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This is a category listing the episodes in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Ai ga Daisuki! Kyua Raburī Tanjō!
"I Love Love! Cure Lovely is Born!"
Namakelder 2014-02-02

Deemed too weak to do anything on her own, Hime is tasked with locating her new partner and best friend. Thanks to a magical pebble, she ends up finding it in a girl name Aino Megumi, who loves the Pretty Cure and the two bond over a love for cute fashion. Just then, Namakelder attacks with a Saiark, and Hime transforms into the warrior Cure Princess before Megumi's eyes. However, she ends up getting defeated quickly. How will Megumi be able to save her newfound friend?

02 Hime to Megumi no Yūjō! Hapinesu Chāji Purikyua Kessei!!
"Hime and Megumi's Friendship! The Happiness Charge Pretty Cure is Formed!!"
Namakelder 2014-02-09

Megumi has transformed into Cure Lovely, but she too couldn't defeat the Saiark, so they had to retreat. They arrive at the embassy of the Blue Sky Kingdom to discuss how they would fight the Saiark when Blue appears when the two of them are arguing. He explains to them about the Phantom Empire and how they had already conquered the Blue Sky Kingdom, which leaves Hime feeling depressed, and as a result she runs away. Will Megumi be able to locate her before they get attacked again?

03 Himitsu ga Barechatta!? Purikyua no Shōtai wa Zettai Himitsu!!
"The Secret Has Been Blown!? The Pretty Cure's Secret Identity is Absolutely Secret!!"
Hosshiwa 2014-02-16
Megumi struggles with the friendship between herself and Seiji after it's revealed her Pretty Cure identity has to be kept secret. She at first tries her best to hide it from him, but after everyone eats dinner with him and his family, it gets even harder, and Seiji becomes seemingly on to them. The next day however, Seiji is attacked and injured thanks to Hosshiwa, another of the Phantom Empire's generals, and the two are left with the choice of transforming and revealing their secret to Seiji and keeping that promise. Which will they choose?
04 Tenkōsei wa Ohimesama!! Hime no Tomodachi Getto Daisakusen!!
"The Transfer Student is a Princess!! The Great "Help Hime Make Some Friends" Operation!!"
Namakelder 2014-02-23
Hime is informed that she will be attending school. At first she is in high spirits after Megumi gives her the idea that she'll be making loads of new friends but throughout the day, she finds herself growing more nervous until she can't take it anymore and goes into hiding. Meanwhile, Megumi struggles to realize she's being too pushy and her urging Hime to be more sociable at school was what caused her to hide from everyone in the first place. Will she be able to help Hime out of it and learn her lesson?
05 Megumi to Hime! Chūryō Shio Tasuke Daisakusen!!
"Megumi and Hime! The Great "Help Others" Operation!!"
Hosshiwa 2014-03-02
Megumi and Hime spend the day helping other people out thanks to the PreCards, but when the Phantom Empire take advantage of their helpfulness they fall into a dangerous trap.
06 Ribon no Yūshisa!! Ryōritte Aijō Nan Desu!!
"Ribbon's Tenderness!! That's the Love of Cooking!!"
Namakelder 2014-03-09

When Hime wants pancakes over Ribbon's fish dish, she gets upset and runs away. A starving Hime encounters Yuko, who helps her learn about how much hard work goes into preparing food for others. When a Saiark threatens to destroy the bento shop, the Cures must protect it.

07 Yūjō Zenkai!! Futari no Aratanaru Chikara!!
"Friendship Full Throttle!! The Pair's New Power!!"
Hosshiwa 2014-03-16
Megumi shows up early for a planned 'special party' at Hime's house and keeps wanting to help her out despite her protests. Eventually this gets her and Ribbon kicked out and Megumi slowly realizes that she was ignorant of Hime's feelings. While battling a stronger Saiark, they earn a new power!
08 Yūjō no Kiki!! Misu Fōchun no Fukitsuna Yogen!!
"Friendship in Danger!! Miss Fortune's Ominous Omen!!"
Oresky 2014-03-23

Megumi and Hime attend a local festival where they have a lot of fun until they get their fortunes read by a mysterious girl named Hikawa Iona, who tells them that there will be a terrible future ahead of them!

Oresky, the third general of the Phantom Empire, debuts in this episode.

09 Karate de Ossu!! Purikyua Pawā Appu!?
"Let's Do Karate!! The Pretty Cure Power Up!?"
Oresky 2014-03-30

Megumi and Hime decide to train their bodies in order to become stronger and go to Seiji's karate dojo. However, all they seem to care about is offense. When Kazumi, a student training for a karate exam, is targeted by Oresky, they must battle the Saiark, but their carelessness leads to their defeat. Can they learn that defense is just as important as offense?

Cure Honey makes her debut in this episode.

10 Utau Purikyua! Kyua Hanī Tōjō!!
"The Singing Pretty Cure! Cure Honey Appears!!"
Hosshiwa 2014-04-06
Hime struggles to focus on anything because of Honey's song being stuck in her head. With Blue gone the girls decide to find out who Honey really is and convince her to join them. Meanwhile, Hitomi, leader of the choir club is busy practicing for the upcoming contest but this only leads to conflict and she runs off. Will the girls be able to find out just who Cure Honey is and help Hitomi before Hosshiwa turns the entire town into a candy land?
11 Nazo no messēji! Kyua Hanī no Himitsu!!
"The Mysterious Message! Cure Honey's Secret!!"
Namakelder 2014-04-13

Shocked by the realization that Yuko is Cure Honey, the girls ask to learn what happened, eventually leading them to a farm she invites them to. For some reason Yuko will not tell them why she became Cure Honey though...

12 Megumi pinchi! Purikyua shikkaku no kiki!!
"Megumi's in a Pinch! In Danger of Failing as a Pretty Cure!!"
Namakelder 2014-04-20
Megumi, along with a student named Yamazaki, are among the lowest scorers on an exam and have to take a retest! Megumi must improve her study habits, because if she fails, not only would she have to stay after school, but she can't continue her duties as a Pretty Cure! Will she improve her study habits on time, or is she out of the ball game?
13 Kyōteki Tōjō! Kyua Fōchun tai Purikyua Hantā!
"A Formidable Enemy Appeared! Cure Fortune vs The Pretty Cure Hunter!"
Phantom 2014-04-27
A mysterious and powerful adversary known as the Pretty Cure Hunter, or Phantom, targets the Happiness Charge team! Cure Lovely and Cure Fortune tried to attack him, but he easily blocks their efforts! Can they defeat him or will they become one of his many sealed Cures?
14 Hīrō Tōjō! Aitsu wa Ikashita Sugoi Yatsu!!
"A Hero Appeared! He Is a Really Cool Guy!!"
Oresky 2014-05-04
The Cures go clam digging along with Mao's class. One of the students, Takuma, loves to play a superhero, much to Mao's annoyance. However, the Cures play along and discover how he likes to help others. But when he is targeted by the Phantom Empire, the Cures may have to use some things they learned from him. This is the 500th episode of the Pretty Cure series.
15 Okāsan ni Aitai! Hime Burū Sukai Ōkoku ni Kaeru!!
"I Want to See My Mother! Hime Returns to the Blue Sky Kingdom!"
Hime wants to visit her mother in the Blue Sky Kingdom to bring her some cupcakes, so she, along with Megumi and Yuko, journey to it. The challenge for them is to get to the throne room and back without being detected by the Phantom Empire, who have an iron grip on the kingdom. To make matters worse, because of its influence, the Cures' powers have been greatly weakened! Will they be defeated? This episode corresponds with Mother's Day.
16 Watashi wa Masukomi yo!! Purikyua no Himitsu Zenbu Mise Masu!!
"I Am Mass Communication!! I Shall Find All the Pretty Cure's Secrets!!"
Namakelder 2014-05-18
Masuko Miyo announces that she is close to finding out the identities of the Happiness Charge Cures, so she goes to the girls' school in order to expose them. It even gets to the point where she visits Megumi's house! Can they keep their identities a secret?
17 Doryoku to Konjō!! Megumi to Seiji no Kizuna!!
"Effort and Heart! Megumi and Seiji's Bond!!"
Oresky 2014-05-25
Seiji is entering a karate tournament, so Megumi, Yuko, and a reluctantly roped-in Hime decide to make a support bento for him.
18 Minna de Shiawase Zenryoku Ōen! Pikarigaoka no Kekkonshiki!!
"Everyone Happily Gives Their Full Support! The Wedding Ceremony in Pikarigaoka!!"
Hosshiwa 2014-06-01
A couple gets Omori Gohan to cater for their wedding ceremony. When Megumi and Hime go shopping for preparations, they encounter the bride.
19 Sakkā Taiketsu! Chīmu Purikyua Kessei!
"Soccer Showdown! Team Pretty Cure Assembled!"
Oresky 2014-06-08
The Cures, along with Iona, help Seiji and his soccer team for a match. In this episode, Iona reveals that she is Cure Fortune and offers Megumi and Yuko, but not Hime, to team up with her. This episode also corresponded with the opening of the World Cup and featured Gon Nakayama as himself.
20 Kanashī Kako!! Kyua Fōchun no Namida
"A Sad Past!! Cure Fortune's Tears"

Iona reveals to the other Cures that Hime opened Axia, which unleashed the Phantom Empire and caused Iona's sister, Maria, to gain Cure powers but get captured. Hime fears that her friendship with Megumi and Yuko is over, and she believes it more once she sees Lovely fighting alongside Fortune.

21 Hime no Kako no Ayamachi! Ikari no Kyua Fōchun!
"Hime's Past Mistakes! Cure Fortune's Anger!"
Phantom 2014-06-22
Hime hides away from Megumi and Yuko because she is still afraid to face Megumi, but she is lured out by the smell of food. After a crazy chase, Megumi assures Hime that they are still friends no matter what she had done in the past. Together, them, along with Fortune, take on Phantom's army of Saiarks. The episode ends with Fortune and Phantom preparing to duel.
22 Aratana Henshin!? Fōchun no Ōinaru Negai!
"The New Transformation!? Fortune's Great Wish!"
Queen Mirage

The battle between Cure Fortune and Phantom within the Pretty Cure Graveyard begins, but Fortune is defeated easily, and she even loses her powers. It takes the help of an unexpected friend to bring them back. The Fortune Piano and Fortune Tambourine make their debut in this episode.

23 Chō Kinchō! Iona to Hime, Hajimete no Otsukai!
"Super Nervous! Iona and Hime's First Shopping Trip Together!"
Queen Mirage
Queen Mirage appears before the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure, recalling Phantom to retreat. Iona and Hime go shopping to improve their relationships and together they fight the Saiarks from now on.
24 Iona Kochi no Purikyua Pawā Appu Daisakusen!
"Coach Iona's Great "Pretty Cure Power Up Operation"!"
Oresky 2014-07-13
Iona trains the girls to be more stronger to fight the Saiarks and defeat Phantom. This is the part 1 of the training.
25 Koi ni Dokidoki! Purikyua Gasshuku Kuraimakkusu!
" Heart-Pounding Romance! Pretty Cure Training Camp Climax!"
Namakelder 2014-07-20
The girls continue to train more so they can defeat Saiarks, but Megumi comes down with a cold with Blue taking care of her. Seiji becomes more jealous of Blue. This is the second part of the training.
26 Maigo de Hagureta Futari! Hime to Seiji no Daibōken!
"The Lost Duo! Hime and Seiji's Great Adventure!"
Hosshiwa 2014-07-27
While heading back to Pikarigaoka after the training session, Hime and Seiji accidentally get left behind by the train when they go to get a soda, so they have to trek through the forest to find their way home.
27 Nayameru Hime! Purikyua Chīmu Kaisan no Kiki!?
"The Worrying Hime! The Pretty Cure Team in Danger of Disbanding!?"
Namakelder 2014-08-10
Hime is afraid of admitting to the rest of the team that she has a crush on Seiji. Meanwhile, Seiji's jealousy toward Blue starts to get the better of him and he falls for the Phantom Empire's trap.
28 Hawai Jōriku! Aro~ha Purikyua Tōjō!
"Landing in Hawaii! Alo~ha Pretty Cure Appears!"
Madam Momere 2014-08-17

The Cures meet the Aloha Cures. After many squabbles, siblings Ohana and Olina need to stick together in order to defeat the Saiarks. The fifth general of the Phantom Empire, Madam Momere, marks her first appearance.

29 Akushia no Shin no Sugata! Shainingu Meiku Doressā!!
"Axia's True Form! Shining Make Dresser!!"

The Cures attempt to awaken the Shining Make Dresser but the Phantom Empire intervenes. Will they be able to awaken the power? It is revealed that Deep Mirror is the one who controlled Queen Mirage.

30 Fantomu no Hisaku! Mō Hitori no Kyua Raburī!
"Phantom's Secret Plan! Another Cure Lovely!"
Phantom 2014-08-31

Using Megumi's shadow, Phantom turns himself into Cure Unlovely and causes Lovely to doubt herself. Can she pull herself together in time? The Cures unlock the powers of the Shining Make Dresser and use Happiness Big Bang for the first time.

31 Masaka no Kyū Sekkin!? Kyua Hanī to Fantomu!
"An Unexpected Partnership!? Cure Honey and Phantom!"
Not wanting to leave even a bad guy injured, Yuko nurses Phantom after the previous battle, which causes her friends' imaginations to run wild.
32 Iona no Hatsukoi!? Inosento Fōmu Hatsudō!
"Iona's First Love!? Activate Innocent Form!"
Namakelder 2014-09-14

Iona goes on a rushed date with Seiji's classmate, Yuya at Pikarigaoka Zoo. When Yuya gets captured, Iona must awaken her feelings of innocence in order to save him.

Iona gains her Innocent Form.

33 Watashi mo Naritai! Megumi no Inosento Sagashi!
"What I Want to Become! Megumi's Innocent Search!"
Oresky 2014-09-21
Megumi increases her efforts in helping others in hopes of gaining her Innocent Form.
34 Hime Daikatsuyaku!? Mori Age yō! Hajimete no Bunkasai
"Hime's Big Success!? Let's Get Fired Up! The First Culture Festival"
Namakelder 2014-09-28

It is Hime's first culture festival and she tries to help out in as many ways as possible. She awakens for innocent feelings when her determination to protect the culture festival and its gate from the Phantom Empire peaks.

Hime also gains her Innocent Form.

35 Minna de Oishiku! Yūko no Hapinesu Deribarī!
"Everyone Looks Delicious! Yuko's Happiness Delivery!"
Hosshiwa 2014-10-05

Yuko is given a task by her mother to deliver bentos and honey candies across Pikarigaoka with the help from her friends. Along the way, they encounter a rather picky old lady and her parakeet. Can they make her happy?

Yuko gains her Innocent Form.

36 Ai ga Ippai! Megumi no Inosento Bāsudē!
"Lots of Love! Megumi's Innocent Birthday!"
Oresky 2014-10-12

It's Megumi's birthday! However, she learns that her mother is recovering, which leaves her questioning whether or not helping others is worth it.

Megumi gains her Innocent Form.

37 Yabura Reta Biggu Bān! Masaka no Kyōteki Tōjō!
"Break It with a Big Bang! Unexpected Formidable Enemy Appears!"
Cure Tender
It is Halloween in Pikarigaoka, and everybody is enjoying the party, but the festivities soon turn sour when a Saiark attacks and a new enemy, who is revealed to be Cure Fortune's sister, appears before the Cures.
38 Hibike Yonin no Utagoe! Inosento Purifikēshon
"Let the Four Cure's Song Resonate! Innocent Purification"
Cure Tender
Queen Mirage

The Cures have to fight against Cure Fortune's own sister, Cure Tender. Under Mirage's control, Tender cannot hear the pleas to snap out of it. Plus, she easily defeats them all. Can they free her?

The Cures use Innocent Purification for the first time.

39 Iona Dai Shokku! Kyua Tendā no Tabidachi!
"Iona's Big Shock! Cure Tender's Journey!"
Hosshiwa 2014-11-09
The Cures, especially Iona, are excited that Maria has been freed. However, she tells them that she could not join their team because she plans on leaving for North America to be with her parents and stopping the Phantom Empire's attack.
40 Soko ni aru Shiawase! Purikyua no Kyūjitsu!
"There's Happiness Over There! The Pretty Cure's Holiday!"
For the school holiday, the Cures decide to have a peaceful picnic. Meanwhile, the Phantom Empire's generals have one last chance to prove themselves to Queen Mirage, and intend on wrecking the Cures' holiday.
41 Mirāju no Tameni! Fantomu Saigo no Tatakai!
"For Mirage Sake! Phantom's Last Battle!"
Phantom 2014-11-23
The final battle between the Cures and the Phantom Empire commences when Phantom confronts the Cures once and for all. After a hard-fought battle, Phantom is finally purifed and he reveals himself as Cure Mirage's fairy partner, PhanPhan.
42 Iza Gen'ei Teikoku e! Purikyua tai Sankanbu!
"The Decisive Battle in Phantom Empire! The Pretty Cure VS the Three Generals!"
Queen Mirage
Lovely, Blue, Ribbon, Glasan and PhanPhan reach Mirage while Princess, Honey and Fortune face off against the Oresky Trio. The trio were purified and Lovely prepare to face Mirage.
43 Butsukeau Omoi! Raburī to Mirāju!
"Clashing Emotions! Lovely and Mirage!"
Queen Mirage 2014-12-7

Lovely confronts Mirage and is ready to face off with her. With both girls hitting each other with their feelings, Lovely hopes to reach Mirage and show her her true feelings. A special version of Innocent Purification is performed for the first time. Deep Mirror's true identity is revealed to be Red.

44 Aratanaru Kyōi!? Akai Saiāku!!
新たなる脅威!? 赤いサイアーク!!
"The New Threat!? Red Saiark!!"
Red 2014-12-14
Megumi's friends try to cheer her up when she starts to feel sad about Blue and Mirage. Meanwhile, Red attempts to manipulate Megumi through a red crystal that was embedded within her. Can she save herself before she becomes Red's servant? This episode marks the first appearance of the red Saiark.
45 Teki wa Kami-sama!? Shōgeki no Kurisumasu!
"The Enemy is God!? An Impactful Christmas!"
Red 2014-12-21
It's Christmas in Pikarigaoka and the Cures help out Yuko and her shop. Later, they go Christmas shopping when Red appears before the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure. Meanwhile Seiji goes missing...!.
46 Ai to Nikushimi no Batoru! Seiji tai Purikyua!
"The Battle Between Love and Hate! Seiji VS Pretty Cure!"
The manipulated Seiji attacks the Cures and Red creates an army of Saiarks around the world. Will the Cures be able to stop it?
47 Arigatō Seiji! Ai kara Umareru Chikara!
"Thank you Seiji! The Power is Born from Love!"
After regaining their courage thanks to Cure Tender and the International Pretty Cures, the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure arrive on the red planet in order for Lovely to reach Seiji's feelings and free him once and for all from Red's crystal.
48 Nikushimi wo Koete! Tanjō! Fōebā Raburī!
"Overcoming Hatred! Born! Forever Lovely!"
Red 2015-01-18
After freeing Seiji from Red's influence, the group is ready to face Red. Will they bring peace to the Earth? Cure Lovely became Forever Lovely for the first time.
49 Ai wa Eien ni Kagayaku! Minna Shiawase Hapinesu!
"Love will Shine Forever! Everyone's Happiness!"
Red 2015-01-25
Cure Lovely is now Forever Lovely and begins battling against Red. Will Forever Lovely's power of love overwhelm Red or will it be the end for Lovely and the rest of the world?