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Hanadera Nodoka (花寺のどか?) is one of the four main Cures in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure, and she is also the group leader. She is a second-year student at Sukoyaka Middle School.

Nodoka's alter ego is Cure Grace (キュアグレース?) and she is known as the Pretty Cure of Flowers. When impressed, she often says "Whoa~" (ふわあ~ fuwā~?). Her other catchphrase is "I feel so alive!" (生きてるってカンジ! Ikiteru tte kanji!?).



Nodoka has dark pink eyes and auburn colored chin-length hair worn with clips on the side. One of her clips has a pink flower while the other does not. She normally wears a white blouse with a baby blue ruffled piece over it that has two gold buttons and a light blue ribbon along with a pink pleat skirt, white socks, and maroon Mary-Janes. During winter she swaps this with a black turtleneck beneath a pink dress that has a dark magenta ribbon on her chest, white socks, and maroon flats.

In the movie, she wears a white blouse beneath a long-sleeved hot pink top featuring two black stripes at the top and sleeves, a beige pencil skirt with a dark brown belt around it along with long fuchsia socks and light pink sneakers. She also wears a pale pink denim jacket featuring a heart on each side.

As a child, her hair was shorter and she did not have her pink flower clip.

As Cure Grace, her eyes and long wavy hair lighten in color. Her hair is worn loose with some bunched on top and she gains curled forelocks. She wears a pearl crown with a dark pink gem heart, a yellow flower, and green leaf to match her earrings. In her hair are small white flowers, and she gets a dark pink choker. She wears a scalloped pink, lilac, and white dress with pastel yellow detail and a dark pink flower on the chest with pale chiffon ruffled fabric. Over this is a pearl pink jacket with dark pink detail and a pink heart-shaped peplum divided into four sections, yellow leafy fabric on each side. She also wears white gloves with a heart design, and white shoes with scalloped cuff, dark pink detail, and a green bow on the foot.

As Super Miracle Grace in Miracle Leap, her hair gains more volume and turns pale pink with a pinkish-orange ombré. Her tiara is replaced with a massive sakura flower head piece with two long leaves and three strands extending from it, the leaves on her earrings become longer, and her choker has a gold orb. Her skirt turns into a white pleat with pink lining and frilly lilac petticoat, a layer of pale pink sakura petals rests over the top. Her jacket becomes two separate pieces, a sleeveless top and a short jacket, the leafy yellow pieces on the skirt lighten and grow in length to accent the chest fabric. Her gloves grow to opera length, while the cuff and bow on her boots alter in shape.

In her Special Healin' Good Style form, her hair thickens and ends by the thighs. The leaf of her tiara turn pale green, and she gains two small flowers on the left. The base of her earring turns into a flower and her choker is gone. Her dress remains the same but the top becomes a turtleneck, and over it is a white long-sleeved jacket resembling a dress with pink heart detail, a trim of pearl pink ruffles stick out from the cuff and back of the jacket, along with a big pastel yellow bow with two pairs of leaf tails. She gains big angel wings.

As Rabirin Grace, she gains a pair of bunny ears similar to Rabirin's and the flower of her tiara changes to red and gold, with a pair of green tassels. Her pointed dress is white and lilac with a short pink pointed kimono worn over it, the lining being hot pink and white. Pearl pink sleeves are layered over the kimono sleeves with a red ribbon tied around the top. Her yellow obi has a flower and pale chiffon fabric, and a thin ribbon hanging from the back. Her shoes become dark pink and green toe sandals with puffy toe socks.

As Dream Cure Grace, her hair is longer and gains a lighter gradient along with pink lipstick. Her tiara also changes, with larger pearls, a yellow butterfly with long antennae in place of the flower and a light purple rose on the left. She wears a white dress with a pale pink frilly collar and cape with ivory frills hold by a red rose an a gold brooch. The skirt is wide and resembles butterfly wings with a pink, yellow, and fuchsia designs. Underneath it are translucent green and pale pink layers, and her back bow grows and turns white. The hearts on her gloves disappear and she wears pale blue rings with a dark pink heart-shaped gem on her middle fingers, and her boots become frillier.

As Kaguya Grace, her hair grows in length with sakura through it. She wears a gold tiara with a heart and a decorative red and yellow flower with green tassels. Her earrings become pearls with two green strands hanging from them. She wears a hot pink and light purple kimono top with yellow and red detail at the neck and a green obi. The flowered skirt is pale purple and white with red flared pieces in the front. Her pale pink sleeves have hot pink lining, and on the chest is a red flower attached to very long, flowing peach and pink ribbon. She wears a pastel orange and red flaring cape, along with white gloves with a ring on the finger, and a hot pink ribbon wraps around her right leg. Her platform maroon geta have green toe straps, and they are worn with toe socks that have a widely opened white and red cuff.


Nodoka is a calm second-year middle school student who strives to try many different things but doesn't have the athletic ability to accomplish most of them. Above all this, she has a kind heart and wants to help others. She was prone to sicknesses as a child and wants to spread the same kindness she received back then to those around her. At times, Nodoka can be reckless and underestimate a severe situation, mainly because of her desire to protect something she considers valuable, which can cloud her judgment.


  • Rabirin - Initially, Rabirin was rather cold towards Nodoka because she wasn't the doctor Rabirin expected. And to make matters worse, she had a weak body. However, Rabirin is moved by Nodoka's courage and cares about Nodoka as a partner.
  • Latte - From their first encounter, Nodoka had grown fond of Latte as she related to Latte who is also prone to sicknesses so she decided to become Latte's caretaker.
  • Sawaizumi Chiyu - Nodoka is friends with Chiyu, admiring Chiyu's athletic capabilities.
  • Hiramitsu Hinata - Nodoka had become friends with Hinata quickly thanks to Hinata's friendliness.
  • Fuurin Asumi - Nodoka has Asumi staying at her place and she helps her learn many new things.
  • Daruizen - Her archenemy from the Byogens, as they hold differing opinions on the Earth. In episode 28, it was revealed that Daruizen was born from the parasite that infected Nodoka when she was younger. Following the revelation, Nodoka decides that she should be the one to take him on.
  • Dr. Hachisuka - The doctor who used to treat her in the hospital with whom she maintains a friendly relationship with. Because of his guilt for not finding a cure for her illness, he switched careers, which upsets Nodoka at first, but she later understands and appreciates his desire to treat more people.


Hanadera (花寺?) - Hana (?) means "flower" [1], while Dera (?) means "temple" [2].

Nodoka (のどか?) - There are four different meanings for the name, Nodoka, which are “tranquil”, “calm”, “quiet”, and “peaceful” [3].

Cure Grace has many different meanings depending on the context surrounding the word. In the context of politeness, it is a noun that means "the quality of being pleasantly polite, or a willingness to be fair and honest" [4]. The name Grace is also given to an English shrub rose originally bred by David C.H. Austin[5][6].



A few years ago, Nodoka suffered from a medical condition that resulted in her hospitalization. Being supported by her parents to carry on, she became a selfless person who hopes to protect her loved ones. It turns out that Nodoka's illness was caused by a Megabyogen parasite.

Meeting Rabirin and Becoming Cure Grace

Nodoka overhears that a puppy is hurt and runs into the forest where she meets Latte. Realizing the puppy is ill, she demands they seek a vet, only to find out Latte cannot be treated by normal methods other than the power of Pretty Cure to protect Earth. This and the Megabyogen don't bother her in the slightest though, allowing her and the stubborn Rabirin to connect and become Cure Grace. Grace is amazed by her own physical capabilities and strength but has to be guided by Rabirin to scan the weakness of the Megabyogen and perform certain attacks. HGPC01

Later, Rabirin leaves Nodoka because she doesn't have the ideal body Rabirin had hoped for. So when a Tree Megabyogen attacks, Nodoka tries to use Nyatoran as her new partner, only for that idea to fail. Thankfully, Rabirin comes back to Nodoka, where they reconcile, get to know each other a bit more, and officially become partners, where they manage to defeat the Tree Megabyogen together. HGPC02

Facing Multiple Megabyogens and Learning a Group Attack

When visiting a museum with Chiyu and Hinata, Nodoka meets an artist named Nagara Sumiko. She really admires Sumiko's artwork, so when the three Byogen generals summon their Megabyogens, Grace is desperate to protect Sumiko more than anyone else. As a result, she neglects her friends' advice and ends up worsening Latte's illness as she fails to defeat all three Megabyogens. HGPC10

However, Nodoka realizes her mistake and doesn't get beaten down by her failure easily. Although during their rematch with the generals, the Cures are at first at a disadvantage, especially against Daruizen, their feelings ultimately connect. They manage to summon help from multiple Elemental Spirits and learn Healing Oasis to defeat the last Megabyogen. They also earn a new Healing Bottle as a power-up. HGPC11

Arguing and Reconciling with Rabirin

One day, Nodoka finds out that Rabirin has fallen for an ugly but popular character plushie. Nodoka buys the doll for her by participating in the herb garden events, but she then shows it off to Nyatoran and Hinata without asking Rabirin, which upsets Rabirin. The argument causes a rift in their friendship, which results in them being unable to transform the next day. But after Latte urges them to reconcile, Rabirin and Nodoka apologize to each other and regain the ability to transform. They become closer to each other after this incident.HGPC15

Overcoming Pain and the Truth behind her Illness

After the Cures defeated another Megabyogen, Nodoka and Rabirin notice Daruizen looking suspicious. She transforms to confront him, but he immediately forces a Mega Part into her body. Grace is overwhelmed by the pain and collapses onto the ground unconscious, with Rabirin frantically calling out to her while Daruizen watches, satisfied. HGPC27

Afterwards, Nodoka is hospitalized. Rabirin cries for Nodoka and blames herself for being unable to protect her. Her parents are incredibly upset as well. Just as hope seems lost, Nodoka and Rabirin pray together so that the Mega Part will be separated from her, and Nodoka recovers. To her surprise though, the Mega Part evolves into Kedary, who looks strikingly similar to Daruizen. It is soon revealed that she is the former host of Daruizen, who was born from the parasite that infected her as a child. Daruizen then tells her that he is beginning to "like her in some way" before he retreats.HGPC28

A Change of Pace

After the revelation that she is Daruizen's host, Nodoka begins to physically train herself strenuously. This concerns her friends and they all advise her not to push herself too hard. She tries to put up a strong and determined outlook, but during the battle with the trumpet Megabyogen, she is unable to make a breakthrough. After Earth rescues her from being stomped, Grace finally admits that she is pushing herself because of her guilt of being Daruizen's host and believes she is hurting the earth. However, Earth reassures her that it was never her fault, and Grace learns to take things easy and starts to train with Asumi with a better running schedule.HGPC29

A Call For Help From Daruizen

The day after a tough battle, Nodoka goes jogging to help prepare for the battle against King Byogen. During her run, Daruizen appears, asking for her help and attempting to re-enter her body. Nodoka quickly transforms into Cure Grace to defend herself. It is then that Daruizen asks her if he can retreat inside her body again so he can hide from King Byogen, who wants to absorb him, and regain his strength. She then recalls everything he had done to her and pushes him away at the last moment before running away. As she escapes, Daruizen calls out to her, leaving her to wonder whether or not she made the right decision. HGPC41

The next day, she feels regretful for not helping Daruizen, to the point that she couldn't eat. However, Rabirin reminds her of her duty as a Pretty Cure and how much he had harmed her. During the battle against an evolved Daruizen, he attempts to get Grace to help him, but she rejects his pleas, beating him up before she and the other Cures use Final! Healin' Good♥Shower to defeat him. However, she and others are shocked when King Byogen arrives and absorbs Daruizen anyway. HGPC42


After the final battle against King Byogen, it is time for Nodoka and Rabirin to leave each other. Rabirin apologizes to her for dragging her into a mess and tearfully cries in Nodoka's embrace, but Nodoka forgives her anyway. She then watches Rabirin return to the Healing Garden with Asumi and the other Healing Animals.HGPC44

Sometime later, Nodoka, along with Chiyu and Hinata, visits the Healing Garden, bringing lots of sweet buns as gifts for the inhabitants. However, they unknowingly bring a Nanobyogen inside and this results in sweet bun Megabyogens appearing. After meeting Cure Summer and the Megabyogens get purified, the three girls sincerely apologize and Queen Teatinu forgives them before they depart. They vow to continue protecting and healing the Earth after returning to Sukoyaka City.HGPC45

Cure Grace

Cure Grace poses

"The two overlapping flowers! Cure Grace!"
Kasanaru Futatsu no Hana! Kyua Gurēsu!

Cure Grace (キュアグレース?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Nodoka. In order to transform, she needs her transformation Element Bottle, her Healing Animal partner Rabirin and her Healing Stick.

Dream Cure Grace

Dream Cure Grace

"Two overlapping powers of hope! Dream Cure Grace!"
重なる二つの希望の力 !ドリームキュアグレース!
Kasanaru Futatsu no Kibō no Chikara! Dorīmu Kyua Gurēsu!

Dream Cure Grace (ドリームキュアグレース?) is an upgraded form that Cure Grace gains along with Cure Dream in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure: Yume no Machi de Kyun! tto GoGo! Daihenshin!!.


The transformation begins with Rabirin leaping up and shouting "Start!" before entering the Healing Stick. Nodoka then turns around as she completes the transformation phrase and holds the stick and her Transformation Element Bottle. She inserts the bottle into the stick as it becomes surrounded in a white aura. Nodoka and Rabirin then say "Cure Touch!" together as Nodoka presses the right paw once before a flurry of flowers appears from the glowing tip of the stick. Nodoka is then shown standing on top of a flower while pink flower petals follow her. She waves the stick around as the petals merge and turn into a white cape that falls onto Nodoka's shoulders. Then she taps her feet and her boots appear, follow by her gloves before the cape wraps around her body and forms her dress. A bow appears in the back while a rose brooch with a ruffly ribbon appears in the front. Nodoka's hair then grows longer and turns hot pink with some of it styled into a bun, with her tiara, earrings, and flower accessory appearing before tiny flowers also appear in her hair, completing the transformation. A giant flower then begins to bloom, with Grace emerging from the middle of it. She then poses with her Healing Stick as she and Rabirin start the introduction. After she cuddles Rabirin, Grace twirls the stick around several times before striking her finishing pose.



Nodoka's voice actor, Yuuki Aoi has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Kakuma Ai, who voices Rabirin, Yorita Natsu, who voices Sawaizumi Chiyu, Kouno Hiyori, who voices Hiramitsu Hinata, and Mimori Suzuko, who voices Fuurin Asumi.



  • Nodoka's birthday is on March 9th, making her star sign Pisces.
  • Nodoka shares her voice actress with Cook from KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode: Paritto! Omoide no Mille-feuille!.
  • Alongside Nono Hana and the Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure team, Nodoka is one of the Pretty Cures that guest stars in the double feature movie event, Super Sentai Movie Party in the dance ending sequence. This marks the first live-action appearance of the Pretty Cures in the Super Sentai series, as well as Nodoka's movie debut ahead of the rest of her team in Pretty Cure Miracle Leap.
  • Cure Grace appears in the final episode of Star☆Twinkle, helping the team fight the Nottorei in Hikaru's dream.
  • Episode 9 revealed that she gets dizzy easily and will pass out if she is stuck in a crowded place.
  • Nodoka is the first known human to be infected by a Mega Part. She is also the first former host of a Byogen general to be revealed.
  • According to an interview from Animage 2021, Ikeda confirmed that Nodoka had been ill for five years until the middle of her first middle school year.
  • After the events of episode 45, Nodoka realizes that she still doesn't have a full understanding of the world around her, thus she plans to have a part time job and save money during high school so she can travel around the world, which she will invite Rabirin to accompany her.


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