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The Healing Chest (ヒーリングチェスト Hīringu Chesuto?) is a music box-like item that was first seen at the 2nd eyecatch of Suite Pretty Cure.SPC24 It is a legendary item in Major Land, and is the residing place of the Crescendo Fairy Tone, as revealed by both Hummy and Cure Muse.SPC28 The Crescendo Tone can heal the other Fairy Tones, as well as lend great power to the Suite Pretty Cures at times. The Healing Chest's true powers have yet to be revealed, though on episode 31, the then-three Suite Cures used it to perform their new group attack, Suite Session Ensemble.


A white chest with a golden frame. At each corner is a heart and music note design, along with angel wings towards the bottom portion. At the center is a gold, winged fairy tone with little shards of color coming in pink, yellow, white, purple, and blue. A tiny heart rests below it. On top of the hand is a heart and music note design, while the handle is shaped to resemble a large lilac music note with lavender wings and a single heart attached to it. A single line of fuchsia circles the middle of the box.

Inside rests a large pink gem before a glittering, rainbow keyboard with tiny black keys and two white hearts. A golden heart design borders it, along with two large music notes.

Fairy Tone

Cresendo Tone in Healing Chest

The Cresendo Tone inside the pink jewel

Crescendo Tone is in the pink jewel of the Healing Chest. Crescendo is similar to the other fairy tones except being gold, including wings and a tiara which the other Fairy Tones do not have. It doesn't specialize in a note but can turn the Cures to their Crescendo forms. It is also the source of all music.


  • Both in the anime, but also in the toy form, the Healing Chest allows the player to play music by pressing the rainbow keyboard in the Solfege scale.


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