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HUGtto! Pretty Cure (HUGっと!プリキュア?), referred to as HUG! Pretty Cure on Toei Animation's English website, is the fifteenth anime series of the Pretty Cure franchise.

Directed by Sato Junichi and Zako Akifumi and produced by Toei Animation, the series premiered on TV Asahi on February 4th, 2018, succeeding KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode in its timeslot. The series' themes are destiny, future, heroism, parenting, and jobs.

This series celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Pretty Cure franchise.


HUGtto! Pretty Cure episodes
HUGtto! Pretty Cure♡Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories (Movie)
HUGtto! Pretty Cure Manga (Kamikita Futago)


The trademark for this series was filed on October 17, 2017, and was confirmed on November 29 when Toei and Asahi set up the websites [1].


Nono Hana is a second-year middle school student who aims to become a stylish, mature big sister like figure. When she realizes she is late for her first day of school, she cuts her bangs in a hurry, causing her hair to look like a mess!

However, there’s a nice turn of events when she meets Hugtan and her guardian, Harry, who had fallen from the sky. But suddenly, the Criasu Corporation appears in hopes of stealing Hugtan's Mirai Crystal, so they create a scary monster to attack them!

With the strong desire to protect Hugtan, a new Mirai Crystal appears and transforms Hana into the Pretty Cure of High Spirits, Cure Yell. The Mirai Crystals are a crystallized form of Tomorrow Powerer, the magical power overflowing this world that creates a shining future for everyone. If it’s stolen, everyone’s futures will disappear, including Hugtan’s future.

The story of Cure Yell who should protect important things is about to begin!


Pretty Cure

  • Nono Hana (野乃はな?) - A middle school student who transferred to class 2-3 of L'Avenir Academy. Hana is short for her age to the point that she looks almost child-like thus dreaming of becoming a stylish and mature big sister figure. Despite being clumsy, she is always up for a challenge. Thanks to her strong desire of protecting Hugtan, Hana becomes the Pretty Cure of High Spirit, Cure Yell (キュアエール?).
  • Yakushiji Saaya (薬師寺さあや?) - The class president of class 2-3 who is as kind as an angel toward anyone. Her mother is an actor and Saaya herself was a famous child actor however now she doesn't know what to do in the future. Owing to her desire to protect Cure Yell and become a stronger person, Saaya transforms into the Pretty Cure of Wisdom, Cure Ange (キュアアンジュ?).
  • Kagayaki Homare (輝木ほまれ?) - A charming and mature girl from Hana's class who loves fashion. Homare is good at everything; furthermore, she used to be a figure skater. However, she stopped skating when she failed to complete a jump thus looking down on the sport until she met Hana and Saaya. When her thoughts of completing the jump help her overcome the weakness, Homare becomes the Pretty Cure of Strength, Cure Étoile (キュアエトワール?).
  • Aisaki Emiru (愛崎えみる?) - A classmate of Kotori's who has looked up to the Pretty Cure ever since she first saw them, and aspires to be a hero like them. She even created her own alter ego, Cure Emiru, to help out others. However, she seems to be a bit overprotective and can overdo things, especially while helping. She then befriends Ruru back when she was still with Criasu and her guitar playing plays a substantial part in Ruru developing emotions. Soon after, when Ruru is purified, the two decide they want to be Pretty Cure together. After Ruru miraculously receives a PreHeart, the two transform and Emiru becomes the Pretty Cure of Love, Cure Macherie (キュアマシェリ?).
  • Ruru Amour (ルールー アムール?) - A former part-timer in the Azababu branch office of the Criasu Corporation under just her first name, she is an android who soon developed a human heart when gathering information on the Cures. She becomes close friends with Emiru after she is purified and her emotions develop fully. After watching the Pretty Cure a lot, she and Emiru decide they want to become ones too. After she miraculously receives a PreHeart herself, the two of them transform and Ruru becomes the Pretty Cure of Love, Cure Amour (キュアアムール?).


  • Hugtan (はぐたん?) - A mysterious baby who fell from the sky, along with her guardian, Hariham Harry, while being chased by the Criasu Corporation. The world overflows with the power to create tomorrow called Tomorrow Powerer. However, Hugtan seems sensitive to it, even weak if the power is decreased. Her favourite things are milk and the Cures, and she ends her sentences with "hagyu~".
  • Hariham Harry (ハリハム・ハリー?) - A hamster like fairy who fell from the sky with Hugtan. His role is to guide the Cures, but it seems he often fails to make them motivated. Harry can transform into an amazingly handsome boy and speaks in a kansai dialect.

Criasu Corporation

  • George Kurai (ジョージ・クライイ?) - The company president.
  • Listol (リストル?) - Secretary to the president who has since been purified.
  • Gelos (ジェロス?) - Executive in the Azababu branch office who has since been purified and often flanked by her bodyguards JinJin and Takumi.
  • JinJin (ジンジン Jinjin?) & Takumi (タクミ Takumi?) - Gelos' bodyguards who have since been purified.
  • Doctor Traum (ドクター·トラウム?) - Counselor in the Azababu branch office who has since been purified.
  • Bicine (ビ シ ン?) - Customer specialist in the Azababu branch office who has since been purified.
  • Daigan (ダイガン?) - Head of the Azababu branch office who has since been purified.
  • Papple (パップル?) - Section chief in the Azababu branch office who has since been purified.
  • Charaleet (チャラリート?) - Chief clerk in the Azababu branch office who has since been purified and currently makes videos on the Internet.
  • Oshimaida (オシマイダー?) - The monsters summoned by the villains.

Supporting Characters


  • PreHeart (プリハート PuriHāto?) is the transformation device. To use it to transform, the girls need their respective transformation Mirai Crystal and need to yell the phrase, "Heart Kiratto!".
  • Mirai Crystals (ミライクリスタル Mirai Kurisutaru?) are the collectables of the season and also serve as transformation and attack trinkets. They contain Tomorrow Powerer and are the physical form of said power.
  • Melody Sword (メロディソード Merodi Sōdo?) are weapons Cures Yell, Ange and Étoile gain in episode 11. Together, they are used to perform Trinity Concert.
    • Cure Yell's Melody Sword, the Yell Tact (エールタクト Ēru Takuto?), is used to perform Flower Shoot.
    • Cure Ange's Melody Sword, the Ange Harp (アンジュハープ Anju Hāpu?), is used to perform Feather Blast.
    • Cure Étoile's Melody Sword, the Etoile Flute (エトワールフルート Etowāru Furūto?), is used to perform Star Slash.
  • Mirai Pad (ミライパッド Mirai Paddo?) is a tablet-like device that the girls use for various things like looking up information or using it as a map. With the use of specific Mirai Crystals, the pad is able to change the girls into appropriate outfits for various jobs.
  • Twin Love Guitars (ツインラブギター Tsuin Rabu Gitā?) are weapons that Cure Macherie and Cure Amour gain in episode 22. They can be used as normal guitars, but they can also create Tomorrow Powerer and perform Twin Love Rock Beat.
  • Mirai Braces (ミライブレース Mirai Burēsu?) are magical bracelets that the Cures gain in episode 37. They are used to perform All • For • You! and Tomorrow With Everyone. Additionally, they can temporarily transform ordinary people into Pretty Cures, even if they don't have their own Mirai Crystals.


  • Hagukumi City (はぐくみ市 Hagukumi-shi?) is the city the season takes place in.
  • L'Avenir Academy (ラヴェニール学園 Ravenīru Gakuen?) is the school the girls attend.
  • Beauty Harry (ビューティーハリー Byūtī Harī?) is Hariham Harry's fashion shop as well as his and Hugtan's home.

International Dubs and Broadcasts

Albania was the first country worldwide to produce a dub for HUGtto! Pretty Cure. It premiered on November, 2020 and ended in early December of 2020. The dub was made by "Jess" Discographic illegally and the acronyms of the series are left in Japanese with subtitled in Albanian, as did the insert songs.

On October 16, 2021. Manga Barcelona announced the movie HUGtto! Pretty Cure♡Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories will be shown in a theatrical event on October 30, 2021 at 3pm local time entitled Hug! Pretty Cure, Futari wa Pretty Cure: The Movie. The film was subtitled due to a huge amount of Cures appearing in the movie making it unable to be dubbed. All Cures have translated names for example Cure Blossom becomes Cure Petalo as this is the only type of censorship that existed making the movie faithful enough to the original Japanese version. An earlier interview that occured at 9am in the morning of October 30, 2021 revealed that the series and some other Pretty Cure series might come to Spain in the near future if the movie sells enough.


  • HUGtto! Pretty Cure is the second season where the Cures' voice actresses sing the ending themes, preceded by Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!.
  • Much like its predecessor, the beginning of most of the first episodes features Hana introducing herself to the audience before briefly recapping the previous episode. Later episodes would usually open with all five Cures introducing themselves.
  • Some episode titles appear to make a reference to a previous series to commemorate the franchise's 15th anniversary. It is unknown yet whether or not the references are intentional.
  • Most of the cures in this season have foreign Cure names (French), except Cure Yell and Cure Tomorrow.
  • HUGtto! Pretty Cure is the first season where Cures from a past season make cameo appearances in the show itself, appearing in episodes 21, 22, 36, and 37.
    • Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! had cameos of past Cures, but unlike in HUGtto!, these weren't canon to its story, rather they gave the 10th year anniversary messages to the fans before the opening would display.
  • HUGtto! Pretty Cure is the first season where the Cures do not change their casual outfits for the summer. However, they wear the summer school uniforms. Much like Ciel from the previous season, the Cures change their casual outfits to more wintery ones after the end of summer.
  • HUGtto! Pretty Cure is the first season where a duo appears mid-season; Cure Macherie and Cure Amour.
  • This is the second season where the Japanese version has the most ending themes, having a total of 4. Glitter Force, the English dub of Smile Pretty Cure!, beats it with a total of 10.
  • HUGtto! Pretty Cure is the first season where a male Cure appears.
  • In the "All Pretty Cure Big Poll", HUGtto! Pretty Cure is ranked 4th in "Favorite Series Productions".


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