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Healing Oasis (ヒーリングオアシス?) is the first group attack that the Cures use in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. It is first used in episode 11 and requires the Healing Sticks and the Miracle Healing Bottle.


The attack begins with the Miracle Healing Bottle being placed into the Healing Stick. Then the Cures say "Triple Heart Charge!". The Cures pose and tap the bottle three times as they each state their respective part of the incantation. The Cures raise their Sticks and an Oasis appears behind them. They then point at their target while saying "Pretty Cure, Healing Oasis!", and shoot a beam with each of their respective colors, which strikes the heart of the Megabyogen until it reaches the Element Spirit inside of it. Once there, the beams turn into a trio of hands that hold the spirit within a bubble. The beams then exit the Megabyogen before disappearing, with the spirit floating away and the Megabyogen purified. The Cures pose together and say "Take Care" with the Animals.



All: トリプルハートチャージ!
Cure Grace & Rabirin: 届け!
Cure Fontaine & Pegitan: 癒しの。。。
Cure Sparkle & Nyatoran: パワー!
All: プリキュア、ヒーリングオアシス!
All: お大事に。


All: Toripuru Hāto Chāji!
Cure Grace & Rabirin: Todoke!
Cure Fontaine & Pegitan: Iyashi no...
Cure Sparkle & Nyatoran: ... Pawā!
All: Purikyua, Hīringu Oashisu!
All: Odaiji ni.


All: Triple Heart Charge!
Cure Grace & Rabirin: Deliver!
Cure Fontaine & Pegitan: The power of...
Cure Sparkle & Nyatoran: ... Healing!
All: Pretty Cure, Healing Oasis!
All: Take care.




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