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Happiness Big Bang (ハピネスビッグバーン Hapinesu Biggu Bān?) is the Pretty Cures' first group attack in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. It was first used in episode 30 and requires the use of the Shining Make Dresser.


Ribbon and Glasan release two lights from their chests, which combine and form the Shining Make Dresser. Four orbs surround the Dresser - one crimson, one blue, one yellow, and one white. Cure Lovely, Cure Princess, Cure Honey, and Cure Fortune raise their arms and grab the orbs, which turn into glowing pens. Using the pens, the Cures press the heart-shaped buttons on the Shining Make Dresser, in a very similar manner to pressing makeup powder with a makeup brush. One by one, they begin putting on make-up as their respective symbols appear on the dresser's mirror.

Princess uses her pen to trace a blue wing and sends it towards the Shining Make Dresser, causing a strong light to emit from the mirror. Butterfly-shaped wings appear behind the Cures, and they begin waving their pens towards the Dresser. The symbols on the mirror begin lighting up, and the Happiness Charge crest materializes from the glass. The Cures point their pens towards the Shining Make Dresser once more, and it floats up into the air, releasing a giant rainbow-colored heart, which then surges towards the enemy and purifies them. 



Ribbon: 集まれ!ハピネスな気持ち!
Glasan: 高まれ!イノセントな思い!
Cure Lovely: 輝け!
Cure Lovely, Princess, Honey, Fortune: シャイニングメイクドレッサー!
Cure Lovely: 愛と
Cure Princess: 勇気と
Cure Honey: 優しさ
Cure Fortune: 小運を込めて!
Cure Lovely, Princess, Honey, Fortune: みんなに届け、幸せの大爆発!プリキュア、ハピネスビッグバン!


Ribbon: Atsumare! Hapinesu na kimochi!
Glasan: Takamare! Inosento na omoi!
Cure Lovely: Kagayake!
Cure Lovely, Princess, Honey, Fortune: Shainingu Meiku Doressā!
Cure Lovely: Ai to
Cure Princess: Yūki to
Cure Honey: Yasashisa
Cure Fortune: Kōru wo komete!
Cure Lovely, Princess, Honey, Fortune: Minna ni todoke, shiawase no daibakuhatsu! Purikyua, Hapinesu Biggu Ban!

Literal Translation

Ribbon: Gather! Feelings of happiness!
Glasan: Increase! Innocent thoughts!
Cure Lovely: Sparkle!
Cure Lovely, Princess, Honey, Fortune: Shining Make Dresser!
Cure Lovely: Love and...
Cure Princess: Courage and...
Cure Honey: Kindness...
Cure Fortune: ...and Fortune, all together!
Cure Lovely, Princess, Honey, Fortune: Deliver it to everyone, the great explosion of happiness! Pretty Cure, Happiness Big Bang!