Heartful Beat Rock (ハートフルビートロック Hātofuru Bīto Rokku?) is Cure Beat's first and only purification attack in Suite Pretty Cure♪. The attack utilizes the Love Guitar Rod in Soul Rod Mode and her secondary Fairy Tone Sory.


Cure Beat calls upon Sory and lends her power to her. Beat snaps her fingers and summons one note before she grabs it, materializing it into the Love Guitar Rod. Sory goes into the tip of Love Guitar Rod as its power source and strums it. Then she changes the mode of the weapon to Soul Rod Mode. With the wave of the baton, she forms a green Tone Ring, spins it on her rod and shoots it into the Negatone, hitting it directly. As the ring surrounds the Negatone with Purification Energy, Cure Beat waves the Love Guitar Rod in the shape of a triangle before she can jump and say finale. An explosion occurs, purifying the Negatone back into a scattered note.



Cure Beat: 並らせ!愛の魂!ラブ・ギッター・ロッド !
Cure Beat: おいで, ソリ!
Sory: ソソ!
Cure Beat: チェンジ! ソールロッド !
Cure Beat: 翔けめぐれ、トーンのリング!プリキュア ハートフルビートロック
Cure Beat: 三拍子! 1・2・3!フィナーレ!


Cure Beat: Tsukinarase! Ai no tamashi! Rabu Gitā Roddo!
Cure Beat: Oide Sori!
Sory: Soso!
Cure Beat: Chenji! Sōru Roddo!
Cure Beat: Kakemegure, ton no ringu! Purikyua Hātofuru Bīto Rokku!
Cure Beat: San byōshi! Ichi... ni... san! Fināre!

Literal Translation

Cure Beat: Line up! Soul of love! Love Guitar Rod!
Cure Beat: Come here, Sory!
Sory: Soso!
Cure Beat: Change! Soul Rod!
Cure Beat: Fly forth, Tone Ring! Pretty Cure Heartful Beat Rock!
Cure Beat: 3/4 beat! 1... 2... 3! Finale!


  • This attack is occasionally incorrectly romanized as 'Heartful Beat Lock'.



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