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Hiramitsu Teruhiko (平光てるひこ?) is a minor character who appears in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. He is the owner of the Hiramitsu Animal Clinic, and the father of Youta, Mei, and Hinata.


Teruhiko has short brown hair with matching beard and eyes. He wears dark navy blue scrubs underneath a white doctors' jacket with moss green sneakers. Under the T-shirt, he wears a black t-shirt.


Teruhiko is a kind man who occasionally likes to tell jokes here and there. He can also get emotional easily.


Teruhiko checks up on Latte and tells Nodoka and Chiyu to keep her company. He then proceeds to tell a dad joke, which makes Chiyu laugh. He excitedly tells Hinata about his successful joke, in which she quickly praises him. After Mei lets him know she is opening the cafe, he gets to work on the computer, but jumps in surprise when he hears Nodoka and Chiyu gasp. HGPC13

Upon knowing that Hinata is receiving help for her studies from her friends, Teruhiko is happy and jokingly leaves them alone, embarrassing Hinata. He is later seen supporting tearfully outside her room. HGPC36





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