Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 2
Heart Catch Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 2 ~Multicolored Flower Language~ (ハートキャッチプリキュア! ボーカルアルバム 2 〜いろとりどりの花言葉〜?) is the second vocal album for the Heartcatch Pretty Cure! series. It contains 12 tracks, including the movie opening theme and character/image songs. It was released on December 22nd, 2010.

Track List

Track # Title Time Audio
01 Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure! For the movie
(Alright!ハートキャッチプリキュア! For the Movie?)
03:47 01._Alright!_Heartcatch_Precure!_for_the_Movie.ogg
02 Flower Message
(Flower Message?)
04:38 02_-_Flower_Message.ogg
03 LET'S GO!
(LET'S GO!?)
03:12 03_-_LET'S_GO!.ogg
04 GOLD ~Heart's Light~
04:15 04_-_GOLD_Heart's_Shine_.ogg
05 Moon Flower
03:55 05_-_Moon_Flower.ogg
06 Heart Seeds
05:50 06_-_Heart_Seed.ogg
07 The Me Of Tomorrow
03:52 07_-_The_Me_of_Tomorrow.ogg
08 Friendship Ribbon∞
04:35 08_-_Friendship_Ribbon8.ogg
09 And Then, Let's Walk Again
04:25 09_-_And_Then,_Let's_Walk_Again.ogg
10 Power of Shine (Super Prism remix)
(Power of Shine (Super Prism remix)?)
04:33 10_-_Power_of_Shine_(Super_Prism_remix).ogg
11 MOON ~Moonlight~ ATTACK (Space Trip remix)
(MOON〜月光〜ATTACK (Space Trip remix)?)
04:16 11_-_MOON_Moonlight_ATTACK_(Space_Trip_remix).ogg
12 Tomorrow Song ~Tomorrow's Song~
(Tomorrow Song〜あしたのうた〜?)
04:06 01_-_Tomorrow_Song_-Ashita_no_Uta-.ogg
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