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Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Furefure Min'na! Genki no Purikyua, Kyua Ēru Tanjō!
"Hooray Hooray, Everyone! The Pretty Cure of High Spirits, Cure Yell is Born!"
Charaleet 2018-02-04
Nono Hana is getting ready for her first day at her new school when she not only messes up her bangs but ends up running late for class. On her way there, she overhears a baby's voice crying. As the day continues, she hears the baby's voice again and climbs to the school's roof, only to find two other girls she briefly encountered earlier, Yakushiji Saaya and Kagayaki Homare. That night, the source of the strange voice, a baby named Hugtan, comes flying toward Hana, bringing along a caretaker named Hariham Harry, but mysteriously leave later that night. The next day, a mysterious man named Chareleet targets the students, using their negative energy to create a monster called the Oshimaida. As Hana tries to help, she finds the two fairies again, but ends up being attacked. How will Hana be able to protect them?
02 Min'na no Tenshi! Furefure! Kyua Anju!
"Everyone's Angel! Hooray Hooray! Cure Ange!"
Charaleet 2018-02-11
Now that Hana is a Pretty Cure, she has to keep her identity a secret to those around her. Hariham Harry then sets up the hideout for her and the soon-to-be other Cures called the Beauty Harry and shocks Hana by turning into a human. He then also explains the Criasus Corporation's main objective of wanting to steal the Mirai Crystals and destroy the future for everyone. Hana soon befriends Saaya while helping work with the school newspaper and gets her to check out the hideout and take care of Hugtan. It is then that Saaya reveals that she experienced the same strange time stop Hana did when Hugtan first appeared. Soon after, Charaleet attacks again with another Oshimaida, and Cure Yell starts to struggle against it. Can Saaya be able to help her?
03 Gokigen? Naname? Odekake Hagutan!
"Good Mood? Bad Mood? Hugtan's Day Out!"
Charaleet 2018-02-18
One day, Hugtan starts to become cranky, and Hana tries to cheer her up by playing peek-a-boo, but she doesn't cheer up. Harry then reveals the Mirai Pad to the girls, which could be used to find things nearby that could help Hugtan out. They discover that the petting zoo could help, so they try that out. Along the way, they meet up with Homare as well as Hana's mother and sister. Will they assist them in finding a way to cheer Hugtan up?
04 Kagayake! Purikyua Sukauto Daisakusen
"Sparkle! The Great Pretty Cure Scouting Plan"
Charaleet 2018-02-25
After encountering Homare earlier, Hana thought it would be a good idea to see if she would consider being a Pretty Cure herself. She and the others meet up with her and notice her taking care of a stray dog, which she rescued from being ran over by a truck when the time stop that both Hana and Saaya experienced occurred. Homare also develops a liking for Hugtan. The group then takes notice of a group of bullies picking on the other students on a basketball, so they challenge the bullies to a game. Just as Homare is about to score a basket, she remembers something traumatizing involving her leg and inadvertently passes the ball to Hana, with her scoring the lucky basket. What had happened to Homare in the past?
05 Sora wo Mae! Furefure! Kyua Etowāru!
"Dance In The Sky! Hooray Hooray! Cure Étoile!"
Charaleet 2018-03-04
Even though she is still upset about what happened before, Homare helps the other girls, along with Harry, open up Beauty Harry, to great success. Despite all the fun Homare had had with them, she still feels doubt about whether or not she would become a Cure like Hana and Saaya after all. The two try to lift her spirits by reminding her of all the things she's good at that they're not quite good at. Just then, Charaleet appears and kidnaps Homare, intending on making her despair even more to call forth an Oshimaida. Will Hana and Saaya be able to rescue her?
06 Egao, Mankai! Hajimete no Oshigoto!
"Smiles In Full Bloom! Our First Job!"
Papple 2018-03-11
To celebrate the three of them becoming Pretty Cure, Hana and her teammates decide to head to a DIY store that her father manages. After they learn that the staff at the floral section is shorthanded due to the cold, they use the Mirai Pad to become florists to help out. Hana struggles at first and seeing Saaya holding a bunch of flowers reminds her of something she can't quite figure out. Meanwhile, Harry and Hugtan go look around the store and when she is taken out of her carrier, Hugtan ends up running off in another child's cart and gets lost. Will the Cures be able to find her?
07 Sāya no Mayoi? Hontō ni Yaritai Koto-tte Nani?
"Saaya in Doubt? What Is It That She Really Wants To Do?"
Ruru 2018-03-18
The girls learn that Saaya is a former child actress who became popular by starring in a vegetable commercial a long time ago. Then, a girl named Ichijou Ranze, who starred in the same commercial as a backup-dancing leek, appears and declares herself Saaya's rival, telling her that she plans on participating in the same audition as Saaya. Saaya is nervous about performing in front of others though. After her friends help to ease the tension, she attends the audition, but there are many others who have showed up for it too. Then, to make matters worse, Ranze announces to everyone that Saaya is the daughter of Yakushiji Reira, a popular actress, which makes her even more nervous knowing she would have to live up to expectations. Will she be able to calm herself before her audition happens?
08 Homare Dattai!? Sukēto Ōji ga Kyūsekkin!
ほまれ脱退!? スケート王子が急接近!
"Homare Withdraws!? The Skating Prince's Fast Approach!"
Papple 2018-03-25
Wakamiya Henri, Homare's old friend she knows from ice skating, finally finds her, urging her to come back with him to Moscow to gain better experience. He feels that hanging around with people like Hana and Saaya is hindering her progress in regaining her top form before her fall. Homare insists that her friends are not holding her back and tries to prove to him that she could become a strong skater again with her friends' support and without having to move to Russia. Will she be able to prove to her old friend that she can improve without his help?
09 Oka wo Koe Ikou yo! Rettsu・Ra・Haikingu!
"Let's Go Beyond That Hill! Let's・La・Hiking!"
Papple 2018-04-01
The girls decide to go on a hiking trip one day, and as they participate, they meet one of Hana's sister Kotori's classmates, Aisaki Emiru. She is seen always being super prepared and cautious for anything. However, her concerns cause more harm than good as she winds up accidentally destroying a footbridge with her hammer among other things, putting the group in more danger. Then, to make matters worse, a monkey makes off with the Melody Tambourine, causing Hana and Emiru to go on a chase after it and as a result, they fall into a pit. Will they be able to get out if it?
10 Ariena~i! Uetoresu-san wa Ōisogashi!
"Unbelievable! A Waitress Is Very Busy!"
Papple 2018-04-08
There is a food festival in town, and the girls think it would be a great time to receive work experience as waitresses. They transform using the Mirai Pad, but while Saaya and Homare are wearing waitress uniforms, Hana is wearing a more old-fashioned uniform. Hana tries to assist at the takoyaki booth, while Saaya and Homare help with showing people around and delivering food to the tables respectively. The two of them excel in their duties, while Hana ends up either getting yelled at or becoming a laughingstock when tasting hot takoyaki. Watching her friends succeed while she doesn't, she starts to feel like she can't do anything and becomes really depressed. Then, Papple appears to bring forth another Oshimaida. Hana attempts to transform, but finds that she is somehow unable to, making her sadness even worse. How will Ange and Étoile be able to defeat it without Yell?
11 Watashi ga Naritai Purikyua! Hibike! Merodi Sōdo!
"The Pretty Cure I Want To Become! Resound! Melody Sword!"
Charaleet 2018-04-15
Feeling deep regret over not protecting Hugtan, Hana considers giving up on being a Pretty Cure because she believes she is not worthy of being one due to her lack of discernable talents, unlike Saaya and Homare. That night, her mother notices something is off and comforts Hana as she tearfully explains her situation. The next morning, Hana's confidence is renewed thanks to her mother's words and a pep talk from her friends. Meanwhile, Charaleet is forcefully turned into an Oshimaida for his repeated failures against the Pretty Cures. Will they be able to defeat him, and is Hana confident enough to transform again?
12 Dokidoki! Minna de Pajama Pātī!
"Hearts Racing! Pajama Party With Everyone!"
Papple 2018-04-22
Hana decides to throw a pajama party with everyone at Beauty Harry. The girls try out some cute pajamas and watch some scary movies, which freak out Hana and Homare, who is especially shaken after watching them. Later that night, Harry explains to the girls that he and Hugtan are from the future and come from a world different from theirs. What exactly happened to Harry and Hugtan's old home?
13 Tenkōsei wa Furesshu & Misuteriasu!
"The Transfer Student Is Fresh & Mysterious!"
Ruru 2018-04-29
Ruru transfers to Hana's school under the name "Ruru Amour" and proves to be efficient in both academics and sports, much to everyone's surprise. Unbeknownst to everyone, she is still collecting data on the Cures, focusing on Hana first. Hana is excited to have Ruru as a guest and she decides to throw a surprise welcome party with her friends, family, and classmates. However, Ruru calls seems disinterested in the party and asks why they organized it in the first place because she was already welcomed normally. Then the next day, she disappears, just when another Oshimaida attacks. Will Hana be able to find Ruru and help her friends too?
14 Hagyū~! Akachan Sumairu Meippai!
"Hagyuu~! Full of Baby's Smiles!"
Ruru 2018-05-06
The girls, along with Ruru, visit a nursery to get work experience as teachers. While they prepare, Ruru sees Saaya's textbook on taking care of babies and quickly skims through it. Now with all of that knowledge, Ruru quickly gains the affections of the babies in the nursery, igniting Saaya's competitive side. Throughout the day, the two of them try to win them over with what they know. How will Saaya fare against Ruru?
15 Meikonbi...? Emiru to Rūrū no To Aru Ichinichi
"Odd Duo...? Emiru and Ruru's Day Out"
Papple 2018-05-13
While running errands for Hana's family, Ruru encounters a girl who calls herself "Cure Emiru". The strange young girl goes around trying to help other people, inspired by the Pretty Cures. The two befriend each other and soon go over to Emiru's house, where she shows Ruru her secret passion for the guitar, with its song resonating with Ruru. Is she starting to feel actual emotions despite who she is?
16 Min'na no Karisuma!? Homare Shishō wa Tsurai yo
"Everyone's Idol!? Master Homare's Troubles"
Papple 2018-05-20
Aki, one of Homare's classmates, learns that she is a popular figure skater, and wants to learn how to skate from her. However, her best friend Junna still finds Homare to be a bad influence because of her delinquent history, causing a rift in their friendship. This leaves Homare conflicted, wondering whether or not to help her out, even causing her to lose her usual concentration and her PreHeart ends up landing in a reluctant Ruru's hands. WIll Homare be able to repair their friendship, and recover her PreHeart?
17 Kanashimi no Noizu...Sayonara, Rūrū
"Noise of Sorrow...Farewell, Ruru"
Ruru 2018-05-27
Ruru, after being taken back to Criasu Corporation, becomes reprogrammed, supressing her memories with the Cures and seeing them as enemies like she previously did. The girls soon find her and try to talk to her, but she then tells them that she must destroy them, leaving them with no choice but to transform and fight. Using a enhanced robotic suit, Ruru easily overpowers the Cures, but seeing them eventually causes a bug in her system to develop, bringing her memories back. Will the Cures be able to save Ruru?
18 Dekoboko Konbi! Kokoro no Merodi!
"An Odd Pair! The Melody of the Heart!"
Papple 2018-06-03
Ruru has now gone to the Cures' side, and despite undoing the memory rewriting she inflicted on Hana's mother, she is still accepted by the family. The next day at school, Emiru, still shocked over learning that Hana and her friends were Pretty Cures, goes to confront them about it, almost revealing their secret to the rest of the school before Ruru intervenes. After Emiru follows them around to witness their hobbies, the group regroups so Hana can practice a piece for her singing class. When Hana struggles a bit, Ruru attempts it, but Emiru says that she doesn't seem to put enough heart into her voice. Upon hearing that, Ruru becomes confused about what it means to have a heart and suddenly shuts down. Will she recover, and can Emiru handle the fact that Ruru isn't completely human?
19 Wakuwaku! Akogare no Ranwei Debyū!?
"So Exciting! The Long Awaited Runway Debut!?"
Gelos 2018-06-10
After Henri overhears Emiru and Ruru singing, he invites the pair to participate in a fashion show put together by Yoshimi Rita, a famous designer. The theme of the show revolves around how girls can be heroes too. After the girls help paint a colorful banner with the help of Hugtan, Emiru and Ruru prepare to walk down the runway, with Emiru being nervous during the entire wait. It is then that Emiru's brother Masato arrives having learned about her participation in the show and forcefully tries to get her to leave by saying that only boys could be heroes and girls have to be the ones that are rescued. Can someone reason with Masato before he removes Emiru from the show?
20 Kyua Masheri to Kyua Amūru! Furefure! Ai no Purikyua!
"Cure Macherie and Cure Amour! Hooray hooray! The Pretty Cure of Love!"
Papple 2018-06-17
Emiru and Ruru want to become Pretty Cures, but there is only one PreHeart left, and there is no way to get another one. The two become worried over who will end up being a Pretty Cure. While wishing for a miracle, Hana ends up catching a cold after staying outside all night, leaving her out of commission while Saaya and Homare help encourage the two. After receiving that encouragement, Emiru and Ruru attend a rock concert, but the band and manager are targeted by Papple to create an Oshimaida. A still sick Yell arrives to protect the crowd, but with Saaya and Homare busy with their projects, she is easily outmatched, and Emiru and Ruru still don't know who will end up becoming a Pretty Cure. Is there anyway they can help before it's too late?
21 Daibōsō? Emiru ga Naritai Purikyua!
"Big Rampage? The Pretty Cure Emiru Wants To Become!"
Papple 2018-06-24
Now that she is a Pretty Cure, Emiru now feels like she needs to prove herself as one by helping out others. However, most of her attempts end up in failure and after a shopping trip gone awry, she starts to think that she is not as worthy of becoming one as Ruru is, which worries the latter. When she tries to talk to Emiru about it, she just tells Ruru to leave her alone, frustrating Ruru and now making her think that they must hate each other now. Will they settle everything before they're attacked again?
22 Futari no Ai no Uta! Todoke! Tsuin Rabu Gitā
"Our Song Of Love! Let It Reach! Twin Love Guitar!"
Papple 2018-07-01
Hugtan has used her powers to bring Cure Black and Cure White to their world. After the initial shock between the two teams wears off, Emiru and Ruru are still having problems with their partnership when Emiru, whose guitar was destroyed in the last battle, insists that she is fine with losing it because she was protecting Ruru, while Ruru still feels guilty because she knew that Emiru loved that guitar and would still be in one piece if it weren't for her. Nagisa and Honoka later assure the two it is OK for them to have disagreements every now and then, like they have done in the past, and help them to be honest with each other. Meanwhile, Papple, after seeing a man she admired named George with the new employee Gelos, falls into despair and soon feels as if she can never be loved, and uses her Prickly Powerer to turn into a powerful Oshimaida. Will the Cures be able to save her?
23 Saidai no Pinchi! Purejidento・Kurai Arawaru!
"The Biggest Pinch! President Kurai Appears!"
Doctor Traum
George Kurai
Summer break approaches, and everybody is busy pursuing their dreams. Meanwhile, Hana still can't seem to figure out exactly what she wants to be. One day, she encounters George, a mysterious man, once again and they discuss their ideas of what they consider an ideal world. Meanwhile, over at Criasu, Daigan is left with the task to attack the Cures now that Papple has left. Not long after summoning an Oshimaida though, he is attacked and presumably destroyed by a new employee for the corporation named Doctor Traum, which shocks the Cures because of his methods. Then, George once again appears, but Yell's hopes are dashed when it was revealed that he is actually Kurai, the head of the Criasu Corporation. He proceeds to take the Cures' Mirai Crystals away with ease, rendering them powerless before stopping time to fulfill his vision of a world where everyone was happy. How can the Cures defeat him now?
24 Genki Supurasshu! Miwaku no Naitopūru!
"Energetic Splash! The Nightpool of Fascination!"
Gelos 2018-07-15
The girls are excited to have fun at an event at a night pool. However, when they go check it out before it got dark, they, Hana in particular, are disappointed. The owner explains that he is not sure how it is supposed to look, so he suggests that they should help in setting it up because of the amount of younger people who will be attending. After working hard to set up and decorate the pool, it opens and the girls proceed to have a night of fun. However, Hana is still plagued with thoughts of how George, a man she trusted, is actually President Kurai and previously tried to attack them and kidnap Hugtan, and becomes frightened as a result. Those feelings worsen when Gelos summons a Mou-Oshimaida and spreads negative energy throughout the crowd. Will Hana get over her fears in time to save everyone and enjoy herself?
25 Natsu Matsuri to Hanabi to Harī no Himitsu
"The Summer Festival, Fireworks and Harry's Secret"
Bicine 2018-07-22
It is the summer festival, and Homare's bond with Harry starts to become stronger. As the girls play games and enjoy the festival, Harry starts to become even more worried as he continues to hide a secret he had been keeping from the girls. As he and Homare wander off, Harry explains that he used to be an orphan and lived with many other hamsters. Just then, they are ambushed by Bicine, another employee of the Criasu Corporation. He reveals that Harry actually used to work for the corporation, and Bicine wants to bring him back to their side. During that time, Harry was turned into a ferocious monster after a series of experiments. Bicine then destroys Harry's chain, which had kept that form sealed away, and he once again turns into a monster. Bicine then orders him to attack the Cures, whom he had advised from the very beginning. Will they be able to turn him back?
26 Dai Joyū ni Micchaku! Sāya to Okāsan
"Being Related To A Famous Actress! Saaya And Her Mother"
Gelos 2018-07-29
Saaya has recently filmed a commercial, but she is still unsure whether or not she really wants to follow in her mother Reira's, a famous actress', footsteps. The group learns that she is filming at a studio nearby so they decide to go there so Saaya can ask her. After talking to her the first time, she is still not sure. She turns to the members of her staff and they recount to her how hard Reira had worked trying to be both a good actress and a good mother. She is also reminded of what Reira puts in while researching a role, having learned how to cook for the project. Has Saaya found the confidence to talk to her mother again?
27 Sensei no Papa Shugyō! Kon'nichi wa, Akachan!
"Teacher Learns How To Be A Daddy! Hi There, Baby!"
Doctor Traum 2018-08-12
Uchifuji-sensei is about to become a father, so in order to learn how to become a good one, he takes up a job at Hugman for advice from Shintarou. Meanwhile, the girls look after his wife, Yuka, who is due to give birth at any moment, with Saaya taking up the most interest. Back at Hugman, Charaleet arrives to drum up his own business and ends up not only getting into a rivalry with Harry, but also develops a soft spot for Hugtan, and those misadventures help the father-to-be to become more confident. Just then, Yuka suddenly goes into labor. Will she be able to make it to the hospital in time?
28 Anoko no Hāto wo Kyacchi? Furefure! Mogumogu!
"Catch That Heart? Hooray Hooray! Mogumogu!"
Bicine 2018-08-19
Homare's rescue puppy Mogumogu develops a crush for Lily, a cat in a local commercial. The girls later learn about an audition being held for a pet to star in the next commercial with Lily, so they all help to train Mogumogu in competing in the events. Meanwhile, Ruru worries that because of her being an android, that she might not feel the same kind of love as humans do. Thanks to everyone's help, Mogumogu does exceptionally well, but Bicine interrupts it by summoning a Mou-Oshimaida, frightening the puppy. Will Mogumogu gain the courage to help rescue a little girl, and will Ruru's differing feelings be able to reach her teammates?
29 Koko de Kimeru yo! Obāchan no Kiai no Reshipi!
"Let's Settle This! The Spirit of Grandma's Recipes!"
Gelos 2018-08-26
The girls go and visit Hana's grandmother, Tanpopo, at her sweets shop, preparing fresh dorayaki for the group. Unfortunately, while making some of her sweets, Tanpopo ends up badly injuring her back, leaving Hana and the others worried about her. They then learn about a special kind of manju that Tanpopo and her late husband would make together, so they find the recipe and decide to make a batch to cheer her up. It is then that Hana realizes how hard her grandmother had worked in making those sweets on her own for such a long time. Will they be able to make a good enough batch for Tanpopo?
30 Sekai Isshū e GOGO! Min'na no Natsuyasumi!
"GOGO Around The World! Everyone's Summer Vacation!"
Doctor Traum 2018-09-02
With their summer vacation coming to an end, the group decide to go on a trip around the world on Emiru's private jet, with Hana's sister Kotori coming with them. After traveling to many different countries, they finally stop at an hot spring inn. It is there that they thought that they were being stalked by a tengu, but it turns out to be the owner, who takes them all in for relaxation. Just then, Doctor Traum, who was also staying at the inn, summons a tengu-themed Mou-Oshimaida intent on destroying it. Will the Cures be able to defend the inn?
31 Toki yo, Susume! Memoriaru Kyua Kurokku Tanjō!
"Oh Time, Come Forth! The Memorial Cure Clock Is Born!"
JinJin & Takumi 2018-09-09
The Cures return to school after their vacation when they encounter a girl named Eri, a classmate at Hana's old school, who was there for a competition. A while back, Hana had stood up for Eri when she was bullied, but as a result, she became the bullies' new target, hence why she transferred. This worries Hana because of the old memories coming back, but her fellow Cures cheer her up. Meanwhile, Gelos' two bodyguards JinJin and Takumi run amok with a time-stopping device and attack the presentation Eri was participating in. Then, the two fuse into an Oshimaida after they kept using the device. When the Cures attack it, a mysterious new power starts to form. Will it be enough to defeat it?
32 Kore tte Mahō? Homare wa Ningyo no Purinsesu!
"Is This Magic? Homare Is A Mermaid Princess!"
Bicine 2018-09-16
Looking for inspiration for a skating routine, Homare goes to a library and looks through a bunch of fairy tale books. Meanwhile, Bicine, still wanting to know why Harry won't work with him, is given a pair of special VR goggles by Doctor Traum. He uses its powers on his newest Mou-Oshimaida, who traps Harry and Homare inside of The Little Mermaid, which was formed from their hearts. Homare finds herself as a mermaid and rescues Harry, who plays the prince. After turning into a human, she goes to a ball with Harry and she starts to realize her feelings for him. Just then, Bicine, who had been observing the story, attacks the ball and reveals to Homare that he already has a sweetheart, intent on breaking her heart and having her dissolve into seafoam like in the story. Will Homare be able to pull herself together before she disappears?
33 Yōchūi! Kuraiasu Sha no Saiyō Katsudō!?
"Attention! Criasu's Recruitment Activities!?"
Listol 2018-09-23
On the day that she and Ruru are supposed to interview Wakamiya Henri, Emiru becomes depressed when she hears a TV host criticize Twin Love's music during a news segment. She is soon able to pull herself together for the interview, but something appears to be up with Henri. After practice, Henri is approached by Listol, who still felt angered after Bicine talked back to him, to join Criasu, and gives him a business card to help him consider. Emiru finds out about this and learns about the problems Henri is going through as well, and she manages to encourage him to continue on despite all the changes he is going through. Is that going to be enough to convince Henri not to join Criasu?
34 Meitantei Kotori! Onēsan wo Chōsa Seyo!
"The Great Detective, Kotori! The Big Sister Investigation!"
Gelos 2018-09-30
Kotori starts to wonder if the Oshimaida attacks were due to Hana's carelessness and incredulousness, and begins to spy on her more. While she does so, she meets Fumito and Hinase, two of Hana's classmates and members of the "Cure Yell Fan Club", and she then joins them on their search for her. Meanwhile, Gelos' loneliess starts getting the better of her after losing JinJin & Takumi as well as George and changes into a more rougher version of herself. Will Kotori and the others be able to find Cure Yell before they get attacked?
35 Inochi no Kagayaki! Saaya wa Oishasan?
"The Light of Life! Saaya Is A Doctor?"
Doctor Traum 2018-10-07
Saaya, along with the other Cures, asks to work at a maternity ward as part of her research to play a doctor. During her time there, she meets a young girl named Aya, whose mother is expecting a baby son via C-section. While talking to her, Saaya soon learns for Aya that she is afraid that after her mother has that baby, that she won't be her mother anymore because she would focus more on the newborn. However, Saaya comforts her and assures her that she'll still be her mother no matter what. Just then, Doctor Traum attacks with an Oshimaida. Will Saaya be able to defeat it before the baby is delivered?
36 Furefure! Densetsu no Purikyua Daishūgō!!
"Hooray Hooray! The Big Gathering of the Legendary Pretty Cure!!"
Doctor Traum 2018-10-14
Doctor Traum, armed with a robotic device that could manipulate time, finds and attacks the KiraKira Cures, wanting to turn them into babies to make them easier to defeat. However, Hugtan, using her mysterious powers, was able to bring them to their world. Soon after, the Mahou Tsukai Cures arrive, but Traum attacks them as well, bringing them down to their younger selves. All three groups then transform to help destroy the device, but Traum retreats after he reverses time on it too far. The HUGtto! Cures soon learn that sadly that time has stopped in the other teams' worlds, and they then split up to find more Cures before Traum can find them. Will they find them all before Traum targets the other Cures' worlds?
37 Mirai e! Purikyua・Ōru・Fō・Yū!
"To The Future! Pretty Cure・All・For・You!"
Doctor Traum 2018-10-21
The battle between the Cures and Doctor Traum continues when both groups reunite, but they still prove no match to Traum's time-manipulating machine. Just when things looks to be their worst, Cure Black and Cure White, along with Shiny Luminous arrive, and they are able to finally destroy the robot completely. However, the high amounts of Prickly Powerer cause Doctor Traum to turn into a powerful Oshimaida that traps all the Cures inside a dark void, rendering them immobile and powerless. Can they be able to free themselves and save the other Cures?
38 Shiawase Chāji! Happī Harowin!
"Charged With Happiness! Happy Halloween!"
Daigan 2018-10-28
It is Halloween, which Harry, Ruru, and Hugtan are unaware of the existence of. They all then prepare for a festival in their town and make their own costumes. Meanwhile, Harry is still concerned about what would happen if Criasu were to succeed in freezing time and preventing the future from happening. Elsewhere, a frustrated Daigan is approached by Listol to rejoin Criasu, which he is reluctant to do. Eventually he ends up summoning an Oshimaida to threaten the Halloween festival. Can the Cures protect it?
39 Ashita no Tame ni...! Min'na de Tumorō!
"For Tomorrow...! Tomorrow With Everyone!"
Listol 2018-11-11
After Hana took a bite out of some pancakes, she and the others find themselves transported into the future to Harry's old village and meet some of his friends. Just then, they are confronted by Listol, who sends the Cures to a strange dimension while he personally goes after Harry. It is soon revealed that their village was attacked by a treacherous Criasu who promised to cure an illness that befell their friends in exchange for working for them. The Cures escape the dimension thanks to Hugtan, but arrive to Listol showing them Criasu's ideal future, with everything frozen in time. Can they find a way to save the actual future?
40 Rurū no Papa!? Amūru, Sore wa...
"Ruru's Papa!? Amour, That Is..."
Gelos 2018-11-18
The group learns from Doctor Traum Criasu's main goals, and soon learn from Harry that Hugtan used to be Cure Tomorrow, one of the Cures from the future who attempted to stop Criasu but ended up escaping to their world along with Harry. Traum also reveals that he created Ruru, leaving the android conflicted as to why he considers himself to be her father. Thanks to encouragement from Hana, she goes to Traum and asks him why he created her and gave her the name "Ruru Amour." Will she get her answer?
41 Emiru no Yume, Sōru wo Shauto Suru no Desu!
"Emiru's Dream, Shout It From Your Soul!"
Bicine 2018-11-25
Distraught over the fact that Ruru has to return to the future once the Cures restore time, Emiru starts behaving rather erratically in an attempt to suppress her true feelings. As a result of not wanting to admit anything, she ends up losing her voice. This causes her and Ruru's Mirai Crystals to disappear. To make matters worse, Emiru's grandfather confronts her after he learns from Bicine that she is pursuing a singing career. Will Emiru be able to regain her voice and admit what she is feeling?
42 Ēru no Kōkan! Kore ga Watashi no Ōen da!
"One Yell For Another! This Is My Cheer!"
Listol 2018-12-02
Henri is still determined to compete in an upcoming tournament, despite his injury worsening and Homare's objections. He is confident that he will do his best when he is suddenly involved in a horrendous traffic accident, breaking his left leg. After his friends visit him, Henri begins to despair that his future has been ruined, leaving him more susceptible to the temptation to join Criasu. Listol visits Henri and shows him the audience who is saddened by his accident, causing him to fall under Criasu's control. Can the Cures break him free?
43 Kagayaku Hoshi no Koigokoro. Homare no Sutāto.
"Shining Star of One's Love. Homare's Start."
Bicine 2018-12-09
Homare is trying to focus on the tournament, but the feelings she has for Harry and his impending leave make it difficult to do so. She tries to avoid him so she can concentrate on it, but her friends notice something is off about her. They then give her the encouragement to tell Harry her feelings so she can let it all out. On the day of the tournament, she finally confronts Harry. Will she be able to handle telling him everything?
44 Yume to Ketsudan no Tabi e! Saaya no Daibōken!
"On A Journey To My Finalised Dream! Saaya's Great Adventure!"
Listol 2018-12-16
Saaya is to act with her mother in an movie but when Listol teleports the whole set to a fantasy setting, their director becomes Hana!? And on top of that, strange things seem to happen. Throughout all this, Saaya is having doubts about her future. Should she be an actress and follow in the footsteps of her mother or should she become a doctor?
45 Min'na de HUGtto! Merī Kurisumasu☆
"HUGs For All! Merry Christmas☆"
Gelos 2018-12-23
It's Christmas time and Santa has a cold!? It's up to the Cures and Traum to step in and deliver the presents. And that they do but at the same time, Gelos is ready to defeat the Cures once and for all. Will Gelos be able to do so or will a Christmas miracle come about in a form of a mysterious duo?
46 Kurai, Futatabi! Eien ni Saku Risō no Hana
"Kurai, Appears Again! The Ideal Flower That Blooms Eternally"
George Kurai 2019-01-06
It's New Years and the girls are all settling into the new year. As everyone throws a party, Hana rushes off to get some refreshments when she bumps into George in an elevator! There she tries to reason with George but to no success, so he disappears when the elevator reaches her destination. The next day, everyone is enjoying the small concert when George makes his move and freezes time. What will the Cures do!?
47 Saishū Kessen! Min'na no Ashita wo Torimodosu!
"The Final Battle! Take Back Everyone's Tomorrow!"
George Kurai
The final battle has started and the Cures now have to face off against Listol and Bicine before fighting George. With the help of the ex-Criasu members and Harry, the Cures fight against the two villains. Will they be able to defeat them and make it to George or will their luck run out?
48 Nandemo Dekiru! Nandemo Yareru! Furefure Watashi!
"I Can Do Anything! I Can Be Anything! Hooray, Hooray Me!"
George Kurai 2019-01-20
With her teammates sealed away, her allies defeated, and all of the city frozen in time, Cure Yell prepares to try and take down George on her own. Even though she is confident that she will be able to restore the future, the fight proves to be very difficult, with George able to force her out of her transformation thanks to his powers and his mysterious book. Is this the end for Hana and the future as she knows it?
49 Kagayaku Mirai wo Dakishimete
"Embrace The Sparkling Future"
Mou-Oshimaida 2019-01-27
After spending one final night together, the girls prepare to say goodbye to Harry, Hugtan, and all of the other friends they made who arrived from the future. After one final Mou-Oshimaida attack, they board a train created by Doctor Traum to leave Hana and the other girls on Earth behind. Will they be able to handle saying farewell to their friends?
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