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Hanamichi Ran (華満らん?) is one of the four main Cures in Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure. Her family owns a ramen shop, and she has a little sister and a little brother.

Ran transforms with Mem-Mem to become Cure Yum-Yum (キュアヤムヤム?).



Ran has wide red eyes and short brown hair worn in low, braided circles. Her bangs and forelocks frame her face. She wears a gold blouse with quarter sleeves, the cuff, collar, and buttons are orange. She wears a necklace and brown tank-top beneath this, along with denim shorts and a pair of burnt orange and pale yellow slip-ons with yellow socks.

As a child, she had shorter braided hair, and wore an orange top, yellow T-shirt and green skirt.

As Cure Yum-Yum, her eyes brighten while her hair turns yellow and her braids become tightly curled tails hanging from large red buns. She also gains a pink and yellow cap with a turquoise ribbon adorned by a pom-pom and trim of ruffles and bronze earrings where the left one is a spoon and the right one is a fork. Her dress resembles an orange and yellow Chinese gown with ruffled trim. The skirt has a split with a heart design, revealing red fabric and an orange accessory on the thigh. The same red fabric is at the center of the chest, beneath an orange gem heart resting on a yellow and white bow. The bodice is white and orange vertical striped with a flower-shaped apron lined in pink and sky blue, adorned by purple and pink bows. On the back is a large orange, green, and yellow ribbon. She gains gold shoes with frilly trim and a red bows on the ankle, and white gloves.


Ran is a cute 2nd year middle school student who loves to talk. She is very curious about food, and when she gets excited, she can't stop talking, which embarrasses her sometimes. She secretly posts about food on "CureSta" under the username "Chururin". However, she is quite gullible and simple minded. She sometimes refers to herself in third person. Ran can be self-conscious about how people view her, but she later learns to accept her uniqueness.


  • Mem-Mem: Upon realizing Mem-Mem is a fairy, she immediately becomes interested in him, and they become close friends.
  • Nagomi Yui and Fuwa Kokone: They are classmates. She likes them immediately and calls them by the nicknames "Yui-pyon" and "Kokopi" respectively. Although initially struggling to befriend Kokone, they all become closer thanks to Yui's help.
  • Rosemary: They become friends after she became Yum-Yum for the first time. She usually calls him "Marippi".
  • Gentlu: Ran does not like Gentlu, as Gentlu tried to ruin her family's shop and food through trickery. However, Ran starts showing sympathy toward Gentlu when she learns that she is being controlled.
  • Takagi Shinpei: Ran was initially hurt by Takagi's words, prompting her to drop her quirks. However, after understanding how lonely Takagi is, she shows kindness to him and they start to get along afterwards.


Hanamichi (華満?): Hana (?) means "flower", but it also indicates Chinese culture as well[1]. In Chinese, it means "prosperity" and "luxury", "shiny" and "bright" [2]. Michi (?) means "full"[3].

Ran (らん?): With Ran having many Chinese influences, the meaning behind her name most likely comes from this kanji, 蘭, which means "orchid"[4].

Cure Yum-Yum comes from the word "yummy" which means tasting extremely good[5].


Becoming Cure Yum-Yum

After constantly posting food from different shops on her CureSta, Ran meets Yui, Kokone and Rosemary where she serves them her family's ramen. She gets excited about Recipepes and how they are able to see them like she does. She later learns that Mem-Mem is a fairy while on the way to return him to Rosemary. She is actually overjoyed to meet him and quickly befriends him, even taking a selfie with him.

Later on, when struggling to search for a way to see more Recipepes, Ran comes across Kasai Amane who suggests that she can use cheap prices to attract more customers to Panda Hut, so she implements the idea without realizing it's a trap. At first, the shop appears to have a successful business, until Gentlu shows up and causes the shop to lose business by stealing the present Recipepes. After seeing how her new friends have entered a Delicious Field and then watching customers leaving the shop in disappointment, Ran becomes distraught, but she is able to enter the Delicious Field with Mem-Mem as their hearts resonate with each other.

After entering the Delicious Field, Ran is angry that Gentlu deliberately decided to ruin her family's well-made food, but begins to doubt herself when Gentlu claims that the customers only came for the cheap food. But Mem-Mem believes in her, which encourages her to fight back, in which she earns her Heart Cure Watch. With that, she transforms into Cure Yum-Yum for the first time, and saves Precious from the Ubauzo, which she purifies.

Afterwards, Ran quickly becomes good friends with the other girls and Rosemary, and with them having figured out her identity as the CureSta user "Chururin", she commemorates her new friendships with a group photo. DPPC07

Considering Quitting CureSta

Upon learning that the Bundoru Gang had been using her posts on CureSta to find the restaurants they targeted so far, Ran starts to think about stopping her posts. The next day at school, she starts to act strangely, much to the concern of Yui and Kokone, but she insists there is nothing wrong.

Later on, the three of them take a walking tour of Oishiina Town and after seeing a Recipepee more clearly, Ran begins to worry again, but still doesn't admit what is wrong. After buying some pork buns and peach buns to go, Ran is about to post about the latter but hesitates. It is then she announces to the others that she is quitting CureSta because of the Bundoru Gang's attacks. However, Yui and Kokone try to convince her not to because her posts showed her desire to share the food that she likes with everyone, but she is still doubtful.

While Ran receives further encouragement from Rosemary and Yui, Gentlu attacks a hamburger diner, which Ran also posted about in the past, and takes the burger and fries Recipepes. Ran blames herself and becomes determined to save the Recipepes. Gentlu then summons a spatula Ubauzo and the Cures transform to fight it, but immediately struggle against it. As Yum-Yum tries to retreat from an attack, she nearly trips over a crack in the ground. It is then that she gets the idea of using her Crunchy Cutter Blades attack on the ground, forming more cracks that the Ubauzo gets one of its feet caught in, allowing her to purify it. The group then gets some hamburgers and fries to-go, with Ran announcing that she will not quit CureSta and just have the food she gets to-go instead.DPPC08

Understanding Kokone

After joining the team, Ran is eager to become Kokone's friend, but they start having conflicts with each other, due to their differing opinions on trivial matters. Afraid to upset Kokone, Ran decides she should always listen to Kokone's perspective rather than voicing out her true thoughts. But when they try to babysit Kome-Kome, they argue over what's wrong with Kome-Kome.

With their unresolved disagreement, both Yum-Yum and Spicy are unable to cooperate with each other. While Yum-Yum argues that it's better to act first, Spicy believes that thinking things through is preferable. But after listening to Precious's advice, Yum-Yum adopts Spicy's approach and successfully purifies the Ubauzo as a result. Afterwards, both girls learn that being honest with each other is the key to fostering their friendship, and they become closer friends.DPPC09


One day, Ran is spotted by Takagi when she is talking about her egg sandwich, and she subsequently loses her confidence after he mocks her. Afterwards, she drops her usual speech pattern. She later sadly explains to Yui and Kokone that her peers left her because they found her passionately expressing her love for food weird.

Later at Yui's home, Ran's friends decide to cheer her up by encouraging her to teach them how to make the best ramen. After some hesitation, Ran regains her confidence and passionately teaches them. Through Rosemary, Ran realizes that it is totally fine to be herself and have a love for food.

After learning that Takagi is lonely without his older brother around, Ran checks out the restaurant he is in, noticing that he seems to have a memory related to the meat stew there. When Narcistoru steals his memory, Yum-Yum is determined to retrieve it, and unlocks Ultra Crunchy Cutty Blades to free herself from the restrains of the Motto Ubauzo, before successfully purifying it with Delicious Yum-Yum Drain. Afterwards, she realizes that Takagi really misses his older brother, and they begin to get along, especially after Ran gives Takagi Nagomi Diner's meat stew made from the recipe she created.DPPC16

Cure Yum-Yum

Cure Yum-Yum

Sparkling Noodle Emotion! Cure Yum-Yum!
Kirameku nūdoru・emōshon! Kyua Yamuyamu!

Cure Yum-Yum (キュアヤムヤム?) is Ran's Pretty Cure alias.


The transformation starts with Mem-Mem changing into his bowl form. Ran catches him and after spinning a couple of times with Mem-Men landing on her head, she shouts the transformation phrase. After leaping up, multicolored lines fly up and the noodles in the bowl glow and grow longer before going inside the bowl, spinning around like they are being stirred. Ran then shouts "Sharing energy!" and flies into the air. The jewel on Mem-Mem's collar shoots out a fireball while he shouts "Wonton!", causing a yellow bowl of noodles to appear, which Ran eats. Then her hair changes color, length, and style, with Mem-Mem bouncing on top of her head, making her hat appear. After that, heart-shaped highlights appear in her hair along with her earrings. Then her dress and gloves appear, with Mem-Mem's bouncing making her bow and apron also appear. YUm-Yum then holds Mem-Mem, which causes her front bow and high heels to appear. With the transformation complete, Yum-Yum back-flips as Mem-Mem nuzzles face before appearing on her left hip. Yum-Yum taps Mem-Mem twice before saying her introduction and striking a final pose. Finally, she says "I won't let you hog all the good stuff!" before posing again.



Ran's voice actor, Iguchi Yuka has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include songs with Hishikawa Hana, who voices Nagomi Yui, Shimizu Risa, who voices Fuwa Kokone, and Kayono Ai, who voices Kasai Amane.

  • Delicious Search!

Group Songs

  • Bonds♡Specialty (Along with Hishikawa Hana, Shimizu Risa, and Kayano Ai)


  • Ran's height is 150cm, while her height as Cure Yum-Yum is 160cm.
  • Ran's birthday is on July 11th, making her Zodiac sign Cancer. Her birthday falls on Ramen Day.
  • Prior to episode 7, she was served as a running gag of being a victim from having bad food, due to Gentlu stealing the Recipepes from the areas she was in.


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