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For the Earth! For Our Dreams! Pretty Cure's Final Transformation!! (地球のため!夢のため!プリキュア最後の変身です!! Chikyū no Tame! Yume no Tame! Purikyua Saigo no Henshin desu!!?) is the 48th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 340th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


While the world is becoming a desert and the Desert Devils are everywhere, few people don't lose hope. Meanwhile, Moonlight has defeated Dark Cure and she is now laying on the floor dying. Moonlight isn't sad about this at all and only hugs her father, taking it for herself. However, Dark Cure stands up since she still wants to fight against Moonlight for Sabaku, her father. Their father lets go of Moonlight and goes to hug Dark Cure, revealing to everyone that Dark Cure is actually Moonlight's little sister. However, he makes them fight, only for Moonlight to brutally kill her own sister. Dark Cure disappears, dying in the arms of her father.

Dune is watching everything and only claps at the emotional scene. He tells them that when Yuri's father's research reached a dead-end, he accepted Dune's power and became Sabaku. The two Cures and Yuri's father are fighting Dune, but he was too strong, reverting the Cures to their shiny dresses and injuring Yuri's father.

Then he prepares to do a big move and kill them all, but Yuri's father sacrifices himself to stop the move and was torn to pieces. Yuri gets really mad and prepares to fight Dune with hatred to revenge her father, but Tsubomi stops her. She is told that Pretty Cures should fight with love, not hatred and that she's not being herself. Her words did the job and Tsubomi gives Yuri the other half of her seed and the seed becomes one again.

They both transform again into Cures Blossom and Moonlight and fight again. When Dune is about to attack them, Sunshine and Marine return just in time. The two Cures use Floral Power Fortissimo, and Moonlight and Blossom follow suit. They hit Dune with Double Floral Power Fortissimo together and use Heartcatch Orchestra to finish him off.

Major Events

  • Dark Pretty Cure dies and is revealed to be Yuri's "little sister".
  • The origin of Professor Sabaku is revealed.
  • Professor Sabaku is killed by Dune as he protects Yuri.
  • The Cures face off against Dune, beginning the final battle.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Character


  • It seems like Cure Sunshine can also use the Forte Wave, though it is unknown why she can not/did not use it in the earlier episodes.


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