Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! Vocal Best!! (ハピネスチャージプリキュア! ボーカルベスト!!?) is the third and final vocal album for the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! series. It contains thirteen songs from both vocal albums including the opening and ending theme songs as well as a special song performed by Cure Sunset and Cure Wave. The album was released on January 14th, 2015 under the label Marvelous AQL, distributed by Sony Music Distribution.

Track List

Track # Title Time Video
01 Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! WOW!
(ハピネス チャージ プリキュア! WOW!?)
03:46 ハピネスチャージプリキュア!WOW!.ogg
02 The Magic Called Friends
04:46 05_The_Magic_Called_Friends.ogg
03 Dodeca・Love
03:59 02._Dodeca_Love.ogg
04 Princess・Story
03:54 02_Princess_Story.ogg
05 A Happy Rice Love Song
03:56 04._A_Happy_Rice_Love_Song.ogg
06 Holy Lonely Justice
(Holy Lonely Justice?)
03:45 05._Holy_Lonely_Justice.ogg
07 Pretty Cure・Memory
03:40 プリキュア・メモリ.ogg
08 Where Courage is Born
04:59 Where Courage is Born.ogg
09 Imitation WORLD
03:34 07._Imitation_WORLD.ogg
10 The Kaleidoscope Knows
04:18 06._I_Know_The_Kaleidoscope.ogg
11 We Are Alo~ha!
03:01 11.The_two_of_us_are_Alo_ha!.ogg
12 Innocent Harmony
04:15 07_Innocent_Harmony.ogg
13 Party Has Come
(パーティ ハズカム?)
03:39 Party_Has_Come!.ogg


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