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Hino Daigo (日野 大悟 Hino Daigo?) is a minor character in the series Smile Pretty Cure!, and Akane and Hino Genki's Father. He owns an Okanoyaki Shop called "Akane" after her daughter when she was born.




Hino Akane - He loves his daughter, but argues a lot with her when she asks questions about her name or the secret ingredient for Okonomiyaki. They both work together in the shop making Okonomiyaki for customers


When Akane was born

Eversince her daughter was born, they named her "Akane" because they want to start with a "A" and the day she was born, there was a beautiful sunset. Later they named the shop after her daughter.

Breaking his back

Last night after closing his shop, he was putting the box on a shelf until the progress end up him breaking his back and Akane found him hurt and send him to the hospital. The next morning, his family went to see him and Daigo said it was a bad time because the Mayor is coming to eat and taste the Okonomiyaki and with his back hurt, he can't make any okonomiyaki, but luckily Akane volunteered to cook. When Akane cooked and tasted, it was missing something and asked her father for the Secret ingredient. Daigo said nothing and she has to figure out herself making a minor agrument. Later when he returned from the hospital, he found the mayor liking Akanbe okonomiyaki and Akane found out the secret ingredient while fighting the Akanbe. When he asked what it is, she said nothing and it was a payback from the hospital when she asked what was the Secret Ingredient.



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