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This is a category listing episodes for Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.
Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Te to Te de Kyun! Futari de Purikyua♥Kyua Gurēsu
"Holding Hands Tightly! We're Pretty Cure♥Cure Grace"
Daruizen 2020-02-02
Hanadera Nodoka has moved to Sukoyaka City and is immediately eager to go look around and help out others. Meanwhile, a trio of Healing Animals are sent to Earth by Queen Teatinu along with her daughter, Latte, to find human partners that will help defend the world from the threat of the Byogens. While sightseeing, Nodoka, among other things, runs into a girl named Hinata and helps another girl named Chiyu when she drops her scrunchie while jogging. Suddenly, a mysterious young man named Daruizen creates a Megabyogen from a field of flowers to threaten the town and spread pollution. Soon after, Nodoka rescues one of the Healing Animals, Rabirin, and comes to Latte's aid. After seeing the Megabyogen attack, Nodoka also becomes determined to try and stop it so Latte can be healthy again and the pollution could be reversed. With that, Nodoka and Rabirin bond, causing a Healing Stick to appear and allowing Nodoka to transform into Cure Grace!
02 Pātonā Kaishō!? Watashi ja Dame Nano?
"No Longer Partners!? I Guess I'm No Good?"
Daruizen 2020-02-09
It is Nodoka's first day of school, and she learns that the two girls she met the day before, Hinata and Chiyu, are also in her class. After classes end, she is invited to try out for one of the sports clubs. Unfortunately, Nodoka is shown to not have any athletic ability whatsoever, which deeply concerns and upsets Rabirin. As a result, she decides to break off her partnership with Nodoka and runs off, with Pegitan following her. Rabirin later admits that she is upset that her partner is weaker than she expected. Meanwhile, Daruizen creates another Megabyogen, sickening Latte and leaving Nodoka, unable to transform, to fend for herself until Rabirin returned. Once she does, Nodoka explains about her determination in hopes that she and Rabirin can make amends before it is too late.
03 Wakiagaru Omoi! Henshin! Kyua Fontēnu!
"Overflowing Feelings! Transform Into Cure Fontaine!"
Shindoine 2020-02-16
Pegitan wants to find a partner for himself, but he is too scared of interacting with humans. One day at school, Latte wanders around, only to be found by Chiyu, who figures out that she belongs to Nodoka after previously seeing them with the other Healing Animals. Chiyu then invites them all to her house, which has its own hot spring inn, and Nodoka decides to try it out. Pegitan still feels upset about not being confident enough to talk to a human and he explains the situation to Rabirin, which Chiyu overhears. Meanwhile, another general of the Byogens, Shindoine, summons a Megabyogen from the Water Element inside the inn's water source. Nodoka soon learns about it and transforms into Cure Grace, but she struggles against it, even taking a hit for Chiyu, who was watching the battle unfold. Chiyu soon finds a flustered Pegitan and tells him that she wants to help, which in turn helps him gain confidence, allowing Chiyu to transform into Cure Fontaine!
04 Kawaī! Naritai! Kyua Supākuru Tanjō
"I Want To Be Cute! The Birth of Cure Sparkle"
Guaiwaru 2020-02-23
05 Kimazui Suizokukan! Chiguhagu na Watashitachi
"Awkward Day At The Aquarium! We're All So Different"
Shindoine 2020-03-01
06 Mama wa Doko ~rate? Osuruban Daidassō!
"Where's Mom ~latte? The Great Escape!"
Daruizen 2020-03-08
07 Dai Sukūpu!? Nodoka no Himitsu
"Big News!? Nodoka's Secret"
Guaiwaru 2020-03-15
08 Tobenai Chiyu!? Rikujō Taikai Dai Pinchi!
"Chiyu Can't Jump!? Trouble At The Athletics Tournament!"
Daruizen 2020-03-22
09 Hinata no Kawaī Daisakusen!
"Hinata's Cute Plan!"
Shindoine 2020-03-29
10 Kinkyū Oteate! Megabyōgen ga Ippai!?
"Emergency Treatment! There's Multiple Megabyogen!?"
11 Chikara wo Hitotsu ni! Mirakuru Hīringu!
"Our Powers Become One! Miracle Healing!"
Daruizen 2020-04-12
12 Ishin Denshin!♡ Chīmu Wāku Daisakusen
以心伝心!♡ チームワーク大作戦
"Unspoken Understanding! The Great Teamwork Plan"
Batetemoda 2020-04-19
13 Yameru? Yamenai? Mayoeru Hinata!
"Quitting? Not Quitting? The Wavering Hinata!"
14 Genki Hakken! Sukoyaka Fesutibaru!
"Discovering Happiness! Sukoyaka Festival!"
15 Hajimete no Kenka... Surechigau Nodoka to Rabirin
"Our First Fight... Nodoka and Rabirin Go Their Separate Ways"
16 Yūjō no Chikai! Eien no Daiju no Shita de
"The Oath of Friendship! Beneath the Tree of Eternity"
17 Saikō no Omote Nashi!? Chiyu no Okami Shugyō
最高のおもてなし!? ちゆのおかみ修行
"The Finest Hospitality!? Chiyu's Hostess Training"
18 Hāto ni Zukkyun! Nyatoran no Ongaeshi
"Straight To The Heart! Nyatoran Returns The Favor"

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