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Haruno Haruka (春野はるか?) is one of the four main Cures in Go! Princess Pretty Cure and she is the leader of the group. She is a first-year student at Noble Academy.

Haruka's alter ego is Cure Flora (キュアフローラ?), the Princess of Flowers. Her catchphrases are "Too amazing!" (ステキすぎる!?) and "______ is in full bloom!" (______満開だよ!?).



Haruka has turquoise eyes and short, curly auburn hair with a small amount pulled into a messy bun with a pink flower clip. She has noticeable, slightly thick eyebrows. She wears a pink check dress with a white collar and pale pink puffy sleeves, a brown belt, and burgundy loafers with slightly puffy socks. Around her neck is a white flower choker. During summer, she wears a pink dress with white and fuchsia detail and a pair of white and gold sandals with flower decoration. For winter, she wears a pale yellow sweater with a pink collar and floral pattern, pink plaid skirt, and her normal shoes.

As a child, her bun was tied by a pink bow. She wore a white dress with pink straps that has different-colored flowers and a mint green cloud pattern on it. She also wore hot pink flats with a white flower on the tips.

As Cure Flora, her eyes brighten and her now waist-length blonde hair gains a rosy ombre and three, light pink locks. She wears a gold tiara with a flower ornament to match her earrings, and gets a white flower choker. She wears a pink top with frilly white strips lined by gold buttons, the white sleeves shaped like a budding flower. A magenta ribbon lines the chest and is tied behind the neck to match the one on the chest, adorned by a flower. Her ruffled skirt is split with white lining, held by a large mauve ribbon with gold ornament, and on the back is a smaller bow. Her miniskirt is light pink with mauve scalloped lining and white flowery petticoat. She also gets white gloves with pink flowers, and white and light pink shoes with a loose cuff and flower adorned mauve bow.

In Mode Elegant, her dress alters to fit the mode she uses. Its basic form transforms her skirt into a full layered white ballgown with a bunched light purple layer over it. The layer on top is light pink, split into three separate sections lined in mauve to match the large bow placed at the middle, each with a white and pink flower with gold center.

In Mode Elegant Rose, she gains rose earrings and the chest ribbon becomes three, small red roses with leaves. Her ballgown turns red and maroon, with the bunched layer turning white. The top layer is now held by fuchsia bows with leaf and a large rose with pearls. The gold ornament on the ribbon at the waist is now a rose.

In Mode Elegant Lily, she gains white lily earrings to match those on her gloves, and the lily of her leafy hot pink, pale pink, and white chest bow. Her dress turns hot pink and white, with the bottom layers now white and pink. The bunched section is pink, while the top layer is now held by large lily flowers and has ruffled strands, matching her now white waist ribbon.

In Mode Elegant Sakura, her hair grows thicker and very long, adorned with light pink flowers. Her earrings become sakura to accent her necklace, while her tiara alters in shape and gains a heart. Her dress turns into a large white ballgown with layered, puffy sleeves to match her gloves, gaining a pale pink bow while her gloves gain flowers. On the chest is a fuchsia ribbon with a white sakura, and on the navel is a big white bow with a gold ornament. Her skirt is ruffled with pale pink lining to accent the bunched pieces of fabric wrapped around it and hanging from the ruffled tails hanging from the large white and fuchsia bows. On these is a fuchsia sphere with a sakura. The next white scalloped layer has a gold stripe, followed by a flowery, pearl pink petticoat. During Royal, she gains a large pearl pink sakura lace ribbon on the back.

In Mode Elegant Halloween, her tiara becomes a gold ribbon with a pale pink gem, pale green curled strands, and three orange flowers to match her earrings. Her choker turns into a chiffon ribbon with orange flower. She wears a puffy chiffon dress with white frills and pearl accents on the chest, glove, and sleeves. At the navel is an orange flower with a gold decoration at the center, leaf, and long orange and yellow ribbon strands. On the back of the skirt is a long gold ribbon. Her skirt is split up the center to reveal ruffled white layers.

In Grand Princess mode, her hair thickens and nearly touches the floor, and she wears a heavily ornate gold tiara with pink gem heart. Her earrings and gloves remain the same, but her choker is plain white with a bow adorned by a pink flower. Her pale chiffon ballgown has a gold ombre and ruffled split up the seam to reveal a matching colored, scalloped layer and pale chiffon petticoat. The top has gold detail, and around her shoulder is a long, flowing gold cape with white lining the bottom. The hood is lined by white fluff, and at the middle is a fuchsia bow with gold spherical ornament.

In the final episode, Haruka is shown as an adult. Her hair has grown in length, and she wears an outfit similar to her original casual clothing.


Haruka is an energetic girl who is determined above all else to become a true princess. She is passionate and believes that in order for one to fulfill their dreams, they must first put in the effort and never give up. While she can become discouraged whenever her dream appears to be out of reach, she easily perks up and remains persistent. She has an infectious smile that eases others and manages to convince them to join her, and she enjoys helping out.

However, she isn't very good at school and she's pretty clumsy, so her Princess lessons can take some time for her to get the hang of. She is also stubborn and reckless when it comes to trying new things.


  • Prince Kanata - When Haruka was little and was losing hope of wanting to become a princess when she grows up, Kanata shows up and tells her to hold onto her dream. He gives her a charm that turns into her Dress Up Key. She later discovers that Kanata is now the prince of Hope Kingdom, which she is shocked to learn.
  • Nanase Yui - Haruka's roommate at Noble Academy. She defended Yui's dream of becoming a picture book author when she was captured by Close.
  • Kaido Minami - One of Haruka's friends and teammates who she admires very much for her elegance and intelligence. Haruka supported her, even after hearing about her fear of ghosts.
  • Amanogawa Kirara - One of Haruka's fellow teammates. She is the one who gave Haruka the nickname "HaruHaru".
  • Akagi Towa - As Twilight, Towa saw Haruka as an enemy, even trying to dishearten her by nearly burning her The Princess of Flowers book. In episode 21, Flora still believed that Twilight had some good left in her and fought against her to bring those feelings out. In the next episode, Flora encouraged a hopeless Towa to believe in her dreams again, which in part enabled Towa to transform into Cure Scarlet. After that, they have a special bond with each other and their dreams to become (Grand) Princesses.
  • Aihara Yuuki - Yuuki used to bully Haruka in kindergarten, thus they appear to have some disputes between each other at first, but slowly improves after the events in episode 7 and episode 27.


Haruno (春野?): Haru (?) means 'spring' while No (?) means 'field'. As a syllabus, "no" can indicate a possessive. "Haruno" as a phrase would also mean "Of Spring" or "Spring's".

Haruka (はるか?) has quite a lot of different meanings with one of the meanings is 'distance'. It can also mean "spring flower" or "spring fragrance".

Cure Flora (キュアフローア?) means the world of plants in botany. Flora is also the goddess of Flowers and Spring in the Roman mythology, which is a reference to her civilian name.



Haruka had dreamt of becoming a princess since childhood, but when she admitted it, she was bullied by some boys, namely Aihara Yuuki, at kindergarten as they deemed it unrealistic. When she was crying, she met Prince Kanata, who encouraged her to keep chasing her dream by using the Dress Up Key as her lucky charm. She decided to keep dreaming of becoming a princess after Kanata left.

Meeting Yui and Becoming Cure Flora

Haruka moves to Noble Academy and is admiring her dorm room when a girl walks in and introduces herself as Nanase Yui. Yui then gives Haruka a tour of the school, and along the way, they encounter the "Academy's Princess", Kaido Minami. Outside, Yui tells Haruka her dream to become a children's book author and then asks Haruka what her dream is. Embarrassed, Haruka lies and says she saw a raccoon dog in the forest and runs into the forest. There, she hears a voice which turns out to be a pink dog. Later, a bird with a red chest flies down to help the dog but Haruka stops the bird from hurting her face. Haruka then finds out that they are named Pafu and Aroma. Yui, who followed Haruka into the forest, got her dream turned into a Zetsuborg by Close. Haruka runs away with Aroma and Pafu and later on, her Dress Up Key shines when Haruka lets her feelings out. With the Princess Perfume and Dress Up Key, Haruka transforms into Cure Flora, the Princess of Flourishing Flowers. GPPC01

Reconciliation with Momoka

During Family Day at Noble Academy, Haruka gets the opportunity to briefly spend time with her family. However, to her surprise, her younger sister Momoka is upset. Momoka would even continuously reject Haruka's attention and act unfriendly towards Minami and Kirara. Exasperated and embarrassed, Haruka scolds Momoka for her misbehavior, which causes Momoka to burst into tears.

After learning that Minami's experience that is similar to Momoka's, Haruka begins to understand Momoka's emotional state better, and is overjoyed to find her again. But Shut and Twilight pop out of nowhere and kidnap Momoka and their parents, even turning their dream into a Zetsuborg. Flora then faithfully protects the tiara Momoka made for her and remarks that she wouldn't have been able to achieve her own dream of becoming a princess without their full support. With her determination and assistance from her friends, she defeats the Zetsuborg.

Later when performing ballet on stage, Haruka accidentally breaks off her elegance and becomes embarrassed when Momoka applauds for her. They then take a photo with their parents to signify their strengthened bond. GPPC14

Losing and Regaining Dress Up Keys

Haruka and her friends are having fun at the beach, but when she, Minami and Kirara try to find Towa and Yui, Lock appears before them. Although they appear to have defeated Lock, after the battle the trio are shocked to realize during the fight, Lock managed to steal their keys thanks to his clones, leaving them powerless and devastated. GPPC28 Later on, the trio come across their predecessors, the Past Princess Pretty Cure, in a forest. They bond with them and were even given three keys to transform. After their encounter with the mysterious girls, the trio regain the determination to retrieve their keys. GPPC29 While Towa as Scarlet stays behind to fight the Zetsuborgs Lock has summoned, the trio enter the cursed castle of Hope Kingdom, but get trapped inside the throne room. They try to get back their keys, only to be overpowered by Lock, but Haruka manages to rush to and unlock the cage after Pafu helps her to prevent her Sakura key from being stolen, retrieving the trio's Dress Up Keys. With the help of Scarlet, they purify the castle and turn it into the Music Princess Palace and defeat Lock in their Premium Mode Elegant forms. Haruka vows to protect everybody after receiving the palace.GPPC30

Plunging into Despair and Reconsidering her Dream

When Kurosu arrived as a transfer student, Haruka decides to buy a violin charm for Kanata, only to realize that Aroma and Pafu are missing. Kurosu then takes her to an isolated place and reveals himself to be Close, and insults her for being supportive during their battle. Although Flora originally retains the determination, Kanata unwittingly hurts her feelings by telling her to give up on being a princess that it's his fault for supporting her. As a result, Close retreats successfully, and Haruka darts away in sadness after she de-transforms.GPPC38

Vines begin to invade Yumegahama as Haruka plunges deeper into despair. She tries to become Flora, but fails as her transformation is fueled by hope, which she lacks. She cries, hitting rock bottom as her hairpin falls which has her question her own dream of becoming a princess. Just when everything is bleak, her past self encourages her, along with the memories she has made of Noble Academy. She ultimately regains her hope to fight on.

After giving Kanata her gift, Kanata gives her back her hairpin. She then transform into Flora again, and successfully defeats Close, Stop and Freeze with the help of the other Cures and Kanata. She forgives Kanata's mistake and returns to being her optimistic self, now knowing that her dream is to become a princess like the Princess of Flowers.GPPC39

Final Battle with Close

After the fight against Dyspear, Flora and the other Cures initially think they have finally won, but then they realize Close, who has fused with the remaining power of Dyspear, is still alive. When Close begins to threaten everyone, Flora decides to negotiate with him and flies off to confront him.

During their confrontation, Close appears to have the upper hand and places Flora at a disadvantage, as he keeps on insulting her and tries to drag her into despair. However, recalling what she has gone through, Flora refuses to surrender and gains the courage to fight back, telling Close that he is wrong. After Flora turns the battlefield into a terrain full of pink petals, Close finally chooses to disappear and make peace with her, and Flora hopes to meet him again someday.GPPC50


After having one last tea party with Towa, Pafu and Aroma, Haruka and her friends bid them a heartfelt farewell. They all promise to reunite with one another when the day comes.

Afterwards, Haruka is grateful for what Kanata has helped her, but Kanata tells her that her that she is the one who has motivated and provides herself her own strength. They bid each other farewell, and although she initially tears up, she returns to her joyful self and prompts to pursue her own dream.

A few years after the events of the season, Haruka is now an adult. As she watches a little girl read the ending of Yui's storybook, Haruka says that as long as a person chases their dream, they’ll find a key inside their heart. She believes that if all her friends still have their own keys, she’ll be able meet them again someday.GPPC50

Cure Flora

Cure Flora

"Princess of the Flourishing Flowers! Cure Flora!"
Sakihokoru hana no purinsesu! Kyua Furōra!

Cure Flora (キュアフローア?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Haruka. She controls the power of flowers and in order to transform, she needs her Princess Perfume and the respective Dress Up Key.


Haruka shouts out "Pretty Cure" and her clothes disappear in a flash of flowers. As she says "Princess Engage", she inserts her pink Dress Up Key into the Princess Perfume and locks it into place. Her perfume fills up with pink liquid that she sprays around her and on her hands, feet, and body to make her gloves, boots, and dress appear. She sprays the perfume once again in the air to create her tiara, she places with both hands on her head to make her hair grow longer and change color, and her earrings appear. She then strikes a pose to make her Dress Up Key appear underneath her top layer skirt. She then lands on the ground and says her introduction before striking her final pose.



Haruka's voice actor, Shimamura Yu, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Asano Masumi, who voices Kaido Minami, Yamamura Hibiku, who voices Amanogawa Kirara, Sawashiro Miyuki, who voices Akagi Towa, and Yoshimura Haruka, who voices Nanase Yui (only for one song).



  • Haruka's birthday is April 10th, hence making her zodiac an Aries.
  • Haruka shares her Cure name with Flora from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.
  • Haruka appears in the last episode of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! giving a "pass the baton" like the message with Cure Lovely.
  • Cure Flora makes a cameo appearance in Cure Miracle and Mofurun's Magic Lesson!, marking the first time that a Cure from a past series appears in a movie not tied in with the All Stars series.
  • She shares her voice actress with some kindergartners in an episode of Suite Pretty Cure♪.
  • In real life during the run of Go! Princess, Haruka as Cure Flora got a round of Stationmaster themed items that were exclusive to the Precure Store in Tokyo Character Street located, which is in Tokyo Station.


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