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The pumpkin exploding

The glittery pumpkin appears

Halloween Eclair (ハロウィンエクレール Harou~in Ekurēru?) is the group attack shown in the Go Princess Pretty Cure movie. It requires the Halloween Dress Up Key and the Music Princess Palace.


After the enemy is trapped in the palace, the Cures transform into a beam of light in their respective theme color. Once firing off their respective colored beams at enemy, the enemy is purified and a yellow flower appears then blooms and turns the combined beams into yellow glittering pumpkins with colored fireworks. The Cures then stand in front of the palace with only Cure Flora saying "Farewell!" to the enemy.



Cures Mermaid, Twinkle and Scarlet: モード・エレガント!
Cure Flora: ハロウィン!
All: 響け!全ての力!
All: プリキュアハロウィンエクレール!
Cure Flora: ごきげんよう!


Cures Mermaid, Twinkle and Scarlet: Mōdo Ereganto!
Cure Flora: Harou~in!
All: Hibike! Subete no chikara!
All: Purikyua Harou~in Ekurēru!
Cure Flora: Gokigen'yō!


Cures Mermaid, Twinkle and Scarlet: Mode Elegant!
Cure Flora: Halloween!
All: Resound! All the powers!
All: Pretty Cure Halloween Eclair!
Cure Flora: Have a good day!



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