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Heart For You! (ハート・フォー・ユー!?) is Cure Yell's first finisher that can only be used if she has her PreHeart and her Mirai Crystal. It is first used in episode 1.


Cure Yell summons her PreHeart and presses the big red heart. She then waves her hand over the touch screen, in which tiny pink hearts appear all around her. With her hands in front of her, her gold cuffs turn into pompoms, in which she does a cheer before drawing a large pink heart. Extending her arms toward the heart, a big beam of light burst from her pompoms into the heart, sending it flying toward the Oshimaidā. On impact, it merges with the Oshimaidā but also separates itself into multiple tiny pink hearts and floats off into the sky, purifying it.



Cure Yell: フレフレ!
Cure Yell: ハート・フォー・ユー!


Cure Yell: Furefure!
Cure Yell: Hāto・Fō・Yū!


Cure Yell: Hooray hooray!
Cure Yell: Heart For You!


  • This is Cure Yell's first and only solo attack.
  • This the fourth attack to draw a heart.



Cure Yell Attack

Cure Yell Attack

Cure Yell - Heart For You!

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