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MTPC movie - Cures Heartful style

Heartful Rainbow (ハートフルレインボー Hātofuru Reinbō?) is a powerful attack, which Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, Cure Felice and Cure Mofurun use in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!: Kiseki no Henshin! Cure Mofurun!. To perform the attack, the Cures require the Heartful Linkle Stone, as well as the Rainbow Carriage.


The Heartful Linkle Stone inserts itself into the slot in the Rainbow Carriage. Cure Miracle, Magical, Felice and Mofurun's Precious Braces then appear and they transform into their Heartful Styles. The girls then shout, "Full! Full! Full full linkle!" After that, they shout, "Pretty Cure Heartful Rainbow!" and a huge rainbow shoots out from the Magic Circle. They shout, "Cure up Rapapa! Over the rainbow!" as the enemy gets destroyed.



All four: みんなの願いを!
Miracle: 出会えた奇跡と!
Magical: ひかれあう魔法と!
Felice: そこから つむがれる幸せを!
Mofurun: あきらめないモフ!
All four: フル フル フルフルリンクル!!
All four: プリキュア・ハートフル・レインボー!
All four: キュアップ・ラパパ!
All four: にじの かなたに!


All four: Minna no negai wo!
Miracle: Deaeta kiseki to!
Magical: Hikareau mahou to!
Felice: Soko kara tsumugareru shiawase wo!
Mofurun: Akiramenai-mofu!
All four: Furu furu furu-furu-rinkuru!!
All four: Purikyua Hātofuru Reinbō!
All four: Kyuappu Rapapa!
All four: Niji no kanata ni!


All four: Everyone's wishes!
Miracle: With the miracles we come across!
Magical: With the magic that draws us close!
Felice: The happiness that is spun from there!
Mofurun: We won't give up-mofu!
All four: Full full full-full-linkle!!
All four: Pretty Cure Heartful Rainbow!
All four: Cure Up Rapapa!
All four: Over the rainbow!


  • Part of the song Sparkling Vows was playing in the background while this attack was performed.



Mahou Tsukai Precure The Movie! Group Attack Precure HeartFul Rainbow

Mahou Tsukai Precure The Movie! Group Attack Precure HeartFul Rainbow

Heartful Rainbow

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