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This is a category listing episodes for Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Te to Te de Kyun! Futari de Purikyua♥Kyua Gurēsu
"Holding Hands Tightly! We're Pretty Cure♥Cure Grace"
Daruizen 2020-02-02
Hanadera Nodoka has just moved to Sukoyaka City and is immediately eager to go look around and help out others. But then a Megabyogen appears, which leads to Nodoka finding a sick dog and three Healing Animals...
02 Pātonā Kaishō!? Watashi ja Dame Nano?
"No Longer Partners!? I Guess I'm No Good?"
Daruizen 2020-02-09
Nodoka and Rabirin have decided they'd protect the Earth together, but after seeing how nonathletic Nodoka is, Rabirin comes to the conclusion that she needs a "new partner"!?
03 Wakiagaru Omoi! Henshin! Kyua Fontēnu!
"Overflowing Feelings! Transform Into Cure Fontaine!"
Shindoine 2020-02-16
Chiyu is from a family who runs the Sawaizumi Hot Spring Inn. And a part of the spring was targeted by the Byogens! Wanting to help restore it, Chiyu and Pegitan decided to work together...?
04 Kawaī! Naritai! Kyua Supākuru Tanjō
"I Want To Be Cute! The Birth of Cure Sparkle"
Guaiwaru 2020-02-23
Hinata and Nyatoran get along as soon as they come across each other! After seeing Nodoka and Chiyu transform into Pretty Cure, Hinata is very surprised...
05 Kimazui Suizokukan! Chiguhagu na Watashitachi
"Awkward Day At The Aquarium! We're All So Different"
Shindoine 2020-03-01
Nodoka takes Chiyu and Hinata, who aren't getting along, to the aquarium so they can become better friends. But when they get there, they lose sight of Pegitan...
06 Mama wa Doko ~rate? Osuruban Daidassō!
"Where's Mom ~latte? The Great Escape!"
Daruizen 2020-03-08
Nodoka's mother, Yasuko goes back to work. But Latte who was left alone at home, escapes...?
07 Dai Sukūpu!? Nodoka no Himitsu
"Big News!? Nodoka's Secret"
Guaiwaru 2020-03-15
A male student is following Nodoka around at school as he suspects Nodoka has something to do with the most recent monster attacks. So Michio keeps nagging her, to which she struggles to keep her Pretty Cure identity a secret.
08 Tobenai Chiyu!? Rikujō Taikai Dai Pinchi!
"Chiyu Can't Jump!? Trouble At The Athletics Tournament!"
Daruizen 2020-03-22
The Spring Athletics Tournament is coming up and everything is looking great until Chiyu suddenly falls into a slump. Smiling at Nodoka and Pegitan, Chiyu keeps practising, but...
09 Hinata no Kawaī Daisakusen!
"Hinata's Cute Plan!"
Shindoine 2020-03-29
Hinata takes the others to an event where you can take photos of the outfits you wear! This should be a fun day to make some cute memories but then a Byogen appears!?
10 Kinkyū Oteate! Megabyōgen ga Ippai!?
"Emergency Treatment! There's Multiple Megabyogen!?"
Nodoka and the others go on a field trip to visit a museum. Meanwhile, Guaiwaru, Daruizen, and Shindoine decide to attack at the same time!?
11 Chikara wo Hitotsu ni! Mirakuru Hīringu!
"Our Powers Become One! Miracle Healing!"
Daruizen 2020-04-12
Of the three Megabyogens that appeared at the same time, only two were purified. And the last one remaining was becoming stronger unlike any that came before it....
12 Ishin Denshin!♡ Chīmu Wāku Daisakusen
以心伝心!♡ チームワーク大作戦
"Unspoken Understanding! The Great Teamwork Plan"
Batetemoda 2020-04-19
Rabirin comes up with an idea for Nodoka and the others to undergo special training to strengthen their teamwork. As the training doesn't go as planned, a new Byogen appears...
13 Yameru? Yamenai? Mayoeru Hinata!
"Quitting? Not Quitting? The Wavering Hinata!"
Hinata is feeling uncertain about continuing as a Pretty Cure after fighting Batetemoda, when suddenly, an invisible Megabyogen appears!?
14 Genki Hakken! Sukoyaka Fesutibaru!
"Energy Source! Sukoyaka Festival!"
Batetemoda 2020-07-05
Ever since Nodoka came to live in Sukoyaka City, she has felt really healthy. Along with Chiyu and Hinata, they attend the city's festival where they discover the secret behind Sukoyaka City's energy.
15 Hajimete no Kenka... Surechigau Nodoka to Rabirin
"Our First Fight... Nodoka and Rabirin Go Their Separate Ways"
Daruizen 2020-07-12
It is love at first sight for Rabirin when she sees a popular character. When Nodoka buys Rabirin the plushie, Rabirin suddenly says she doesn't want it...
16 Yūjō no Chikai! Eien no Daiju no Shita de
"The Oath of Friendship! Beneath the Tree of Eternity"
Batetemoda 2020-07-19
The legend says that if you pledge your friendship under the tree, you will stay friends forever. When Nodoka and her friends meet an old man, they try to help reconcile things between his former friends, but...
17 Saikō no Omote Nashi!? Chiyu no Okami Shugyō
最高のおもてなし!? ちゆのおかみ修行
"The Finest Hospitality!? Chiyu's Hostess Training"
Shindoine 2020-07-26
Chiyu decides to help out at the inn while Nakai-san takes a break. However, Chiyu struggles to entertain a customer who is staying at the inn...
18 Hāto ni Zukkyun! Nyatoran no Ongaeshi
"Hearts Aflutter! A Grateful Nyatoran"
Batetemoda 2020-08-02
When Nyatoran meets a lady at a fragrance shop, his heart skip a beat, so he tries to tell her how he feels...
19 Rate wo Mamotte...! Inori no Kaze to Kiseki no Shōjo
"Protect Latte...! The Wind of Prayers and The Girl of Miracles"
Batetemoda 2020-08-09
Latte's physical health has gotten worse, to the point that there's nothing that can treat her. However, when Nodoka and the others are in a pinch, Latte tries to fight back for them!?
20 Ima, Tsunagaru Negai...! Watashitachi Kyua Āsu
"Now, With Our Combined Wish...! We Are Cure Earth"
Batetemoda 2020-08-16
A spirit who looks like the past Pretty Cure has saved Latte. But then she tries to take Latte back to the Healing Garden...?
21 Hajimemashite! Watakushi, Fūrin Asumi Desu
"Nice To Meet You! I'm Fuurin Asumi"
Daruizen 2020-08-23
Nodoka has decided to let Asumi stay at her house after learning that Asumi has nowhere to live. But this is Asumi's first time living in the human world...
22 Rate Nigenaide! Kieru Karada to Mebaeru Kimochi
"Please Don't Run Away Latte! A Disappearing Body And Blooming Feelings"
Shindoine 2020-08-30
Latte avoids Asumi due to how overprotective she is. Chiyu steps in and teaches Asumi the feeling of "love"...
23 Kawaī tte Nan Desu Ka? Asumi to Koinu Monogatari
"What is "Cute"? The Story Of Asumi And The Puppy"
Guaiwaru 2020-09-06
A dog named Pocchito is being looked after at the Hiramitsu Animal Clinic. Everyone thinks its eyebrows are "cute", but Asumi doesn't know what "cute" is...
24 Ima Ikimasu! Oteate wo Kaze ni Nosete
"We're Coming! Healing On The Wind"
Nebusoku 2020-09-13
Nodoka and her friends go hiking by a lakeside near Ooraka City, when they meet the arborist, Sakuya. Later that day, a new Byogen member appears by the lake...
25 Yūki wo Dashite! Toraware no Pegitan
"Be Brave! Pegitan Is Trapped"
Shindoine 2020-09-20
Pegitan goes for walk after watching a scary movie, when he is found by a little girl...
26 Bikkuri! Asumi to Rate Nikki
"Surprise! Asumi and Latte's Diary"
None 2020-09-27
Asumi wants to write a diary about Latte. However, no one is around for her to ask questions on Latte's past experiences....
27 Kikyū yo Tonde! Asumi to Rate no Atsui Omoi
"Fly The Balloon! Asumi and Latte's Hot Feelings"
Guaiwaru 2020-10-04
Nodoka's father, Takeshi, invites Nodoka and her friends to watch his juniors in a balloon competition. When a team member is unable to participate, Asumi decides to be their replacement.
28 Kurushimi no Sairai!? Daruizen, Anata Wa
"In Pain Again!? Daruizen, Are You?"
Kedary 2020-10-11
Nodoka is in pain after having a Mega Part forced inside her. However, when Rabirin and the others combine their powers to get it out of her, something else appears...
29 Nodoka no Sutoresu? Kibun Tenkan wo Sagase♪
"Nodoka In Distress? Let's Find Something Refreshing♪"
Guaiwaru 2020-10-18
After regaining her health, Nodoka starts to run more than she has ever done before. Worried, Rabirin and the others try to find a way to calm her down.
30 Kyara ga Barabara? Dōbutsuen no Kyūjitsu
"The Group Is So Different? The Day At The Zoo"
Daruizen 2020-10-25
When the girls go the zoo, they bump into their teacher, Maruyama sensei, and his son Kouta. However, Kouta had an argument with his friend who was supposed to come to the zoo as well...
31 Byōgenzu no Shinka! Oteate wa Hīrin Guddo♥Arō!
"The Byogens Have Evolved! The Treatment Is The Healin' Good♥Arrow!"
Shindoine 2020-11-08
The Cures have to fight a powered up Megabyogen known as a Gigabyogen, right after their previous battle at the zoo. However, the Gigabyogen quickly overwhelms them!?
32 Onēchan Mitai ni! Boku no Okami Shugyō
"Just Like My Sister! My Innkeeper Training"
Guaiwaru 2020-11-15
Chiyu's younger brother, Touji, wants to take part in the work experience that Nodoka and her friends are doing. However, he continuously fails to do anything right...
33 Omoide no Saikai! Kako no Watashi no Okurimono
"A Reunion Full Of Memories! The Gift My Past Self Left Behind"
Daruizen 2020-11-22
Nodoka's former doctor, Dr. Hachisuka has come to visit Sukoyaka City. However, Nodoka is informed that Dr. Hachisuka has actually resigned after feeling bad about not finding a cure to help Nodoka...
34 Watashi ga Raibaru!? Chiyu no Motometa Tsubasa
"I'm My Own Rival!? The Wings Chiyu Desires"
Shindoine 2020-11-29
Chiyu beat Takami Tsubasa in the Autumn Track-and-Field event. Tsubasa than declares that she'll meet Chiyu again at the world's championship.
35 Te to Te de Tosu! Bōru Tsunaide Seishun Oteate!
"Throw It With Your Hands! Treat The Ball Connected To Your Youth!"
Guaiwaru 2020-12-06
Asumi uses her wind power to take the girls to a southern island. There, Nodoka and the others devote their time to playing volleyball under the watchful eyes of Coach Latte and Rabirin!
36 Natāsha no Yūutsu Obenkyō Daisakusen
ナターシャのゆううつ お勉強大作戦
"Gloomy Natasha. Our Special Study Camp"
Shindoine 2020-12-13
Hinata feels anxious after meeting her friend, Eriko, who she hasn't seen in a while. Hinata also starts studying so she can attend the same high school as Nodoka and Chiyu...
37 Kisetsu wo Enjoi♥ Rate-sama Omotenashi Tsuā!
"Enjoy The Seasons♥ Hospitality Tour For Latte!"
Daruizen 2020-12-20
To entertain Latte, the Healing Animals take her into Sukoyaka City during the tourist season. While doing so, the Healing Animals also talk about the upcoming new year...
38 Okami? Hai Jan? Yureru Chiyu no Kokoro!
"Innkeeper? High Jump? Chiyu's Inner Conflict!"
Shindoine 2020-12-27
Chiyu is conflicted after her family tells her she can become a professional athlete without worrying about the inn. She loves high jump and working at the inn equally, and doesn't know which one she should choose to become her future career.
39 Tsui ni Kessen!? Tobikome! Byōgen Kingudamu!
"The Final Battle At Last!? Fly To The Byogen Kingdom!"
King Byogen 2021-01-10
The Cures are able to go to the Byogen Kingdom after entering a portal Guaiwaru had come out of!? So they finally come face to face with King Byogen...!?
40 Hinata no Kōkai...Tanjō! Kingu Guaiwaru
"The Birth of Hinata's Regrets! King Guaiwaru"
Everything that just happened was all apart of Guaiwaru's plan!? Grace and the other Cures are quickly overpowered by King Guaiwaru's power.
41 Sukoyaka Shi no Kiki! ! Shinobiyoru Kingu no Kage
"Crisis in Sukoyaka City! The King's Shadow Draws Near"
Grace and the others confront the Megabyogens that are infecting the streets of Sukoyaka City. But then a shadow suddenly appears before them...
42 Nodoka no Sentaku! Mamoranakya Ikenai Mono
"Nodoka's Choice! Something To Protect"
Daruizen 2021-01-31
Nodoka blames herself for rejecting Daruizen. Meanwhile, Daruizen is trapped and has no other choice but to evolve again...
43 Kingu no Shinka...! Mushibamareta Sukoyaka Shi
"King's Evolution! Sukoyaka City Has Been Infected"
King Byogen
King Byogen absorbs Daruizen, and evolves again. Meanwhile, Teatinu finally appears before Grace and the others...!?
44 Min'na de Oteate!! Sukoyakana Mirai no Tame ni
"Let's Heal It Together!! For A Healthy Future"
King Byogen 2021-02-14
King Byogen starts infecting the planet after escaping from Teatinu's cage. But despite this, Nodoka and the others refuse to give up...
45 Oidemase♡ Hīringu Gāden!
"Welcome♡ To The Healing Garden"
Megabyogen 2021-02-21
Nodoka and the others are brought to the Healing Garden. As they struggle to fight the Megabyogen, someone appears in response to Latte's wish...

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