Heart baton

The Heartiel Baton (ハーティエルバトン Hātieru Baton?) is Shiny Luminous' weapon, which was received upon her transformation.


Normally the baton is a folded, pale pink heart-shaped object accent by dark pink inner-lining and gold designs. On either corner is a gold circular shape with a heart etching, and in the middle is a dark pink heart with an ornate design in the middle. At the bottom of each half is a dark pink sphere.

When in opened form the baton resembles an actual baton. The heart turns yellow and dark pink, gaining a different design, while the spheres on the corner turn dark pink and those on the bottom become teal. The gold sections gain dark pink details.

In Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi there is an alternate version called Shiniel Baton (シャイニエールバトン Shainiēru Baton?) that has a colorful clover shape around the heart with a smaller heart above it.


The Baton is used to perform Heartiel Action to temporarily freeze an enemy, and also to restore the Cures' power or to combine powers with Cure Black and Cure White to perform Extreme Luminario. In some episodes, Shiny Luminous is seen using the Heartiel Baton to defend against attacks and enemies, being capable of reflecting them back.


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