Heart Song (ハート ソング Hāto Songu?) and Heart Dance (ハート ダンス Hāto Dansu?) are Cure Macherie and Cure Amour's first finisher that can only be used if they have their PreHeart and their Mirai Crystals. It is first used in episode 20. They can also be used as standalone attacks.


Macherie presses the giant red heart on her PreHeart in which she says "Are you ready?" as she holds it out before her. Amour then proceeds to do the same while saying "Here we go!". Macherie and Amour do their cheer chants to summon a heart beam of red and purple energy from their respective PreHearts which combine together to make one large red and purple heart. It proceeds to slam into the enemy, purifying it.



Cure Macherie: アー ユー レディ?
Cure Amour: 行きます!
Cure Macherie: フレフレ!ハート ソング!
Cure Amour: フレフレ! ハート ダンス!
Cure Macherie: キュアマシェリ!
Cure Amour: キュアアムール!
Both: ふたりはプリキュア!


Cure Macherie: Ā yū redi?
Cure Amour: Ikimasu!
Cure Macherie: Furefure! Hāto Songu!
Cure Amour: Furefure! Hāto Dansu!
Cure Macherie: Kyua Masheri!
Cure Amour: Kyua Amūru!
Both: Futari wa Purikyua!


Cure Macherie: Are you ready?
Cure Amour: Here we go!
Cure Macherie: Hooray! Hooray! Heart Song!
Cure Amour: Hooray! Hooray! Heart Dance!
Cure Macherie: Cure Macherie!
Cure Amour: Cure Amour!
Both: Together, we are Pretty Cure!



1080p Cure Macherie & Amour Attack Heart Song & Dance-1

1080p Cure Macherie & Amour Attack Heart Song & Dance-1

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