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The Heart Kuru Ring (ハートクルリング?) is an item that appears in Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. They can be inserted into the Tropical Pact to allow the Pretty Cures to transform and into the Heart Rouge Rod to perform attacks.


The Heart Kuru Rings are rings whose appearance depends on which type it is. The transformation rings each have a different shape and color depending on the Cure, while the ones used for attacks are heart-shaped with a jewel in the middle shaped like the Cures' transformation rings.

Types of Heart Kuru Rings

Episode appearance Image Description Power
TRPC01 Heart Kuru Ring Summer Toei.png Cure Summer Transformation Heart Kuru Ring Allows Natsuumi Manatsu to transform into Cure Summer
TRPC03 Heart Kuru Ring Coral Toei.png Cure Coral Transformation Heart Kuru Ring Allows Suzumura Sango to transform into Cure Coral
TRPC04 Heart Kuru Ring Papaya Toei.png Cure Papaya Transformation Heart Kuru Ring Allows Ichinose Minori to transform into Cure Papaya
TRPC05 Heart Kuru Ring Flamingo Toei.png Cure Flamingo Transformation Heart Kuru Ring Allows Takizawa Asuka to transform into Cure Flamingo
TRPC10 Heart Quartet Ring Allows the Cures to perform Mix Tropical when inserted into Summer's Heart Rouge Rod

Original Heart Kuru Rings


  • The rings can tell the girls a Yaraneeda has appeared by glowing.


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