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Hiramitsu Youta (平光ようた?) is a minor character who appears in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. He is Hinata and Mei’s brother.


Youta has short brown hair with matching eyes. He wears a turquoise colored medical outfit with grey sneakers. Under the T-shirt, he wears a dark turquoise long-sleeved shirt.


Youta is a kind hearted person who is occasionally mistaken to be Hinata's father.


Youta injects Latte with some medicine to help her feel better. He then asks Nodoka and Chiyu about Hinata who thought he was Hinata's father the whole time. He laughs that off as he proceeds to tell them where Hinata actually is when Hinata herself bursts into the room with Nyatoran. He is unable to say anything as Nodoka and Chiyu pushes his little sister out of the room. HGPC04





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