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Himenojou Sakurako
姫ノ城 桜子 Himenojō Sakurako
Himenojou Sakurako Toei
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorReef Gold
Hair ColorGold
Home PlaceMihoshi Town
First AppearanceSTPC04
Japanese Voice ActorTaichi You

Himenojou Sakurako (姫ノ城 桜子?) is a minor character in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and she is one of the students who attend Mihoshi Middle School, one of Hikaru's classmates, the class monitor of Hikaru's class and a member of the student council. She is the 21st descendant of her family.


She has gold-colored hair that she wears down and curled at the ends. Her eye color is reef gold and she is typically seen wearing her school uniform.


Sakurako has a haughty personality similar to those of Itsutsuboshi Reina and Ichijou Ranze, although Sakurako appears to be more lighthearted and joyful. Her one-sided rivalry with Madoka is apparent, but she does not appear to harbour any anger until episode 9, when she became immensely envious toward Madoka's success.


Sakurako is first seen in episode 4, where she's in a literature class with Hikaru. She sees Lala and Prunce looking through the window at the class and becomes shocked. They disappear quickly, but Sakurako is convinced that there was somebody there.

In episode 9, Sakurako is extremely covetous of Madoka's position as the student council president. Aiwarn then manipulates her jealousy and turns her into a Nottoriga, but she is ultimately purified by Madoka as Cure Selene.

In episode 16, she vainly names herself as the "Venus of Mihoshi Middle School", but everyone ignores her since they are tired of her snobbery.

In episode 25, she comes face to face with Yuni during the Star Festival and is inimical towards the latter, as she is envious of Yuni being able to hang out with Madoka and Elena.


  • Kaguya Madoka - Sakurako has the desire to usurp Madoka and as such, there is a one-sided rivalry between the two. Both are also members of the student council, with Sakurako herself being very envious towards Madoka and badly yearns to seize the place of being the council president from Madoka.


Himenojou (姫ノ城?) - Hime (?) means "princess". No (?) has no particular meaning and can be seen as a just a syllable, or it could be indicated as a possessive word. Jou (?) means "castle".

Sakurako (桜子?) - Sakura (?) means "cherry blossom", while Ko (?) means "child".


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