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Hakkenyan (ハッケニャーン Hakkenyān?) is a minor character from Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. He is a fortune teller from Planet Uranain who is a friend of Yuni's.


He is a tall humanoid being with the appearance of a cat. One of his eyes has a monocle on it. He is seen wearing a white yukata with a green cloak. He holds a brown sceptre with a blue jewel.


Hakkenyan is a wise old man who does fortune telling. Since he is blind, he's not really good at pin pointing where those he speaks to is, as he often points his staff in the wrong direction.


  • Yuni - Hakkenyan met Yuni when she came to his planet in hopes that he was the same species as her. He told her a divination about her future and said she could use his eyes when travelling many galaxies.


Prior to the series, Hakkenyan encountered Yuni, who was eager to seek his help to find a method to restore her planet Rainbow. He advised her to search for her Star of Destiny and even told her his past of being an explorer during his youth.

He made his debut in episode 38, meeting Yuni again, as well as her friends. However, he had trouble noticing them because of his impaired vision. When Yuni continued asking him about her Star of Destiny, he assured that she had already discovered it, though she still struggled to understand. Later, he was spotted by Aiwarn who realised the resemblance between him and Bakenyan, and he and Yuni were being targeted.

Although Aiwarn angrily and irrationally targeted him, Hakkenyan remained composed and calm, and tried to reason with the villain. His advice couldn’t reach Aiwarn though, and he was almost attacked until Yuni as Cure Cosmo rescued him.

As Yuni left Uranain, Hakkenyan was glad to know that Yuni had found her Star, which is friendship.


  • Hakkenyan always has his eyes closed to imply his blindness.


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