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Healing Garden (ヒーリングガーデン?) is the magical place where the Healing Animals come from in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. This place is ruled by the queen Teatinu. The princess Latte and the three medical trainees Rabirin, Pegitan, and Nyatoran come from the garden as well.


Prior to episode 1, the Healing Garden was originally a paradise where mythical creatures, Healing Animals and other sentient animals coexist. Unfortunately, King Byogen and the Byogens invaded the world so now most of the area has been infected, leaving most inhabitants injured or sick as a result.

The Healing Animals have the ability to directly fight the Byogens but since the battle between Queen Teatinu and King Byogen, there has been no Healing Animal that could do so. According to the Byogens, the appearance of the Legendary Pretty Cure proves that "there is no longer any Healing Animal that can fight against them".

In episode 37, it is shown that the Animals in the Garden are slowly recovering from their wounds and gradually regaining their strength thanks to the help of Pretty Cure.

In episode 45, some time after Neo King Byogen was defeated, Nodoka, Chiyu, and Hinata visit the Healing Garden and bring some Sukoyaka Sweet Buns as a gift. While most of the animals get along with the humans, one of them, a monkey named Sarurou, believes that humans are similar to the Byogens as some of them purposely pollute the Earth. Suddenly, a Nanobyogen hidden within the buns' container corrupted the Harvest Element Spirit inside them and creates multiple Megabyogens, proving Sarurou's belief to be correct. Feeling responsible for its creation, the Cures quickly transform to get rid of it as soon as they could but struggle due to its strong teamwork. When things looked hopeless, Latte summons Cure Summer to help the others. The Cures are then told to focus on the one that contained the Element Spirit, using Final! Healin' Good♥Shower to defeat it and free the spirit inside of it. Nodoka, Chiyu, and Hinata apologize, but Queen Teatinu forgives them while Asumi assures everyone that there are humans trying their hardest to help the Earth instead of harm it. The trio returns to Earth hoping to continue to help heal the planet.


Name Image First
Queen Teatinu
Teatinu 1st Profile Asahi Website.png
HGPC01 Queen of Healing Garden
Rate Asahi Profile.png
HGPC01 Princess of Healing Garden
Rabirin Asahi Profile.png
HGPC01 Healing Animal
Pegitan Asahi Profile.png
HGPC01 Healing Animal
Nyatoran Asahi Profile.png
HGPC01 Healing Animal
HGPC37 Healing Animal
HGPC37 Healing Animal
HGPC45 Healing Animal


  • The Healing Animals are the first non-Cure mascots in the franchise to be given official birthdays.