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Healin Good Arrow.jpg

The Healin' Good Arrow (ヒーリングっどアロー?) is an item used by the Cures in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. It first appeared in episode 31. This allows the Cures to transform into their Special Healin' Good Style and perform Final! Healin' Good♥Shower.


The Healin' Good Arrow looks to be a cross between a bow and arrow and a syringe. The bow part is white and purple with a section in the middle where the Special Healin' Good bottle can be placed. The tip is pink with the four Healing Animals' faces in the middle of respective colored hearts that can be spun around, with a jewel on top. The middle part resembles the barrel of the syringe with pink markings and three hearts that appear to be used for measurement. The bottom part is pink with purple bows on the front and back. The plunger is white with a pink and gold heart on top of a pink base.


The Healin' Good Arrow can be used to not only transform the Cures into their Special Healin' Good Style forms, but also allows them to use Final! Healin' Good♥Shower.