree to pretend to be Snackies. They use Pretty Cure Big Explosion to distract them and escape. They detransform and dress up in Snackie like costumes (Chyphre and Potpourri sharing one).

Snackies tried talking to them asking about Pretty Cure, but they act suspiciously. Potpourri tells them that the Cures went the other way and escaped. The Snackies see them escaping and give chase. They reach Kaoruko safely but they are very tired. Coupe uses the Heart Seeds, containing everyone's feelings, and the Cures' powers return. They transform again and beat the Snackies easily.

Meanwhile, Moonlight is shocked that Sabaku is actually her long lost father. She detransforms from shock and tries to get him back, but Dark Cure gets angry and attacks Yuri, saying Professor Tsukikage is her father now. He created her for only one purpose - to defeat Cure Moonlight. Blossom join in on the attack, and stopped it, trying to talk to Yuri, saying she needs to fight to protect her father and accept her feelings.

Yuri accepts her words and transforms back into Moonlight. She uses her Floral Power Fortissimo against Dark Cure's Dark Power Fortissimo. The two Fortissimo's collide, but Moonlight receives everyone's power and support, winning the attack.

Major Events

  • Professor Sabaku is revealed to be Yuri's long-lost father.
  • Cure Moonlight defeats Dark Cure for the final time.





Secondary Characters


  • Cure Sunshine uses Sunflower Aegis Impact for the first time.


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