The Heartiel Brooch is an accessory Shiny Luminous gains to strengthen her abilities with the aid of Lulun. It's obtained in episode 30 of Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart.


A pink heart-shaped brooch with a golden ornate design accent by tiny pink gems. The base is pale pink with gold designs, and the brooch resides at the middle of the ribbon on the chest.


The Heartiel Brooch allows Shiny Luminous to create a barrier around herself for protection.


After chasing a balloon Lulun floats right into Circulas' grasp and her crying is heard by Pollun. Everyone is quick to locate the distressed fairy and they try to get her back, transforming into Pretty Cure and Shiny Luminous.

As they struggle to fight Circulas, Luminous continues to push herself to her limits and is thrown back. Suddenly Lulun's pendant started glowing, along with Luminous'. Due to their bond, a light forms on Hikari's original brooch and it grows in size to reveal that it has transformed into the Heartiel Brooch.



1080p Shiny Luminous Transformation Heartiel Brooch-1

1080p Shiny Luminous Transformation Heartiel Brooch-1

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