HeartcatchVocal Best
Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Vocal Best (ハートキャッチプリキュア!ボーカルベスト?) is the third and final vocal album of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. The album includes fourteen songs from the first two vocal albums and the fifteenth track is the English version of Tomorrow Song that is exclusive to this album. It was released on February 16th, 2011.

Track List

Track # Title Time Audio
01 Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
(Alright!ハートキャッチプリキュア! ?)
03:46 01_-_Alright!_Heartcatch_Precure!.ogg
02 Heart Flowers
05:12 08._Heart_Flower.ogg
04:15 04._OPEN_THE_WORLD.ogg
04 LET'S GO!
(LET'S GO!?)
03:14 03_-_LET'S_GO!.ogg
05 The Symphony of the Sun
04:13 07._Symphony_of_the_Sun.ogg
06 Moon Flower
03:36 05_-_Moon_Flower.ogg
07 Heart Seeds
05:50 06_-_Heart_Seed.ogg
08 Tsu.Bo.Mi ~Future Flower~
(つ.ぼ.み~Future Flower~?)
03:36 01_-_Tsu.Bo.Mi_Future_Flower_.ogg
09 Special*Colorful
04:57 02_-_Special_Colourful.ogg
10 Power of Shine
(Power of Shine?)
04:27 01.Power_of_Shine.ogg
11 MOON ~Moonlight~ ATTACK
04:45 02_-_MOON_Moonlight_ATTACK.ogg
12 Heartcatch☆Paradise!
04:08 02_-_Heartcatch_Paradise!.ogg
13 Pretty Cure Party NOW!!
(プリキュアパーティ NOW!!?)
3:57 02._Pretty_Cure_Party_NOW!!.ogg
14 And Then, Let's Walk Again
04:26 09_-_And_Then,_Let's_Walk_Again.ogg
15 Tomorrow Song ~Tomorrow's Song~ English Ver.
(Tomorrow Song〜あしたのうた〜 (英語 Ver.)?)
04:34 15._Tomorrow_Song_Tomorrow's_Song_English_ver..ogg
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