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The Healing Sticks (ヒーリングステッキ?) is the main transformation item used by the girls in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure, which can also double up as their weapon. To activate the transformation, they need their Healing Animal partner, Rabirin for Hanadera Nodoka, Pegitan for Sawaizumi Chiyu, and Nyatoran for Hiramitsu Hinata, their respective Transformation Element Bottle and then they must say the phrase Start! Pretty Cure Operation!.


The Healing Sticks in the opening

The Healing Sticks are magic wands which are mainly white. Starting at the top, there is a heart-shaped jewel which changes color depending on the user: pink for Cure Grace, blue for Cure Fontaine and yellow for Cure Sparkle. Continuing downwards are three heart buttons: pink, blue and yellow, followed by one larger heart lined in gold where the Healing Animals go with pink and white paws on either side with hot pink heart paw pads, connected by a light pink trim. Below that is a section for the Element Bottles, with a light pink bow that has a silver crystal in the middle underneath it. At the base of the wand is a pink jewel.


The Healing Stick can be used by the Cures to transform whenever they insert their respective Element Bottle at the top and have their Healing Animal partner with them. It can also be used to perform their solo attacks.

The Cures and Healing Animals also use a system known as "Cure Scan!" (キュアスキャン!?) which allows them to search for an Element Spirit that may be trapped within a Megabyogen.

The Healing Animals can also use the power of the Healing Stick during battles. By saying "Puni Shield" (ぷにシールド?) they can summon a paw shaped shield to protect their partners from ranged attacks.


  • This is the first wand like device to be used as a transformation item.




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