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Hanadera Yasuko (花寺やすこ?) is a minor character who appears in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. She is Nodoka's mother and Takeshi's wife.


Yasuko has auburn colored hair that reaches her shoulders with eyes of the same color. She wears a pale green blouse with a hot pink shirt underneath. Her skirt is yellow, reaches just below her knees and wears pink shoes.


Yasuko is a kind and loving mother who deeply cares for her daughter Nodoka.


Prior to the season, Yasuko met Takeshi at her previous job and they later started a family. Sometime later, Yasuko's daughter Nodoka was infected with an illness and got hospitalized. She and her husband supported Nodoka so that Nodoka would recover, and she even quit her previous job back then. She then moved to Sukoyaka City in episode 1 to help Nodoka with the recovery.

She gave her aquarium tickets to her daughter Nodoka in episode 5, when she tells her that Chiyu and Hinata are having difficulties getting along. She believes that going to the aquarium can help the girls strengthen their friendship and learn to get along with one another.

In episode 6, she tells her family that she is going back to work as a delivery person. At work, Daruizen appears and pushes her which causes her to get hurt, but she is later saved by the Cures.

In episode 14, after she and Takeshi were told by the doctor that Nodoka's health was improving, they were both happy. When Nodoka wonders why she is feeling healthier, Yasuko and Takeshi simply tell her that the cause doesn't matter as long as she is healthy.

In episode 21, Yasuko meets Fuurin Asumi for the first time. She and her husband think it is best to contact Asumi's guardians before letting Asumi stay at their house, but eventually let her stay after Nodoka tells them she's a foreign backpacker who got separated from her group. Yasuko gets very confused when Asumi refers to Latte as "sama" and when she shows confusing ways of eating.

In episode 28, Yasuko and Takeshi are upset that their daughter has once again fallen ill, but they are overjoyed when they realize she has recovered.

In episode 43, she is among the affected citizens when King Byogen infects the Earth, but later joins in with the others to support the Cures in episode 44. As a result, she and Takeshi realize their daughter was a Cure the whole time, but choose to keep their knowledge a secret from Nodoka.



  • In episode 6, she revealed that she once went to the Sawaizumi Inn when she was attending elementary school.



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