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A Heart Flower.

The Heart Flowers (心の花 Kokoro no Hana?) are important items in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, serving as Pretty Cure's motivation during the season. It is said that each Heart Flower's color and flower type mirrors the owner's feelings and personality, and no Heart Flower is the same. The meanings of the flowers used in the series are mostly from Japanese culture, Hanakotoba (花言葉?) in particular.[1] It is shown that a Heart Flower is capable of changing color if a new feeling is more dominant than the previous, but most of the time, the Heart Flower will wilt, which will happen to color-changed Heart Flowers if not cured in time,HPC02 and if the flower is completely wilted for too long, the Tree of Hearts will weaken. However, regardless of how strong the negative feeling is, those feelings will always disappear when purified along with the Heart Flower.

When the Heart Flower is forced out, the body separates into two objects; one crystal containing the Heart Flower, and one crystal ball which has the suffering person imprisoned inside of it. The person can only return to normal if the Heart Flower is purified, and the crystals are put back together again. So far, only Pretty Cure has been seen purifying a wilting Heart Flower, and when it happens, the Heart Flower will start blooming again despite the owner's past feelings.

The Desert Apostles use wilting or negative Heart Flowers to form Desertrians, and it is stated that the more a Heart Flower is wilting, the stronger the Desertrian will be.

After a heart flower is returned to its owner and is cleansed, its Heart Seed forms and the Tree of Hearts recovers.

List of Heart Flowers

Episode Owner Flower Picture Stolen by Meaning Purified with
Kurumi Erika Cyclamen (red/white) HPC02.Flower.PNG Sasorina red: jealousy white: purity Pink Forte Wave
HPC03 Ueshima Sayaka Poinsettia (red) HPC03.PNG Sasorina Heart burning with passion Blue Forte Wave
HPC04 Ogasawara Mao Blue star HPC04.Flower.PNG Kumojaki A trusting heart Floral Power Fortissimo
HPC05 Miura Akira Salvia (red) HPC05.Flower.PNG Cobraja Familial love Floral Power Fortissimo
HPC06 Tada Kanae Blackberry HPC06.Flowers.PNG Sasorina Caring for others Pink Forte Wave
HPC07 Myoudouin Itsuki Peony HPC07.Flower.PNG Cobraja Rebirth of a ruler/Radiant confidence Floral Power Fortissimo
HPC08 Kurumi Momoka Dahlia HPC08.Dahlia.PNG Kumojaki Splendour Blue Forte Wave
HPC09 Obata Hyacinth (white) HPC09.White.Hyacinth.PNG Cobraja A heart's peaceful love Floral Power Fortissimo
HPC11 Sakai Yoshito Digitalis HPC11.Flower.PNG Kumojaki Burning passion Pink Forte Wave


Shibata Risa Tulip HPC12.Flower.PNG Cobraja Eternal love Pink Forte Wave
HPC14 Shiku Nanami Carnation HPC14.Flower.PNG Sasorina Motherly love Pink Forte Wave
HPC15 Hiroto Viola (Sumire) HPC15.Flower.PNG Kumojaki Modesty Floral Power Fortissimo
HPC16 Takagishi Azusa Bougainvillea HPC16.Flower.PNG Cobraja Passion Blue Forte Wave
HPC17 Harano Masahiko Azalea HPC17.Flower.png Sasorina Passion Floral Power Fortissimo
HPC18 Ban Kenji (Flowering) Dogwood HPC18.Flower.png Kumojaki To receive feelings Floral Power Fortissimo
HPC19 Horiuchi Aki Tangerine HPC19.Flower.png Cobraja A bride's rejoice Blue Forte Wave
HPC20 Tsuyuki Karin Browallia HPC20.Flower.png Sasorina Overflowing with charm Blue Forte Wave
HPC21 Tsurusaki Rhododendron HPC21.Flower.PNG Cobraja Dignity Floral Power Fortissimo
HPC22 Mizushima Aya Sasanqua HPC22.Flower.png Kumojaki Unyielding love Blue Forte Wave
Myoudouin Satsuki Chamomile HPC23.Flower.png Sasorina To overcome hardship Gold Forte Burst
HPC26 Sawai Naomi Strawberry blossom HPC26.Flower.png Kumojaki Love and admiration Gold Forte Burst
HPC27 Nakaro Mitsuru Lavender HPC27.Flower.png Sasorina To be waiting Pink Forte Wave
HPC29 Hayashi Yuki Rapa Blossom HPC29.Flower.png Kumojaki To be full of energy Pink Forte Wave
HPC30 Haruka's mother Verbena (purple) HPC30.Flower.png Cobraja Family happiness Gold Forte Burst
HPC31 Saitani Hideo Spinach blossom HPC31.Flower.png Sasorina Vitality Shining Fortissimo
Tsukikage Yuri Lily (white)
- Purity and dignity -
HPC35 Gou Japanese bellflower HPC35.Flower.png Kumojaki Unchanging love Silver Forte Wave
HPC36 Ikeda Aya and
Kudou Mayu
Aster HPC36.Flower.png Cobraja A trusting heart Shining Fortissimo
HPC40 Satou Carrot Blossom Episode 40 Heart Flower.jpg Sasorina - Heartcatch Orchestra
HPC40 Sasorina Katakuri HPC40.Flower.png - Withstand sadness and jealousy Heartcatch Orchestra
HPC41 Noriko Safflower HPC41.Flower.png Kumojaki Tolerance Heartcatch Orchestra
HPC42 Hayato Cherry blossom HPC42.Flower.png Cobraja A little lover Heartcatch Orchestra
HPC43 Kasumi Lily-of-the-valley HPC43.Flower.png Kumojaki

Arrival of happiness

Heartcatch Orchestra
HPC44 a man dressed at work as Santa Gypsophila HPC44.Flower.png Kumojaki and Cobraja - Heartcatch Orchestra
HPC46 Cobraja Japanese rose
N/A Beautiful sadness Gold Forte Burst
HPC46 Kumojaki Achillea
N/A To fight Blue Forte Wave
Movie Olivier Osmanthus (orange)
Baron Salamander modesty, truth, unchanging charm Shining Fortissimo