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Hiramitsu Hinata (平光ひなた?) is one of the four main Cures in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. She is a second-year student at Sukoyaka Middle School.

Hinata's alter ego is Cure Sparkle (キュアスパークル?) and she is known as the Pretty Cure of Light. She has a habit of saying "Really" (めっちゃ Meccha?) a lot.



Hinata is a youthful looking girl with medium-length soft brown hair matching to her eyes and worn in curled pigtails held by braided portions of hair. Her straightened bangs have forelocks layered over them. She has a protruding lower lip, which is a striking facial feature of hers. Casually, she wears a yellow top with a design and green skirt with a black belt, black-white socks beneath purple-white sneakers, and a white and navy oversized sporting jacket, which she doesn't wear during the summer. For winter she wears a cream, navy blue, and dark magenta-striped hoodie with denim shorts and black boots with light yellow socks.

In the movie, she wears a long-sleeved, dark brown top beneath denim orange overalls along with a dark brown choker, brownish orange stockings, and dark brown boots. She also wears a goldenrod coat and hat.

As Cure Sparkle, her eyes turn green and she gains dark teal mascara. Her now blonde, thicker hair is worn in the same style but with a pair of triangular buns. She wears a pearl hair ornament with an orange gem heart, yellow choker, and pom-pom earrings. Her outfit consists of a short light yellow dress with a dark blue and orange bodice and an orange bow on the chest with a star ornament. Her balloon skirt is made from chiffon fluff with a mint green pointy peplum. Over her dress is a ruffled pale orange jacket with dark orange lining and spiked double coat-tails with a green bow on each side. She also gains fluffy chiffon arm accessories, white gloves, and yellow ankle strapped shoes with an orange sole, worn with burgundy stockings that have a pointed light yellow cuff.

In her Special Healin' Good Style form, her hair grows longer and curly, and her hair piece gains fabric of light green and white. She loses her choker and her top gains a collar, with her chest bow gaining mint fabric. She gains puffy sleeves and her skirt is slightly smaller, with the coat-tails of her first outfit being brought to the front with dark orange heart detail and pom-poms hanging from each tip. On the back, her bows grow in size and gain scalloped, cape-like ruffles in light green and mint. She loses her gloves in favor of white bracelets with pom-pom, and her shoes have become boots with a diamond design and fluffy cuff. She no longer wears stockings. She gains yellow wings.

As Nyatoran Sparkle, her hair and accessory remains the same but she gains an orange pair of cat ears to accent her fish earrings and choker, along with a long striped cat tail with furry tip. Her dress is altered, with goldenrod lining and an additional, light yellow and dark orange pleat peplum. Her fluffy arm accessories gain long striped fabric with a fluffy wrist trim, and her gloves are altered to be finger-less. She gains stripes on her stockings and fluffy anklets, along with a pair of dark orange and yellow toe sandals. Her bows on the back of her dress have become one large ribbon.


Hinata is a bright, outgoing, and friendly second-year middle school student who isn't good at studying. She tends to speak her mind, relevant or not, but she always apologizes once she realizes she did something wrong. She absolutely loves fashion and cosmetics. Although mostly hasty, rash, and easily sidetracked, Hinata cares for her friends a lot and will do anything to help them if they're in a pinch. Sometimes, Hinata has doubts about herself, but gradually learns to come to terms with herself.


  • Hanadera Nodoka - Upon meeting Nodoka, Hinata is extremely excited to become friends with Nodoka. She even gives Nodoka a nickname: "Nodokacchi" (のどかっち?).
  • Sawaizumi Chiyu - Chiyu and Hinata are classmates and friends. Hinata gives her the nickname "Chiyuchi" (ちゆち?). Initially, Hinata struggles to make friends with Chiyu since they are polar opposites, but in the end they overcome their differences and become better friends. Hinata enjoys using wordplay to amuse Chiyu.
  • Nyatoran - When meeting him, although shocked to know he can speak, she warms up to Nyatoran really quickly, even immediately accepting his offer to become his partner.
  • Hiramitsu Youta and Hiramitsu Mei - Her older brother and sister respectively. Although she finds herself envious of their talents and insecure about how she compares to them, she still cares about them.


Hiramitsu (平光?) - Hira (?) means "peace" [1], while Mitsu (?) has many different meanings, such as "light", "glow" or "sparkle" [2].

Hinata (ひなた?) - There is a kanji equivalent that eludes to Hinata's theme, 日向 which means "sunny place". [3].

Sparkle is a verb that can mean "to shine brightly with a lot of small points of light" [4].


Meeting Nodoka

Hinata meets Nodoka after running into her. Initially, she apologizes for accidentally knocking Nodoka over but after realizing that Nodoka is fine, she invites Nodoka to visit her family's juice shop and animal clinic sometime soon. At school, Hinata is extremely excited to know that Nodoka is the transfer student and is delighted to learn that Nodoka is sitting behind her.

Meeting Nyatoran and Becoming Cure Sparkle

Hinata first comes across Nyatoran when he gave back her lip gloss. She quickly grows fond of him, although she is shocked to learn he can talk. Later on, she finds out Nodoka and Chiyu haven't escaped the mall so she runs back into the epicenter to try and find them. There, she witnesses them transform into Pretty Cure. After fangirling for a little while, she quickly lashes out at the Megabyogen when she sees the duo struggling. Nyatoran is impressed with the way Hinata is handling the situation and asks her to be his partner. She accepts and the two combine powers to become Cure Sparkle. Sparkle is excited by her new appearance but quickly becomes serious to defeat the Megabyogen with Healing Flash.

Coming to Terms with Herself

When Hinata realizes Nodoka has no recent photos of herself, Hinata decides to take her and Chiyu to the mall that was doing a fashion event. There, she helps the pair pick accessories but while searching for dresses, Hinata discovers Nodoka had passed out. Feeling bad, Hinata suggested they call it a day, but Nodoka and Chiyu insist they keep shopping. However, Latte runs off and just as Hinata catches up to her, a Megabyogen appears. Hinata transforms and recklessly fights by herself but when Shindoine insults her, she hesitates, leaving an opening for the Megabyogen. Luckily, Nodoka and Chiyu join the battle and tell Sparkle they love her just the way she is. This boosts Sparkle's confidence and she manages to purify the Megabyogen.

After the first battle with Batetemoda, Hinata begins to grow anxious and wants to give up on being Sparkle, which upsets Nyatoran. She later reveals that since childhood, she had always viewed herself as less talented compared to her brother and sister. Therefore, she would frequently drop activities due to a lack of self confidence. At first, she wants to stop trying to find the Megabyogen, when a little girl tells her that Mei is trapped inside her van. However after being encouraged by Nodoka and Chiyu, she slowly regains her confidence, and bravely faces the Megabyogen. She then begins to feel happier after she realizes what she brings to the group.

Helping Nyatoran with Feelings

When Kusaka Orie, the owner of a fragrance shop returns Nyatoran, Hinata finds out that Nyatoran has a crush on Orie. Wanting to make him happy, Hinata helps Nyatoran deliver the gifts he made to Orie. But after finding out that Orie loves another man, Hinata comforts Nyatoran, making their friendship even stronger.

Reuniting with Eriko

Prior to the series, Hinata had a friend named Eriko. They used to refer to each other as Natasha and Elizabeth. However, Eriko had to move to another town. Fast forward to the present day, and Hinata reunites with Eriko. However, things are awkward between them, especially when Hinata keeps talking about Nodoka and Chiyu instead. Due to this, their reunion is cut short when Eriko decides to leave. Not sure what to do, Hinata gets advice from her friends when she gets a text message from Eriko. They decide to meet up again, but the atmosphere is still awkward. But when a Megabyogen attacks, she and Eriko hide in a nearby park, where they make up and become good friends again.

Finding the Byogen Kingdom's portal and regretting it

Hinata notices Guaiwaru walking out of a portal and calls the other girls to check it out. After some deliberation, they all decide to walk through it. They eventually meet King Byogen and after a fierce battle, the Cures seemingly defeat him. Their celebration is cut short when Guaiwaru arrives, thanking the Cures for getting rid of him and revealing his true plan to become the new king.HGPC39

He then proceeds to power himself up with several Mega Parts, now calling himself King Guaiwaru. During the battle, he thanks Sparkle, knowing she would fall into his trap. She attempts to use Healing Flash to purify Guaiwaru, but he easily deflects it, leaving her to fall into despair. After the girls regroup, they learn that several Megabyogen were attacking the city. Hinata then starts to feel extremely regretful for what she had done, thinking she put many innocent people in danger. She begins to cry and says how she fails at everything. Then, Nyatoran cheers her up by reminding her that everyone makes mistakes and that there have been times where she succeeded. This renews Hinata's confidence as the girls try to figure out a way back to Sukoyaka City.HGPC40


After the final battle against King Byogen, it is time for Hinata and Nyatoran to leave each other. At first, Hinata tries to hold back her tears, but eventually starts crying as she is going to miss Nyatoran, who comforts her. Afterwards, she watches Nyatoran return to the Healing Garden with his fellow Healing Animals and Asumi. HGPC44

Sometime later, Hinata, along with Chiyu and Nodoka, visits the Healing Garden, bringing lots of sweet buns as gifts for the inhabitants. However, they unknowingly bring a Nanobyogen inside and this results in sweet bun Megabyogens appearing. After meeting Cure Summer and the Megabyogens get purified, the three girls sincerely apologize and Teatinu forgives them before they depart. They vow to continue protecting and healing the Earth after returning to Sukoyaka City.HGPC45

Cure Sparkle

Cure Sparkle poses

"The two lights that come together! Cure Sparkle!"
Tokeau Futatsu no Hikari! Kyua Supākuru!

Cure Sparkle (キュアスパークル?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Hinata. In order to transform, she needs her transformation Element Bottle, her Healing Animal partner Nyatoran and her Healing Stick.


The transformation begins with Nyatoran leaping up and shouting "Start!" before entering the Healing Stick. Hinata then holds up the stick and her Transformation Element Bottle as she completes the transformation phrase. She inserts the bottle into the stick as it becomes surrounded in a white aura. Hinata and Nyatoran then say "Cure Touch!" together as Hinata presses the right paw once before a stream of sparkles appears from the glowing tip of the stick. Hinata's hair is let out of its twintails where she is then shown standing on top of sparkles while other yellow sparkles follow her. She waves the stick around as the sparkles merge and turn into a white coat that falls onto Hinata's shoulders. Then she taps her feet and her boots appear to follow by her gloves before the coat wraps around her body and forms her dress. Two green ribbons appear on both sides of Hinata's dress while an orange bow appears in the front. Hinata's hair then grows longer and turns bright yellow, with part of it styled similarly to cat ears, with her earrings and tiara appearing before tiny sparkles also appear in her hair. After striking a cute pose, a gold sparkle-shaped brooch appears in the center of the bow, completing the transformation. Sparkle then winks before pressing the paw again. She then poses with her Healing Stick as she and Nyatoran start the introduction. After she and Nyatoran wink at the camera, Sparkle leaps up and does a backflip before striking her finishing pose.



Hinata's voice actor, Kouno Hiyori has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Kanada Aki, who voices Nyatoran, Yuuki Aoi, who voices Hanadera Nodoka, Yorita Natsu, who voices Sawaizumi Chiyu, and Mimori Suzuko, who voices Fuurin Asumi.



  • Hinata's birthday is on October 4th, making her star sign Libra.
  • She shares her name with Hinata from Max Heart’s 2nd movie.
  • According to an interview in the magazine Animage, Hinata's character development was affected because of the hiatus the season had to take due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, there was going to be a Hinata fashion episode, but it never made the cut.


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