• Kokoro Perfume
  • Shiny Perfume
  • Tsubomi, Erika, and Itsuki's Heart Perfumes
  • Tsubomi with a Heart Perfume

Heart Perfumes (ココロパフューム Kokoro Pafyūmu?) are the items used for Hanasaki Tsubomi and Kurumi Erika to transform to their Cure form in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. This requires the Pretty Cure Seeds to use, which Chypre and Coffret keep. During the transformation, the girls use the Heart Perfumes to spray on their bodies to form the clothes.

Myoudouin Itsuki has a similar perfume which she uses to transform, but it is called the Shiny Perfume (シャイニーパフューム Shainī Pafyūmu?). Cure Moonlight's Heart Perfume is taken by Chypre and Coffret and was given to Tsubomi, so Cure Moonlight instead uses the Heart Pot's lid to transform.

Later, it is possible for the girls to put Heart Seeds into the Heart Perfumes in order to power up their abilities. Each Heart Seed has their own power.


The heart perfume is a pale, elongated spray-like object. The base is a very pale variant of the Cures theme color with a vine design and either side. A thickly ornate gold plate is on the middle, lined in a dark variant of the Cures color, and has a tiny Heartcatch Pretty Cure symbol on it. At the middle is a large hole for the Heart Seed. On top is a gold, leafy shape with a small hole on it. A similiar hole is also on the white rose bud on top of it.

The Shiny Perfume is slightly different, having a less-detailed golden frame on the front. The golden leaf attachement piece is fancier in design and has a heart on it.

After transforming, the Cure's heart seed is inserted into the hole and a pale pink pouch forms over the Perfume.



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