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Higashiyama Seika
東山 聖歌 Higashiyama Seika
Seika Main
SeasonSuite Pretty Cure♪
Eye ColorGold
Hair ColorBlonde
Home PlaceKanon Town
First AppearanceSPC01
Japanese Voice ActorNishino Youko

Higashiyama Seika (東山 聖歌 Higashiyama Seika?) is a student in the third year of Private Aria Academy and is the President of the Sweets Club. Her baking ability is the best in the school, leading to the fame of "Princess of Sweets".



Seika has medium-long length hair a bright golden color full of curls. A small amount of it is pulled into a short, curling ponytail held with a navy ribbon. She has golden-brown eyes.



As Hibiki and Kanade head to the town square to take part in the music competition, they see Seika handing out cookies to all the people there, saying that she's looking forward to great music, but it'd be better with delicious sweets. She wishes them good luck and gives them some sweets. She is seen many times in the series. She appeared when Pretty Cure set up a 'film' for protecting Fary from the Trio de Minor. Seika also appeared when she was hypnotized into stealing the Cure's Cure Modules. She finally was seen when Noise attacked all worlds near Christmas.


東山 (Higashiyama) - The term 東 (Higashi) means east, while the term 山 (yama) means mountain. Her last name can be roughly translated into The East Mountain.

聖歌 (Seika) - The term 聖 (Sei) means holy or sacred, while the 歌 (ka) means a song or poem. Her name can be roughly translated into Holy Song.


  • In episode 4, the first time she was mentioned by name, her hair, normally blonde, is mistakenly colored brown. This was fixed for the DVD release.
  • Early on, a design for a fourth, purple-clad Cure named Cure Symphony was apparently leaked, and her civilian identity was speculated to be Seika in early development. The design turned out to be fake and the fourth Cure actually would eventually come to be Cure Muse (or, as canonically stated, Cure Beat, as Muse came first).


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